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Friday, December 29, 2006


The date was September 2006. The setting was Milan, Italy. The scene was the 2007 spring line buying show.

It was then that Lori spotted a trend that could turn out to be a frequent guest in Style Watch: woven shoes.

From top to bottom European designers were inspired by woven looks, creating fabulous flats, sandals and pumps all in carefully braided leathers. Lori's fell in love with this earthy-chic look and couldn't wait to share with or beloved city!

Well, the wait is over. Hurrah!

Our first woven shoes-- some pretty, perky little pointy-toe flats from Medici-- have arrived. Once the spring sun comes out, we'll be pairing them with Bermuda shorts and sun dresses (and we suspect other trendsetters will, too!). Keep an eye out...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

LORI'S SUCCESS STORIES: Help me find a size 11!

It's often at Lori's we see elegantly tall women walking among our stacks of shoe boxes, and it's even more often when we see these ladies with slightly beleaguered looks. "

"Do you carry size 11?" they ask (or sigh!).

"Yes," a knowledgeable sales associate will reply!

It can be a hard, stressful process for those searching hi and lo for cute shoes in size 11. We like to end that distress, by easily leading our double-digit wearers in the right direction.

Not all brands will make shoes in 11s, but the few we rely on are fabulous. We recommend trying Gentle Souls' comfy-cool styles, Tsubo's sport-chic kicks, or Jeffrey Campbell flats.
Need winter boots? Try La Canadienne or Pajar. Reliable office pumps? Vaneli has your back. Or a knock 'em dead evening shoe? Caparros and Nina have a number of styles in size 11. Yay!

Other Lori's labels catering to these ladies' needs (frequently, if not always) include Matisse, Berne Mev, Gastone Lucioli and Lamica. So relax, come to Lori's and enjoy!

Friday, December 22, 2006

THIS JUST IN AT LORI'S: Chooka rain boots

Beep ba beep ba beep beep...

This just in at Lori's: the Chooka rain boots have arrived. Yay!

Perhaps you've seen these splash-happy cuties recently on the feet of celebs as they run their errands in playful-chic style. They're 100 percent rubber rain boots (just like the ones you wore as a kid), and they come in an array of exuberant prints. Lori's likes ours in polka dot, animal print, and skulls and crossbones.

Did we mention they come at an incredible price? They do. How fun is that?

Also new at Lori's online store this week is the addition of the "Sandals & Slides" department. We invite you to check out our growing collection of vacation- and warm weather-worthy footwear.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TREND WATCH: New Year, New Shoes!

The holiday season is at its peak and Lori's is certainly swept up in the rush. But what’s next on our list? End of the year celebrations and New Year's resolutions!

We resolve to:

1. Add more stilettos to our wardrobe
And we're not just talking about next week's end of the year parties. We plan to wear our newly loved strappy, sexy shoes with cuffed shorts and tunic dresses.

2. Bring even more color to our fashion palette
From metallics and jewel tones to pastels, we're determined to make a splash in 2007 with bold hues (and perhaps prints, too?!).

3. Throw in an over-sized clutch or two
In 2006 we reaped the benefits of large totes and hobos, why not enjoy the same great roominess with our favorite '07 clutches? The trend has already been seen on recent red carpet events and Lori's is ready to flaunt the chic look next.

Even with a New Year and new shoes, however, Lori's resolves to maintain our same great style!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

STYLE WATCH: Fun flats

Flats, especially those in fun, flirtatious patterns and colors, are quickly gaining fashion momentum. Now we're even seeing these short shoes creep their way into traditionally conservative office environments, working their colorful and quirky magic on basic black suits and skirts.

And we love it!

Sure flats provide relief to long days on your feet. But their demure shape also allows you to get away with flaunting flashy colors and whimsical prints. In other words, you get to be you. Work it!

Some of our favorites include Steve Madden's Tipie, a sophisticated and sexy mix of leopard calf hair and quilted patent. We're also celebrating with Jeffrey Campbell's Love in brown zebra print and the Couer in a retro mustard hue.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Just weeks into the season of drab overcoats, hair-wrenching hats, and functional boots, Lori's says,"Out with the (c)old, in with the blue... and military, mustard, brown, black and red!"

That's right, it's mid-December and we've decided now is the time to inject some color into traditionally dreary winter wardrobes. What better way to do it than with a firey red?

Not only is red a color of warmth, it signifies passion, celebration, and boldness. It's also an attention-grabbing hue of emotion and power. Even better, fabulous little red accessories work with the neutrals you already own. Yes!

We recommend Tano’s leather bucket bag, which now comes in a gorgeous red. For a slightly more tame, yet equally chic choice, it's also available in the blue, military, mustard, brown and black shades mentioned above.

Friday, December 08, 2006


It's so cute (not to mention warm and comfy)!

That's why the adorable Ugg Mini has leaped to top of our Lori's best seller list. And we couldn't agree more.

The Mini is the petite version of the classic Ugg boot that have been seen every where from the hills of Hollywood to bustling East coast streets and our own Chicago neighborhoods. It's got the same charming shape, the same shearling lining and suede upper, the Mini is just... well, mini!

According to our customers, though, they're not just scooping the boots up for themselves. Our Lori's ladies are buying them as gifts, too. Great idea! In addition to being practical and nicely priced, we think the Mini makes giftees feel special and well-loved.

Warm feet, warm heart and hot style - what more can you ask for?!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

TREND WATCH: What a pair!

What's tall, strappy, and sexy all over?

The answer to this accessory riddle may be the answer to your holiday attire conundrum: it's the perfect pair of party shoes!

But are they the right pair for you and your evening ensemble?

When it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes for this season's bash, not all styles are created equal. Your knock 'em dead cocktail dress requires a different heel than your classy and sleek trousers.

But no need to fret, Lori's has an easy fashion formula that will make sure you say good bye to 2006 and hello to 2007 in perfect fashion form.

Cocktail dress
Ready to show off killer legs in a mini cocktail dress? Add even more leg length with an uber high heel and sexy straps. Or, need to take it down a notch? How about a pretty, feminine patent pump.

Long and lean cuffed trousers
For ladies who've chosen the look of sophisticated trousers, the best choice is a fabulous heel with a long, extended toe. Perhaps in red?

Short, knit dress
If you're hitting the scene with a casually chic knit dress, we recommend pairing sexy opaque tights with a sassy Mary Jane or T strap.

Friday, December 01, 2006

LORI'S SUCCESS STORIES: Help me find winter-worthy footwear!

"How do I keep my feet warm and dry?"

That's the question on the minds of many shoppers today after we Chicagoans woke to find over six inches of snow this morning!

The answer we tell them: La Canadienne, Pajar or Aquatalia. Not only will these brands' boots keep toes cozy and comfy, they look great too.

La Canadienne
La Canadiennes are consistently customer favorites. They're smart, chic and they'll never go out of style. And if that's not enough, each of the boots is guaranteed waterproof.

The brand can only be found in our stores, but it's one of our favorites because it’s always fashion-forward and innovative. They're guaranteed waterproof, too, and usually feature a plaid rolex lining.

Pajar is the sporty boot of the group and the right choice if you’re going to be ankle deep in snow. Of course, they're waterproof, but they're also made of a breathable material and have a rubber sole with traction.

Not even a little... or a lot... of snow can suppress our style!

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.