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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yellow Patent is the New ... uh, Black Patent.

Patent leather is nothing new, though 2008 has found it a very popular finish. Combine that with the Spring trends of light, natural and yellow and you end up with some pretty interesting shoes. Yellow Patent! We love this look; it's so ... much that you have to pay attention. Here are some of our faves and why:

Jessica Bennett Forli: The Maximalist
These hot numbers are an instant scene-stealer. Yellow patent with teal patent trim lined in gold, topped with a buckle and set on a stacked wooden heel? Subtle this is not. It's ultra-maximalist so pair it with a relatively simple outfit or let them just peep out from some longer, darker clean jeans. The darker denim texture and bagging at the ankle will contrast nicely with the slick jaune of this 'Jane toe and make the teal just sing.

Franco Sarto: The Mod
A kittenish slingback with a chunky heel, this pale yellow patent shoe will be a summer classic. The spare lines and subdued yellow with white banding are the ground for a popping black button. Pair these up with a darker skirt at the knee or above -- aim to match the button to establish a visual continuity which lengthens your legs. The sling will draw attention to your lovely ankles and the round toe is a simple, understated finish.

Pour La Victorie: Beach Glam
Yellow patent topper with white piping and antique gold strappies. Closed heel. Leather sole. Slightly gladiator, slightly Dallas, the Nanette should dress up a casual outfit -- shorts, bathing suit, sari -- and declare '80s yuppie decadence. (The level of irony is completely at your discretion; we opt for none: the full embrace.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What Would Yul Wear?

Yellow is a central color for the Spring '08 season. But we think Frost penned it best when he declared that "Nature's first green is gold." And whilst it's true that it may be "the hardest hue to hold," we think with a little bit of savvy and a right good dollop of confidence, you too can sport this look without sinking into grief.

To make it easier, we'll make a game of it. Call it "What Would Yul Wear?" As the King Mongkut of Siam, Yul Brynner cuts a famous rug with Deborah Kerr ... but the poor man's got no shoes! While we dig the gold ankle cuffs and the velvet jumper with gold studs, this boy needs some appropriate footies for his next waltz.

Herewith: a selection of Yul-tastic gold candidates for your inspiration and vote. Watch the clip and comment on your choice (below) for this emperor's new clogs. The winner will bask in the satisfaction that revisionist cultural populism in the service of the marketplace lives on in the blogosphere.

And should this fail to win you over to the gold standard, just remember that Fall '08 is a new season and we're quite sure "nothing gold can stay." At least until Spring 2009.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Totes Love the Earth

OK, cheesy blog post title, but it's Earth Day and we had to force something in there. The content of this post is much less awkward because we're giving away free things!

Lori's has partnered up with Jeffrey Campbell to give away reusable J.C. tote bags with every shoe purchase until our supplies are gone. (P.S.: supplies are limited.) These close-mesh bags are perfect for storing about four boxes of shoes, filling in as a dustbag, carting around your daily miscellany or even a trip to the local grocery.

It's a popular movement. Whole Foods has their "Bring Your Own Bag" campaign, having eliminated plastic bags from its stores, and we've seen similar efforts with Lululemon's laminated fabric bag and a heavy canvas tote from Lush that reflects their packaging reduction manifesto (read: press release).

So here's the question: are reusable bags too much of a good thing? How many bags do you need around the house? Don't get us wrong: we love our Campbell bags because they are perfect for toting shoes hither and yon; we're biased. But still: leave a comment and share your thoughts on the demise of plastic bags and the rise of their supposedly more socially and ecologically responsible replacements.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jewelry: From the Ground Up

As fashion designers obsess about pale and natural color palettes this season, jewelry designers have followed suit with collections inspired by a blossoming world in springtime. Naturally chic looks this spring incorporate stones, wood, foliage and other such cues from flora and fauna. As Earth Day approaches, show your awareness by sporting an aesthetic drawn from Mother Nature herself!

The designers behind Blue Wild Indigo believe nature’s gemstones, woods and precious metals beat any man-made materials. Their newest designs feature fish, birds and poppy flowers hand-cut from Sterling silver and set on rich walnut grounds.

Tashi’s flights of fancy include a delicate Sterling silver sparrow perched on a branch and a colorful peacock pendant inspired by vintage designs.

Meanwhile Pieces of a Girl and A.V. Maxx have crafted wonderful layering pieces incorporating the silhouettes of daisies, lilies and leaves delicately suspended against a gorgeous citrine.

As long as we keep the rainforests up and the extinction rate down, these bits of nature-inspired will remain be au currant. After all, with five billion years of design trial and error, Mother Earth’s got a pretty good handle on making things that stick. (Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22, 2008).

Pre-purchase Calvin Klein PARMA

We posted a few days ago about the return of the Parma - that shoe phenomenon which sold out as soon as we received it - and pre-selling availability. Well, that time has come.

Parma is available for pre-purchase.

We are receiving full size runs in black, taupe and gunmetal. All our stock is available for pre-purchase (not pre-order), meaning we will charge your card when you place the order. This is to help ensure we do not oversell and disappoint anyone. We're expecting the shoe to drop (heh) June 1-15.

This immensely popular shoe was featured in Calvin Klein's national ad campaign and has been a sellout ever since. We think CK really hit the nail on the head with this number which has a hidden platform to give the illusion of height without actually making you teeter.

For some reason we picture Tina Turner as Aunt Entity in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome wearing these to a formal in Bartertown. They've got that straps-on-straps, vampy future-chic thing going on without looking over the top ... which is a good thing. We might not need another hero, but a new pair of heels is never a bad idea.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tiny Steps

We over at Lori's were slightly aghast at the images of traditional foot bindings that crossed our inbox this morning. Gender and cultural issues aside (and, yes, that's a big aside), it got us to talking in the office about comfort. That led to an excoriation of the friends of the friends of the friends of the friends who forwarded it to us. But then that led to a discussion about what our most favorite, most casual line was in the store. We came up with two.

Palladium (Denham pictured right) got a number of votes for their simple wear, forgiving toe and easy on-and-off. Super comfort, no frills, but smart enough for weekender errands.

Several dissented, citing the jauntier sport-chic of Privos by Clark (Monty shown left). These guys dress the same comfort and quality in a more athletic frame with extra detailing. They look great under jeans, shorts or casual bottoms.

Lori claimed the floor and declared us all correct and the store was at peace once again.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nina News

Nina's no new kid on the block (they've been around since 1953), but their Spring/Summer '08 collection is definitely hangin' tough. The '80s rule in this collection that cites such luminaries as Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons, Jerry Hall and Deborah Harry; and luminous textures as gloss, popping metallics-on-metallics and bright colors. This collection sits where "disco [is turning] into punk": the whirling admixture of glam and bricolage, society and defiance that defined a decade.

The look is certainly taking. Nina is the official shoe for tonight's Miss USA 2008 competition. Look for the Vikki sandal during the swimsuit competition and the Cason during the opening presentation. The line has been touted in Life & Style, "America's Prom Queen" on ABC, People magazine and Brides magazine. AOL's "stylelist" covered our very own Alayna (above, in fuschia).

Our collection of strappy-strap sandals and cute peeptoes are totally eighties and a great way to kick off the summer. Take a look at what's online and enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Parma's on! New Shipments in June

Yes! The Calvin Klein Parma is coming back. This immensely popular strappy platform was a huge hit thanks to CK highlighting it in their national ad campaign. But the real success of this shoe? The hidden platform -- the raised upper around the toes that creates a false sense of height -- that lengthens your legs and a padded leather insole. Height without teetering, comfort without effort. This balances the 4-3/4" heel for a chic sandal that gives you knock-their-socks-off legs. Did we mention the Napa leather?
We're expecting our new shipment to drop in early June and we hope to be able to pre-sell them shortly. Supplies will be limited, so please watch our Calvin Klein page for updates.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.