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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Convertible Stirrups for Fall

 Photo Courtesy of Stiruppz

You can't reinvent the wheel, but you can certainly realign it from time to time. Fashion is no exception. What was old is new again this fall: witness the return of the stirrup. Again. Dating back to 500 B.C. as a humble toe loop beneath a rudimentary saddle, who would have guessed the stirrup would evolve into a fashion must-have with regularity? From tights to leggings designers are "stir" crazy.

Convertible fashions (and here we nod to local fave Lara Miller) had a high profile this spring, so it follows accessories will have their moment. Unlike leggings or tights, these detachable stirrups by Stiruppz connect to the base of cuffed jeans to minimize the annoying tugging, pulling, tucking and shifting that goes into your skinny-jean-tucked-boot look. Use them over and over again on your favorite jeans to perfect that clean, put-together look.

You don't have to square the circle to come off polished. Stiruppz arrive in August. That gives you a solid month to source the perfect skinnies ... and just in time to order with your fab new fall boots.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lori's Designer Spotlight: "A Military Fall," says Kelsi Dagger

Kelsi Dagger Fall 2010 Preview

Since launching a highly successful fall collection in 2009, Kelsi Dagger, the sister line to Pour La Victoire named for a fictional femme fatal, has become a very real killer brand on a global scale: a must-have for the international trend set. The line is the latest from designers David Giordano and Jay Adoni. Energetic, creative, eclectic and passionate about his trade, Giordano cut his teeth at Sam Edelman before launching Pour La Victoire and, now Kelsi. We recently checked in with Lori and David to chat about fall trends and what's next for the stylish designer.

Lori's ShoesWhat does a lady's shoe style say about her?
David Giordano:  A women’s shoe defines her style.
Lori Andre: I think a woman's shoes can say a lot about her personality – conservative, trendy, elegant – but also your own: "I want those shoes!," "Gotta have 'em!"

LS:  What inspires your designs for the fresh, young and totally hip?
DG:  Creating products that stir woman emotionally, while not hurting them financially.
LA: How designers merchandise their line with clothing and accessories lets me create an idea of what the trend is and how to capture it in our store. I'm a little bit obsessive about making sure we have the right product. From the two-dollar accessory to the $600 shoe that can make or break an outfit. 

LS:  Originally you designed Kelsi Dagger for the Juniors shoe market. But there seem to be women over 30 who love the brand. Has the age of your target audience changed?
DG:  We want to stay in tune with women who have their own personal style, we feel that the price-value relationship appeals to more of a state of mind then a specific demographic.
LA: It's a very young brand and David's good at developing new product. The Kelsi Dagger girl is also the Pour La Victoire customer: likes the fashion, wants to look good in her shoes, but may not be able to spend the money. All their shoes have David's personality in them.

Kelsi Dagger Fall 2010 Preview

LS:  Why do you think women love your shoes?
DG Women feel a sense of empowerment when they are wearing a great pair of shoes.
LA: I think David's shoes are very current. They have a sophisticated, trendy edge to them but they are still really understandable. Sometimes you can look at a shoe and love it, but not want to wear it. With Kelsi Dagger, you know you will love it and get a lot of use out of it.

LS:  What trends/styles should we look out for Fall 2010?
DG:  French/military inspired boots and booties as well as high platforms and crepe wedges. 

LA: Military boots are happening. We're already selling them. The crepe wedge is a hard sell, personally. It's a very European trend ... it will be very interesting to see if it works here 

LS:  What was your favorite shoe in the Spring/Summer 2010 line?
DG:  The style Monaco, because the chiffon ruffles were the perfect update to a successful sandal. 

LS:  When you visit Chicago, where do you shop?
DG:  Akira, Lori’s shoes (of course), Roslyn boutique 

Fortunately, you can shop Kelsi Dagger spring/summer right from this post. Stay tuned for fall additions, as well as a coming addiction: Pour la Victorie handbags! We are awaiting final confirmation from the designers on the who, what, when, where of these bags. From what we saw at the FFANY show, we think you will be quite pleased. Take a look for yourself with these exclusive tradeshow photos!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lori's loves Oprah in Sam Edelman

An escape from the ordinary: we are elated to see the Chicago Queen, Oprah, in Sam Edelman Gigi (coral) on the cover of the July 2010 O issue.  Perhaps not quite as exciting as the iPad and $10,000 check she dished out to her employees yesterday in celebration of 10 years in publication, but exciting enough. (Now how do we get on that payroll ... or at least a BFF). 

Oprah's colorful, casual, summer beach style suited her role as whimsical storybook teller in head-to-toe citrine (note the Gigi) as she announced her 26-book summer reading list.  Oprah's casual style was the perfect platform to showcase Gigi's versatility in various looks.

Sam Edelman Gigi is the most affordable and comfortable summer thong all-around this season. At $48 you could probably afford a pair in every color to match your summer outfits: dresses to shorts, jewels and handbags. Or a matching iPad ... ? We can't help you with the gadgets (hint, hint, Oprah), but we got you covered with the rest.

Photos courtesy of Sam Edelman Public Relations

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello, my name is ... and I am a Shoe Addict.

"Waking up this morning - more like afternoon - was a terrible thing, but I forced myself out of bed. I threw on a soft tie-dye shirt dress, straw hat, and to-die-for Jeffrey Campbell wedges! These puppies just arrived this week and I just couldn't wait to strap them onto my feet! I have been anxiously awaiting their arrive for what seemed like years. No worries now because they are safely in my possession."

Meet Kitty.

Kitty is a young, fashionable blogger. She has a degree in business and enjoys the occasional baseball game. She also loves shoes. Loves them a lot. Like "night sweats" a lot. You see, Kitty is a shoe addict. And she has impeccable taste. A deadly combination? Well, certainly an attractive one. Does that make us her dealer? You better believe it.

Kitty's latest designer drug of choice was by Jeffrey Campbell, that cartel of cool. Surveillance photos of Kitty taken recently show her swooning and disoriented, hooked on the Mary Roks we carry.  Something about needing a "re-up"? We suggest trying them in nude as well.


And you gotta love it! Even the drug enforcement officers on this stakeout admired the effortless, casual look she paired with her latest addiction. Agents commented on how the subject paired an effortless, flowing top with the structured straw fedora and Marys. And the color coordination ... well, all we can say is don't get the DEA started.

Very funny Lori's Shoes, you cry, but addiction is a serious issue! We couldn't agree more! Is there, you ask, a cure for shoe addiction? Unfortunately, there is not: one must simply buy more shoes. Medical technology may one day develop a cure. Until that horrible moment, sober and wearing Earth Shoes, we will continue to aid and abet the wardrobes of these hopelessly fashionable women.

Photos courtesy of Geisha Pearl Vintage.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Peak into the Future: Spring 2011 looks

We were reading up on our Spring 2011 in Women's Wear Daily recently. The sneak peek predicted shoes with "added femininity to chunkier silhouettes using painterly prints and exotic details." (Got that?) Designers gave Footwear News a preview of their illustrations of 21 spring shoe trends for 2011.  We call it shoe art at its finest. The emphasis indeed was on architecturally designed high wedges and heels covered in exotic materials with a focus on blending shiny and matte, clear and patterned – opposites to which we are definitely attracted.

For the complete list of illustrations check out FN by WWD

Should we coin a phrase for the trend? "Diva Glam" for the spikes, buckles, ankle ties and rosettes? Or is it simply a Lady Gaga Spring slouching toward us? Either way season is going to be sexy as designers retool their Spring 2010 designs with added "Wow."  

We love the chance to see designers' illustrations, to pull the curtain back and see some of the thought process that goes into making a beautiful shoe. We can't wait to see (and wear) the final results!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Our "Sex in the City" WGN Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Jacki L. of Chicago who won our "Sex in the City" photo contest in partnership with WGN! Jacki won a $100 gift certificate to Lori's after WGN's website visitors voted her the "sexiest girlfriend."

Jacki is a recent college graduate from Northeastern Illinois University and lives in the city with her best friend, loving every minute of it. She learned of the contest from her mother and signed up as soon as she saw a chance to win a gift certificate to Lori's. (She loves – we mean loves – shoes.) Jacki's already picked out the perfect wedges for her summer looks. She's pictured above with childhood friends Dena, Donna, Beth, Jenni and Megan.

Check in during July to Lori's and WGN for a chance to win another $100 gift certificate in WGN's "Hottest Girl/Guy in Chicago"!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Style Watch! People Magazine's Must-Click Summer Sites

We like the people over at People. The magazine obviously has taste seeing how they've picked Lori's as one of their "Must-Click Summer Sites" for June/July 2010. People describes us as "Hundreds of choices at great prices! From gladiator sandals to go-anywhere flats to sexy platforms, this easy-to-use resource has it all – with lots of options under $100." Billed as a list of "supercool destinations for cute clothes & accessories," they include a picture of the Steve Madden Sanzo which we just restocked online!

The Sanzo is a bright and colorful thong sandal has patterned fabric straps that meet a long, front T-strap embellished with stones, wood, and beads. Celebrate summer in this fun sandal, paired with leggings or shorts and beaded accessories. And at $90 it is a steal.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Shopping for Shoes Just Got More Comprehensive

First, BB Dakota rocked the city girl's world with the launching of a shoe line. Then ├╝ber-chic designer Nanette Lepore brings the sunshine in the form of handbags for fall. 

Well the fun just keeps on funnin'. Prepare for the best summer news: Lori's gives you (drumroll) womenswear! Dance the jig, sing a song and jump for joy. (Just don't work up a sweat; these tops can be a bit sheer.)  Whatever you do, rev it up and shop our 'Online Only' selections of tanks, wraps, sun dresses and blousons from high-quality, trendy-hip designers Glam and Renee C.  

Lori's creatives staff invents the red-hot trend of "bag dragging." Oh, and the shirt's for sale too.

The city girl is not complete without her Jeffrey Campbell Snick, denim leggings and basic tank, layered with clunky necklaces and bangles.  We're, like, a one-stop shop for the fashionista set now!

We're excited. We can feel the doldrums coming up (reruns on TV, 90-degree days) and we're glad for the distraction. As you wait for night to fall and nothing's on TV and it's too hot to breathe, log on to your laptop, desktop, iPad, iPhone and shop till you drop. (We do!)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Little White dress

If you are still searching for the perfect LBD, stop: we need to do a little work on your alphabet. What you really need is a LWD. The Little White Dress is summer's new trend. (The little black dress is so – yawn – 2009.) The runways were full of LWDs this February. And with Memorial Day, the unspoken nod to wearing white, behind us, you have no excuse. Envelope yourself in this summer's clean and crisp look. (We'll extend the invitation to your creams and ivories of course.) We like the idea of looking edgy in the color of innocence.

InStyle gave avant-garde suggestions for sprucing up your summer look from colorful clutches and metallic bangles to black jackets and super sexy heels. Since we assume you're not sullying your new white look with bare feet, we put together a few shoe recommendations. Below are our must-have summer shoes if you plan to step out in your LWD in style and for less.

Calvin Klein Karissa in black is easily transferable from day to night. From office wear (on a casual-but-not-so-casual Friday) or a business lunch with a fitted black jacket over LWD to chunky necklace and bangles for drinks and celebrations.

Boutique 9 Thomsina in light natural is the perfect mate to a white mini dress. Whether you are blessed with model legs or not, nude heels are a miracle. The nude shoe provides a bit of trompe l'oeil – it fools your gaze (read: men's stares) into the illusion of long, lean legs ... whether or not you got the gams.
Poetic License Dazzling in yellow is a daring pump for the traditional girl who likes all eyes on her shoes. With a bold matching belt, you could work this look into a darling pixie, quirky professional or daring artiste. The bold colors with ribbons and gems will blaze forth with the LWD as a perfect neutral background.

Whatever look you prefer with your LWD, remember proper undergarments are a must. We don't want to have any secrets exposed do we?  After all, we want them starring at your accessories, not your ... assets.


For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.