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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hello, my name is ... and I am a Shoe Addict.

"Waking up this morning - more like afternoon - was a terrible thing, but I forced myself out of bed. I threw on a soft tie-dye shirt dress, straw hat, and to-die-for Jeffrey Campbell wedges! These puppies just arrived this week and I just couldn't wait to strap them onto my feet! I have been anxiously awaiting their arrive for what seemed like years. No worries now because they are safely in my possession."

Meet Kitty.

Kitty is a young, fashionable blogger. She has a degree in business and enjoys the occasional baseball game. She also loves shoes. Loves them a lot. Like "night sweats" a lot. You see, Kitty is a shoe addict. And she has impeccable taste. A deadly combination? Well, certainly an attractive one. Does that make us her dealer? You better believe it.

Kitty's latest designer drug of choice was by Jeffrey Campbell, that cartel of cool. Surveillance photos of Kitty taken recently show her swooning and disoriented, hooked on the Mary Roks we carry.  Something about needing a "re-up"? We suggest trying them in nude as well.


And you gotta love it! Even the drug enforcement officers on this stakeout admired the effortless, casual look she paired with her latest addiction. Agents commented on how the subject paired an effortless, flowing top with the structured straw fedora and Marys. And the color coordination ... well, all we can say is don't get the DEA started.

Very funny Lori's Shoes, you cry, but addiction is a serious issue! We couldn't agree more! Is there, you ask, a cure for shoe addiction? Unfortunately, there is not: one must simply buy more shoes. Medical technology may one day develop a cure. Until that horrible moment, sober and wearing Earth Shoes, we will continue to aid and abet the wardrobes of these hopelessly fashionable women.

Photos courtesy of Geisha Pearl Vintage.


sarah marie said...

My love for shoes knows no bounds, and it all started with Jeffery Campbell... nice post.

Johanna - MyShoebox.se said...

Love those wedges!

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