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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Sunny Afternoon with Sam Edelman

Pierce OTK boots

We invited Valerie and Camilla of A Butterfly by Day to pick their fall favorite from our catalog and write about how they would style it. Their choice, the Pierce by Sam Edelman, was a big hit with this mother/daughter blogging team. They share their love of art, fashion and style across a generation, inspiring each other to write about what it means to be stylish.

“It’s a sunny afternoon, perfect for taking a walk down by the bay. The wind blows through my hair as I stroll the path, looking towards the horizon. I feel as if I am exploring a new land; I feel free. In these Sam Eldeman boots, I could walk for miles.” 

When we received our Sam Eldeman Pierce boots in the mail we were overjoyed! It was perfectly fitted to the leg and slimming which gave us a chic and lengthened look. The snaps up the side of the boot added military appeal, which we loved. For a little versatility, and to soften the look, we decided to style the boots by pairing them with a flowing chiffon dress belted with a long silk scarf and topped with a fitted army green shirt for a feminine twist on the military vibe. Not leaving anything to waver in detail, we softly braided the hair. Girly baubles were added on the wrist and fingers. We completed the feminine finery with beautiful floral tights. The perfect look for a romantic stroll.

These over-the-knee boots are perfect for long days on your feet or walking in the city, plus they look amazing with all our flirty dresses. We are sure we will get lots of wear out of our new Sam Edelman boots since they are extremely comfortable and very versatile.

Dress: Millau from LF Stores / Jewelry: J Crew / Tights: Anthropologie / Scarf: Vintage
Shoes: Sam Edelman Pierce from Lori's Shoes

—Valerie and Camilla of A Butterfly by Day

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell's Tabitha - Sweet and Sexy

Vintage, 1960s style has been brought to the forefront by shows like Mad Men, influencing Fall 2010's emphasis on classic feminine looks. Luxe materials like satin, lace and fur have been matched with perfectly tailored forms, making Jeffrey Campbell's Tabitha a new favorite. With Tabitha, Jeffrey Campbell joins the likes of Valentino and Christian Louboutin, stepping it up with breathtaking lace pumps. 

But this ain't your grandma's lace. Tabitha's lace is embroidered over sheer mesh for a very sultry show of skin. Super soft suede keeps it modest, cupping the heel and trimming the top. The suede-wrapped platform is squared under the peeptoe for an intriguing architectural accent, complimented by the five-and-one-half-inch suede-wrapped heel.

Sweet vintage style mixed with a contemporary silhouette makes Tabitha a very wearable, very fashionable girl. For a sophisticated day-wear look, pair with wide-leg trousers and a flirty blouse matched with a structured satchel. Slip on a mini-dress with or without some brightly colored leggings for a standout evening look. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lori At-Large: Milan Fall Trends

Twice a year Lori heads off to the land of culture, art, architecture, cuisine and world-renowned fashion to bring back the hottest shoe styles this side of the ocean. At least that is what she tells us whilst sipping Prosecco and eating authentic homemade pasta al fresco ... we are sure she is working hard. Here is what she reports from the city of fabulosity – Milan, Italy.

Currently in Milan, and I think in Italy there is, generally, an emphasis on comfort. Similar to the trend in the States, "toning" shoes seem to be a trend. (Sketchers are even here ... yikes!!!!!) The Italian women still wear Hogans and Tods—a look not truly understood by American women. The autumn fashion trends here are very similar to the stores in the U.S., such as over-the-knees, lace-ups and pumps. Mens tailoring, especially at Prada, seems strong as well. There is a lot of fur in all the stores here and lots of camel clothing! Max Mara has beautiful things right now. Seriously, and I am not just saying this, I think we are dead on with all our trends at Lori's.

As far as Spring trends go, I think it is all over the board. Sandals with ornaments, neutral colors, military and wedges are still important and also pretty, along with ladylike pumps in colors. Honestly, I did not see anything super fresh, super interesting—it updates Spring/Summer 2010. To confirm my staff's mention last week to the longevity of booties, here's a sneak peak at an ornately designed wedge bootie from Jeffrey Campbell's Spring/Summer 2011 line:

On another note, I am happy to report that the stores in Milan seem to be doing a lot of business. The show was well-attended and generally speaking the sentiment is positive. I am happy about that.

—Lori Andre reporting from Milan

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feeling Sultry in Fall

Apepazza over-the-knee boots
— by Kitty from Geisha Pearl


Sometimes Fall has a way of sneaking in before you are ready to give up bare legs and short skirts. My solution? Keep the hemlines short and add a pair of super-tall over-the-knee boots to keep those legs cozy.

Over-the-knee boots are a serious must-have for Fall. There are styles to fit every girl's look from black lace-up leather to chunky heeled gray suede. (Take a look at available styles.) And these Apepazza boots are to die for! The lace-up detail at the top of the boot is a perfect feminine compliment to the rugged and masculine sole. The material is softer than I can describe and, well, I just feel darn sexy in them. That's all that really matters, right?

Still a little chilly? Layer in a thigh-high, chunky knit sock so it just peeks over the top of the boot or throw on a pair of sheer black tights. Any way you decide to style these coveted boots, rock 'em with confidence and you'll turn heads!



Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Shoes of New York Fashion Week

One thing agreed about New York Fashion week: EXHAUSTING. And we weren't even there (physically, at least). But between live streaming shows and conferences we were very much a part of the spirit of the madness. We felt for the tired tootsies aching for nail spas and foot massages today. We share your pain ... in spirit, that is.

As for Spring runways, we learned boho chic can be sexy and cool (Odd Molly); legs have it (Christian Siriano); and we are going back to basics (Michael Kors and Donna Karan). In many collections, we saw an influence of '70s inspirations (Tracey Reese hats), elegant silhouettes with lowered hemlines (Cynthia Rowley) and leather. Gone are the short-short skirts; hello, mid-calf to maxi dress and loose-fitting, high-waisted trousers. Ahh, a relief to those of us without the blessing of thin, long legs. 

But what about the shoes?? Not the typical topic of most fashion week chatter, but as shoe lovers our eyes were wide with endless possibilities. What did we see? A huge mash-up of chunky, low-heeled sandals, narrow pumps and sky-high heels with stacked fronts. However, one style reigned supreme—booties! Yep, they are here to stay. From peep-toes and sling backs to covered flats and kitten heels, the bootie is a versatile shoe indeed. This just gives us even more reason to shop booties until we drop.

If you missed the phenomenal madness of New York fashion week 2010 and would like to catch some of the highlights check out www.fashionologie.com.

Photos courtesy of Fashionologie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Koolaburra - High Fashion, High Comfort

We're all familiar with UGG® Australia boots by now. Soft and comfy with the cushiest sheepskin and shearling. They're not exactly known for their sexy look, but they're so loved for their comfort that some girls practically live in them. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're on everyone from celebrities to soccer moms, teens and everyone in between. They're even on babies.

And then there is fringe. Boho-chic, classic Americana, cowgirl-hipster-cute. It has movement, personality and is seen year-round on everything from jackets, shirts, skirts, handbags ... and boots.

And that brings us to the Savannity by Koolaburra. Touting soft sheepskin, shearling lining and a comfy round toe, the Savannity also has a rubber wedge heel with long panels of fringe topped with brass grommets. Style and comfort may have made the ultimate union in this little boot. So is it fashion made comfortable? Comfort made fashionable? A little bit of both or none of the above?

Keep your eyes peeled for this emerging trend. Now that UGG® Australia has teamed up with Jimmy Choo to design a line of fashion boots, it seems that Koolaburra might really be on to something as well. And with celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, and Kate Hudson seen wearing Koolaburras, what more can we say?

In case we haven't already persuaded you to try them out, here's a thought: when you put them on, do you look like the sultry model below with her matching fringed mini-dress ... or not?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Day in the Life. And Natalie Portman

Whew! We sure are busy over here at Lori's Shoes. While Lori's on a buying trip to Italy, we actually held a real, live meeting in the conference room! (It was a "Big Deal.") Most people even came and sat down in chairs and stuff and acted all serious! Our creative director did not feel like bringing his laptop for the trip from the studio. Instead he went native (a.k.a., "offline") with filler paper and a pen. David, our intrepid photographer, didn't feel like bringing his consciousness and consequently spent most of the meeting semi-awake.

See Lori? We're working! While the cat's away, the mice take some notes and doodle obsessively.

Many important things were discussed (not like you'd know, David!). Our creative director diligently took notes as well as a few drawings of young, soporific David. While we've redacted most notes to protect our trade secrets, we did leave the reminder to post the Natalie Portman appearance wearing Charles David to the premier of "Black Swan." We have this shoe coming in black, black suede, champagne and grey suede. It shipped from Charles David on September 9th, so we expect them very soon! Check back periodically for availability or send us a note.

We're also going to be posting more regularly on new arrivals in the internally monickered "Jessie's Corner." Jessie probably doesn't appreciate that, but she's not writing this blog! Ha ha looks like you lose too, Jess! Now it's back to work for this busy little bee! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Jeffrey Campbell Lita is here!!

Lita's here ... and she won't be ignored! Couture-inspired design will draw you in—straight to the unbelievably thick platform and towering wood heel. You'll be walking tall and strong in this powerful combat-style lace-up. 
Go for the full effect by pairing with cargos or leggings with a tank or T-shirt on top. Don't forget the military jacket and chain accessories. For a softer retro-chic look, slip on some tights and a flirty floral-print skirt or dress.

On a side note, look what we discovered on the wall in Lori's office! It's a Lita lookalike wood cut-out made by one of her sons some ten-odd years ago. Seems like they were ahead of the times even then ...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Staff At Large: London

One of our team recently reported from her UK vacation, inspired by the fashion she found on the streets of London. Here is her post from abroad. If you have similar posts from afar, please send us an email!

One thing I love most about London is the personal style. These styles aren't right off the runway; the streets of London are a runway of their own. Goodbye fashion predictions and cheers to personal style! From brogues to boots, flats to soft wood heels, anything goes in London ... and it works. Of course, comfort is always a trend as it should be in a country where walking is not an option but a must. Comfortable footwear with style is always tricky, but the ladies of London know how to wear it well. Platforms and stilettos are left for club night, and even then eschewed for fashion flats or bare feet before the night ends.

One everyday look stood out amongst others. Chic grunge – city sophistication with hipster/rocker accents – was everywhere. I saw Hello, Kitty darlings in ripped jeans, tees and tortoise-shell glasses. I spied plenty of low-cut boots, tights, short skirts and leather jackets. Wooden heels were also a favorite amongst the stylish. Another comfortable shoe with style and flair, brogues, were everywhere with skirts, skinny jeans, and leggings.

Take a peek at a few British feet on the move in London. Many thanks to all the happy feet who posed for a shot from a shoe-blogging tourist!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Little Lori's Love

Have you heard about this thing, Facebook? Roll your eyes all you want—if you're not a fan on FB, you obviously aren't going to be sending us an email like this:
"Dearest Lori's Shoes,

I was riding the train back from a long day of class, and I suddenly got a text from my best friend screaming "OMG YOU WON LORI'S SHOES WHAT'S ON YOUR FEET WEDNESDAY!!!!!" I was so surprised that I almost dropped my phone! Thank you very very much for picking my shoes and for leaving such a lovely comment about my toe-nails' color coordination! THAT just made my day :) I'm very happy to claim my prize, thank you again!

Your loyal customer,
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