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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Staff At Large: London

One of our team recently reported from her UK vacation, inspired by the fashion she found on the streets of London. Here is her post from abroad. If you have similar posts from afar, please send us an email!

One thing I love most about London is the personal style. These styles aren't right off the runway; the streets of London are a runway of their own. Goodbye fashion predictions and cheers to personal style! From brogues to boots, flats to soft wood heels, anything goes in London ... and it works. Of course, comfort is always a trend as it should be in a country where walking is not an option but a must. Comfortable footwear with style is always tricky, but the ladies of London know how to wear it well. Platforms and stilettos are left for club night, and even then eschewed for fashion flats or bare feet before the night ends.

One everyday look stood out amongst others. Chic grunge – city sophistication with hipster/rocker accents – was everywhere. I saw Hello, Kitty darlings in ripped jeans, tees and tortoise-shell glasses. I spied plenty of low-cut boots, tights, short skirts and leather jackets. Wooden heels were also a favorite amongst the stylish. Another comfortable shoe with style and flair, brogues, were everywhere with skirts, skinny jeans, and leggings.

Take a peek at a few British feet on the move in London. Many thanks to all the happy feet who posed for a shot from a shoe-blogging tourist!

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