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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Day in the Life. And Natalie Portman

Whew! We sure are busy over here at Lori's Shoes. While Lori's on a buying trip to Italy, we actually held a real, live meeting in the conference room! (It was a "Big Deal.") Most people even came and sat down in chairs and stuff and acted all serious! Our creative director did not feel like bringing his laptop for the trip from the studio. Instead he went native (a.k.a., "offline") with filler paper and a pen. David, our intrepid photographer, didn't feel like bringing his consciousness and consequently spent most of the meeting semi-awake.

See Lori? We're working! While the cat's away, the mice take some notes and doodle obsessively.

Many important things were discussed (not like you'd know, David!). Our creative director diligently took notes as well as a few drawings of young, soporific David. While we've redacted most notes to protect our trade secrets, we did leave the reminder to post the Natalie Portman appearance wearing Charles David to the premier of "Black Swan." We have this shoe coming in black, black suede, champagne and grey suede. It shipped from Charles David on September 9th, so we expect them very soon! Check back periodically for availability or send us a note.

We're also going to be posting more regularly on new arrivals in the internally monickered "Jessie's Corner." Jessie probably doesn't appreciate that, but she's not writing this blog! Ha ha looks like you lose too, Jess! Now it's back to work for this busy little bee! 

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