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Friday, July 30, 2010

Accessorize This: Exotic Prints, OTK Socks and Fur.

Our Interview with Lori's Accessories Buyer.

We are so excited to take a small step away from our shoe addiction to feed our other craving: handbags and accessories. I am chatting with Nicole, accessories buyer for Lori's Shoes. If you love Lori's selection of handbags, jewelry, legwear, and scarves, Nicole is the woman that makes it happen. Here is what she had to say about our fall line-up in handbags and accessories.

Lori's: What's coming this fall?
Nicole:  There are a lot of trends happening this fall, but the exotic look – snake, crocodile, fur, leopard – is one of my favorite trends for the fall. Guess it's the animal deep down in me, screaming for release through Lori's accessory buys. [laughing]

La Regale 2546
Lori's:  What are great wardrobe pieces to pair with the exotic look?
Nicole:  Well, if we speak about the leopard, it is important to use it sparingly. If you have a leopard purse, for instance, like the new Sandra Roberts clutch – a calf hair with a leopard print – you could pair it with a basic, tight-fitting, black dress and pumps.

Lori's:  So your exotic accessory should be your key piece. Downplay everything else and let that piece be your 'Wow' factor.
Nicole:  If we are speaking specifically about the exotic prints, yes.

Lori's:  Besides exotic prints, what is another favorite trend?
Nicole:  F
ur is probably the strongest trend for fall. We will see it on handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Lori's is going to have several different fur handbags from Sondra Roberts and some amazing ones from High Fashion. They have that Marc Jacobs and Chanel look and feel. I just love it.

This cross-body from High Fashion (below) has  Mongolian lamb in ivory, brown trim and a boho feel. Also, I can't forget snake and crocodile. They hearken back to the structured looks we presented earlier in our Accessories fall report.

High Fashion Fur handbag
Lori's: That sounds lovely.
Nicole:  In accessories we are excited to carry fur ear muffs, hats, scarves and even fur mittens. It is going to be a furry year (laughing).

Lori's: I heard, although it is not a handbag, that we have fur boot covers. What are they exactly?
Nicole:  Basically, they are fur leg warmers. You put them over the shaft of your boot to make a totally different look. You can also wear them as leg warmers with a high heel pump, covering the heel of the shoe and create a very high fashion '80s look.

Lori's:  Very Madonna.
Nicole:  Exactly. They are a fantastic way to take a great pair of boots to another level.

Lori's:  So, as we transition into a new season, what can people continue from their summer wardrobe and transition into fall?
Nicole:  Well, obviously fur won't work [laughing]. I would say gray tones and taupe tones. They are already in and work well year-round.

Lori's:  Like the Christopher Kon Croc satchel I love.
Nicole:  Yes. A handbag like that has that classic look, in a neutral tone such as gray and is just a great everyday bag.  It hits everything – structure, color  and transitions into Fall nicely. We're going to see the bags get smaller this coming season.
For the last couple of years you had to have a big bag; there were no other options. But this year you will see smaller options coming available. We are getting some nice snake clutches soon.

Lori's:  So, what is your least favorite summer trend?  You know the one where you said, "Hated it."
Nicole:  Patent! I am very much over it already. [both laughing]

Lori's:  What other amazing trends should we look for this fall?
Nicole:  The legwear is amazing this fall. Leggings, tights, over-the-knee socks with color blocking. So many different looks to create using the same shoes and clothes. Just by adding a piece of legwear you can give your outfit a totally different look. We are still going to see chunky, open-toe shoes this fall, but the outfit will transition with socks and tights.

Interview conducted by Shazza with Lori's Shoes.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Shoe Addicts Diary: Platforms

Snick: The Clog Alternative
by Anjelica of Mode Junkie

So what does a shoe addict in Germany do when her Jeffrey Campbell Snick Studs finally arrive from Lori's Shoes? SHE SHOUTS LIKE MAD. So mad the boyfriend thinks something happened to our son. Unfortunately he sometimes over-reacts like that. ;)

Seriously, how sick are these platform sandals? As I unpacked the shoes (read: destroying the box and ripping off the tape which holds the box together like there's no tomorrow), I immediately pictured outfits that would go with these babies. That was a bit hard since the shoes are pretty much goes-well-with-everything kinda shoes. But the thought of my leather shorts with my military parka and THESE shoes? I just pictured the most perfect fall outfit. 

Maybe I'd throw on some tights if it gets a bit chilly or a pair of ruffled, white socks (I love socks with sandals and am totally in to this trend; please don't hate me!).

I can't stop wearing my Snicks with my dresses, my skirts, my chinos! As I said, they go well with everything. The olive suede is even a perfect match to my taupe colored nails! (Yes, I plan the colors of my fingernails according to what type of shoes I am wearing!)

In my opinion, the Jeffrey Campbell Snick Stud is the best alternative for people who hate clogs (not me of course; I am a shoe addict, remember). They are comfortable and they don't look too cloggy (if there were such a word). Know what I mean? I LOVE these shoes and since Jeffrey Campbell is not available in Germany these shoes will definitely be cherished and positioned top shelf in the new shoe closet.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell + Lori's Shoes: The Exclusive Twitter Interview!

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell lookbook
We had a busy day yesterday. We entered the realm of short film production and conducted a Twitter interview with Jeffrey Campbell's brand strategist, Ty McBride. Lori's Shoes is taking it to the next level and we are loving every minute of it.

If you missed the interview and the JC shoes giveaway, shame on you. But here it is in its entirety. Ripped straight from the Twitters, mind the tweet talk (@, hash-tags and 140 characters or less). We wanted you to feel as if you were tweeting right along with us. We are sure you had good reasons for not joining in yesterday. All is forgiven. 

The interview begins!

@jcshoes.  Hey there! So glad to chat with you.
@lorisshoes.  This is my first twitter interview! I feel like im in the future! Let's get famous!

@jcshoes.  I know. Exciting!
@jcshoes.  This is our first too. Glad to be doing it with you. :)
@lorisshoes.  Fire away!

@jcshoes.  So let's do this. Dear JC, (Ty) if you were to look all so fab today, what would be your go to shoe?
@lorisshoes.  U might have noticed our current obsesh with platforms! Bigger the Better. We love how women are wearing them with everything!
@lorisshoes.  Of course the LITA is a big one!! Shown here on NYC stylist @LalaLopez. http://www.lalanyc.com/2010/07/la-lita.html

@jcshoes.  What inspired your On the run lookbook and video?
@lorisshoes.  The lookbook is supposed to be disjointed, edgy, and pieced together. We used two photographers. Its a nod to the concept
@lorisshoes.  That they are no real trends anymore! Everything is trend. You can work so many looks---if you are confident! We love this!
@lorisshoes.  Video based on famous model spies who have become entangled in minor espionage! day to day stuff! http://vimeo.com/13479402
@jcshoes.  Your video launched today right. It is awesome.

@jcshoes.  Ok, what are the inspirations for designing the hottest looks this millenium?
@lorisshoes.  Well, flattery will get you everywhere! we <3 Vintage, London, Brooklyn, Paris, 1970's, club kids, western and of course GOTH.
@lorisshoes.  We draw inspiration from the runway, history, the street and from bloggers. We are always looking at what's going on.

@jcshoes.  So you mention bloggers. Who are some of your favs? Can you give a shout out?
@lorisshoes.  We love so many bloggers: wheredidugetthat, fashionlikeheroin, bleack black, shiny plastic hag, oaknyc.com, a perfect guide,
@lorisshoes.  We also love corridor40, knight cat, remodelista, fashionchalet, fashiontoast, pink kitten, and of course we love the JC blog!

@jcshoes.  We love the JC blog too. So addicting-like a tech-shoe drug (if there were such a thing).
@lorisshoes.  We write the blog daily. Most fans love it. The vibe of the blog is stream of consciousness. If we are thinking it, we blog it

@jcshoes.  So what are you thinking now? And are you gonna write about it? haha
@lorisshoes.  Today we are thinking about @pooltradeshow. We are also thinking about this: http://dancingalonetopony.tumblr.com/

@jcshoes. So I was gonna ask "What is trending this fall? In your opinion. But earlier you said EVERYTHING?" Is that good or bad?
@lorisshoes.  For fall we love WOOD. Fashion LIVES. bobby socks, 1970s, spies, barbarella, distressed leathers, and menswear! HAHAHA!

@jcshoes.  LOL to spies.
@lorisshoes.  Spy inspired! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natasha_Fatale we love her style!

@jcshoes.  So with complete honesty what fall trend do you want to go away?
@lorisshoes.  The three buckle fake suede rouched flat boot! Do you know the one? LIKE OVER IT ALREADY! Let it go! Especially in purple!
@lorisshoes.  LIKE THIS! DIE TREND DIE! FRUMPY IS OUT! http://www.cheaponlinesale.com/suede-buckle-boot.html
@JCshoes.  Yes we do. Enough said :). BTW, lol to the dancing pony videos. hilarious.
@lorisshoes.  Obsessed with tumblr pages! Like wasting my life on that!
@jcshoes.  Totally understand. My life is wasted away on bloglovinit. You just say to self 'ok I'll read one more'. That turns into 3 hrs.
@jcshoes.  Okay, flash back! Best spr/summer trend you hope sticks around in 2011.
@lorisshoes.  In no specific order: JC shoes, Zac Efron, Lady Gaga, Hendricks and tonic, facebook and half day fridays. ALL TRENDS WE LOVE
@jcshoes.  All awesome especially half day fridays.
@lorisshoes.  I'll email Lori about that for you! I am sure Chicago has lots of spots that are great around friday at 3pm!
@jcshoes.  Hopefully she is out there tweet listening. Hey Lori.:)

@jcshoes.  So, you say 'Hated it' to what Spring/Summer 2010 look?
@lorisshoes.  Summer trend I am over? "shoes that make you fit" Oh America, really? That's all Ill say! Buy the JC TICK it weighs like 4 lbs!
@jcshoes.  The tick is heavy but is a show stopper. And in my personal wardrobe. :)

@jcshoes.  Okay a couple of more questions before we wrap up, are you ready?
@lorisshoes.  Hit me with your best shot!

@jcshoes.  Who is a JC girl? Is she naturally born or trained in the JC way?
@lorisshoes.  A JC girl is a born show stopper! We just cover it in studs for her! Honestly, we have the most loyal and amazing fans.
@lorisshoes.  I mean check out all the new JC girls we just posted! http://www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com/girls/ we are lucky to have them!

@jcshoes.  Was Lori's Shoes one of the first retailers to carry your haute shoes?
@lorisshoes.  You guys have been with us for a long time. Continually growing. This is the JC Ten year anniversary.
@jcshoes.  Exciting. Any big plans? #jcshoes10yr
@lorisshoes.  We are just wanting to take it up a notch during the next ten! MORE AMAZING SHOES!

@lorisshoes.  http://blog.nickienoel.com/?p=691 so many denmark fans--Thanks for the vid by the way!

@jcshoes.  Okay last question before we go to the trivia questions for free shoes.

@jcshoes.  Let's get personal. What is on your music playlist today? and who inspires you?
@lorisshoes.  National, Built to Spill, Nivana, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson, Sharon Jones, the Gossip, Le Tigre, ELO, all on play now in office!
@lorisshoes.  Inspiration is all around! My google reader is full of it! my asistant turned me onto this blog! http://www.shinyplastichag.com/

@lorisshoes.  I cannot believe I just had my first twitter interview! I feel like I was on the View, or better Ellen. THANKS LORIS!
@jcshoes.  No thank you for your time. BTW, what are we giving away to the 2 lucky ladies before I start the trivia? 

@jcshoes.  Alright I think those who stuck it out with us are ready for free shoes. What are you giving away to 2 lucky ladies?
@lorisshoes.  Sweet! Keep me posted on Free shoe winners! Thanks for your support and thank you for following @JCshoes
@lorisshoes.  2 winners! rewarded with a pair of JC each. Let me know the winners emails! Ill see what we got around here! LOVE SHOES!

The interview concludes with an announcement to Jeffrey Campbell shoe lovers:

Lori's:  Okay ladies. It's trivia time. Answer these 3 questions in one DM to @lorisshoes. Winners announced tomorrow. Good luck! #jcshoesgiveaway

Well, the contestants came rolling in with their answers, so we couldn't wait and announced our winners within minutes:

Lori's:  The 1st two ladies to answer all three correctly are @breakfast@Saks and @style_obsession. Congrats.

Ooops, but as things sometimes happen when you press the bar to new adventures and pioneering techniques; we had some issues with the ladies getting their answers to us (Twitter is still a force to be reckoned with), so felt compelled to do the following:

Lori's:  And because we are generous and sorry for the DM issue we picked a third winner-up @kristenjoerger. Congrats all!

Interview conducted by Shazza from Lori's Shoes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lori's Shoes: Retailer or Movie Studio?

Or both? The creative team stepped up their game with the hush-hush arrival of DENMARK – JC's super-ultra-top-secret-new clootie. (Yes, that's clog + bootie and we promise never to use it again.) The shoe hadn't even been to production yet: they handed us the prototype and let us run with it. The result is our first video short and a pre-sale on this en fuego fall bootie. (Spoiler: Look for it in Vibe magazine next month.)

The video was a grassroots effort, filmed on a Canon 5D Mark II by our photographer, David Elliott, and directed by our creative director, JC Steinbrunner. Our brand manager, Corree Hamilton, styled with April Francis of The Haute Closet (who also stars in the short). Corree's boyfriend Jared and his band, the Hustle Sneakers, provided the rather addictive soundtrack. And if you think filming at dawn is a great idea, think again.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shoe Addicts Report: Versatile handbags

Cross shoulder by day, chain strap by night.

By Carrie from Barestyle 

Color isn't typically what I gravitate toward. I may wear mint green nail polish, but when I commit to something like a bag or shoes, basic black and neutrals are my preferred shades. The Sabina 4524 bag was an obvious choice. It arrived from Lori’s last week and I was immediately drawn to its buttery soft feel and unique look. I pulled it out of the box, transferred my items over and threw it across my shoulder. I was meeting some girlfriends for a pedicure and dinner but had just enough time to snap a few shots before I left.

Why I love it? This bag is ideal for any season and style. Black is no longer a winter shade; there’s no Labor Day rule or seasonal colors as far as I’m concerned. And as for mixing brown and black? Yes, please. This piece will transition seamlessly into fall and winter and pairs nicely with casual and dressy pieces.

How would I style it? I paired it with casual summer pieces – vintage denim shorts, a long sleeveless cardigan from Seventh Door, classic aviators and my Jeffrey Campbell “Snick” clog wedges. This is one bag that will literally work with ANYTHING. It’s not too big, not too small, and can convert to whatever look you’re rocking. For an evening out, I’d wear a mini-dress or a tunic with leggings and carry it like a clutch. I’m never one to shy away from dispensing styling advice, but this is a piece that needs no direction.


And a little bonus... I have to admit that I’m not exactly gifted in the organization department.  More than twice I’ve slammed on my breaks, narrowly missing the car in front, all because I was desperately digging in an over-sized bottomless bag for my phone (or lip gloss, or sunglasses). Pockets are now a requirement and the Sabina meets my needs with flying colors. Just name an item and I’ll have it out in less than two seconds with my eyes closed.

For more variety and budget-friendly options, take a look at these:


Sabina 4588


 Big Buddha - Daisy



Melie Bianco W9-373

Friday, July 16, 2010

They Call Her Denmark ...

From the diary of a shoe addict

"Fancy a ride?" she purrs as she looks at you with mysterious eyes, deception in her throat, but somehow so innocent, so sweet. You opt out. You are living on the straight and narrow, remember? You mumble some pleasantry as she revs up. But before she pulls off ... the shoes! What are they? Who are they? She was taking you to her supplier – shoe dealer, that is. Off she goes. You must find out who designed those shoes and, more importantly, how you can get a pair. So you hop in your ride and follow her into the unknown. Just one last craving. You promise yourself this is the last time...
Story to be continued...

Denmark is her name and her hook-up none other than Jeffrey Campbell himself. (Could there be any other for a shoe of this caliber?) Reminiscent of the ├╝ber-cool bomber jacket from the early '80s. This maverick shoe wears well with a luxurious soft leather upper and a chunky wood heel elevating you high off the ground. Gold hobnails trace the curve of the footbed. To top it off, a faux-shearling cuff lining. A shoe this beautiful should be able to fly. (Physically perhaps not, but mentally? Yes!)

Denmark has always been recognized as a hot bed of creativity, style, fashion and design' states Jeffrey
Campbell, so fitting - his inspiration to name a shoe after such a beautiful country.

These shoes are coming to Lori's mid-to-late August. Supplies will be limited. Don't be left in the cold this fall. Be on alert for our "on sale now announcement." If you thought the Lita was a show stopper, the Denmark will just plain stop your heart.

So what happened to the shoe addict and the mysterious girl ... stay tuned: we've got something big for you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gee'Wawa: something different for Lori's

This fall we are going beyond normal. We're looking at futuristic trends, haute couture designer inspirations and the club/rave/goth shoe art and the artists that make them.

For every shoe addict's wardrobe this fall, we are prescribing Gee'Wawa (not to be confused with Chihuahua, darlings, though both are feisty). Our guest blogger Kitty introduced fall Gee'Wawa last week in her vintage-inspired clog blog.

This line of shoes is undeniably a shoe addict's fall essential. It is cost-conscious and stylish but pushes boundaries. Comfortable, distressed, vegetable-dyed leathers will have you binging on the look and loving the feel. Chunky heeled pumps and big bottom booties dominate this collection. 

Of course, our addiction to big bottoms is not new. Thanks to the late and great Alexander McQueen's lobster boots we have a deep love of silhouette-warping designs. We miss him. His legacy has inspired designers to push this spring trend with brash looks for fall.

 Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 collection - Photo courtesy of catwalking.com

Whether you love them or hate them, we're sure  you will become attached. Try something new this fall. Get Gee'Wawa and be different, be confident, be chic, be addicted.

Friday, July 09, 2010

What to Wear: Heat Wave Edition

It's been hot – really hot – these past few days. So instead of wooing you with a luxurious mix of new fall trends such as the Franco Sarto View pump, the Dolce Vita Spencer clog and the Jeffrey Campbell L-train lace-up boots, we decided to help you stay cool and look cool with summer basic accessories.

This is our last summer report. Shortly we must move on to a new season. (We are literally bursting at the seams about our fall lines and just can't wait to shout it out!) But given that you are probably sweltering in these humid temperatures, we felt it unfair to torture you with talk of suede, leather and fur.

First and foremost in this kind of weather, dresses are not an option. They are a must. Short shorts are just plain smart. So we would direct your attention to a couple of classic pieces we adore to glam up your summer style. Less is more defines our thoughts on the weather, but we're not frivolous. Here are some fabulous pieces to work on a haute, erm hot, day.

The Kelsi Dagger Monroe and the Corso Como South Beach are beautiful. Both effortlessly transition you from day to night. The Monroe sandal looks great with sundresses, shirt-dresses, short-shorts, khakis or a linen suit. Wear to work or an after-hours event. The South Beach is a bit more casual Friday: a knock-out with short sundresses, tank-tunics and leggings.

Steven Madden's two-handle Bfloral bag will accompany you from the hustle and bustle of a long work day to a refreshing stint to the beach or a casual date night when worn over the shoulder with the convertible shoulder strap.

The Pietro Alessandro handbag is uber-chic, versatile and convertible from a day to night look. We absolutely love this bag. Bonus: this bag resurfaces in fall trends (sorry, we couldn't resist).

 Look 1 - held as a clutch    Look 2 - over the shoulder strap

Bangles, bangles and beads.  Accessories always give a look some zing. Just be careful to not over dazzle them in the office and bore them with bland at night. Choose pieces like these that are easy daywear, but can work with simple evening looks as well.

Feel free to peruse for other summer looks to finish off your heat wave style. We are all about fall; we're just waiting for the sun to agree with us. Stay cool, look fabulous!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shoe Addicts Report: Clogs

Clogs are here to stay!
by Kitty of Geisha Pearl Vintage


It’s funny how a new pair of shoes makes me weak at the knees. Like catching the eye of the dreamiest guy in the room ... and him smiling back. Well, these new clogs were no exception.

I walked into my apartment building this week to see a little note taped to my
mailbox: I had a package waiting for me. I knew exactly what it was – my new Gee WaWa Shimmer clogs in Mink!

Once safely inside my apartment, I ripped open the parcel to reveal a beautiful pair of chunky-heel clogs. My new eye candy! I stared in awe at their exquisite craftsmanship. The sheer weight of them was impressive. I slipped my feet into the suede heels. They fit me like a glove, perfectly wrapping around my foot. Although initially they felt heavy, they proved to be sturdy and lightweight – effortless to walk in.

Maxing out at a staggering five feet tall, heels are my best friend. I wear them to the grocery store, the office – pretty much everywhere. Some shoes I cannot wear all day, but
already these have become my go‐to heels. The hidden platform under the toes gives me the added height without the usual painful side effects. They are beyond comfortable and the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe!

And the price? Practically a steal for the impeccable quality and stunning
appearance of these clogs! I love the boho‐inspired fringe tops, brass nailheads, and charming turned-up toe.
I haven’t seen a clog like this on the market.

(This is kind of silly, but what really sold me on these shoes were the bottoms. They have an adorable imprint of two little Chihuahuas! I have a little chocolate brown Chihuahua named Dixie, so it was an instant sale. I know, ridiculous, right?!)
Styling these beauties…

My favorite way to wear clogs is with socks! From a lacy, white pair of ankle socks to cable knit thigh‐highs, they are the perfect accompaniment to a chunky-heel clog.

I paired mine with tall, heather‐gray, knit socks, a cream Forever21 shirt dress covered in sheer ruffles and a vintage tuxedo jacket with satin lapels from my online vintage store, Geisha Pearl Vintage.

For a more casual ensemble slip into a pair of classic, tapered, navy trousers and a striped, cotton tee. Or try a floral playsuit and wrap yourself in a thick chunky knit sweater for the chill fall weather.

Clogs are here to stay and I love it!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Seven Signs of a Shoe Addiction

Do you get the shakes when a you see a shoe sale? (Test: Lori's sale is up to 50% off right now!) Can't go even one day without scanning our New Arrivals? Do shoes just keep whispering your name, softly and seductively? Well, my dear, you may be a shoe addict. No need to stress! We can help. As a veteran supplier to shoe addicts everywhere, we thought it only appropriate to help you identify the symptoms.
  1. You slip the word into your professional qualifications: "Lori Andre, Phd., Wedges"
  2. Imelda Marcos is still your idol ... even if you were born post-1986! You secretly wish her 3,000 pairs of shoes had been exiled to your closet.
  3. Hoarding: one color per style isn't enough. I mean, who knows what which event will call for?
  4. You prefer shoe shopping over ... well, everything.
  5. You prefer your paycheck be deposited directly into our merchant account.
  6. You need a closet strictly for shoes ... maybe another for boots. And it's not like your other accessories wouldn't benefit from one as well. 
  7. Your email pops up first in our customer service email auto-complete.
Is this you? If you answered "yes" or "maybe" or "hey, back off" to four or more of the above, you are addicted. Congratulations! Enjoy the soundtrack to your new life:

You know deep in your heart there is no cure. We've enlisted the help of a panel of experts to guide you through the rough patches. They'll ensure your addiction is controlled through cost-conscious, discerning savoir-faire.

Meet, Kitty from Geisha Pearl - a shoe addict and lover of all things vintage. (We featured her last week.) Kitty loves styling with an ardour that impresses even us. We're excited to see what advice she can offer our legions of devoted fans.

 Photo courtesy of Geisha Pearl Vintage

Anjelica from Mode Junkie - our international addict, Mom and fashionista. In her early twenties, she's done more than most thirty-somethings we know, including some wicked styling in foreign locales. Her global perspective will give your addiction an air of worldliness.

 Photo courtesy of Mode Junkie

Carrie from My barestyle – an addict in the know. She began her career like the rest of us, deperately blogging to feed an addiction. Not finding the finds she wanted, she took matters into her own hands. Her online store, shopseventhdoor.com, carries the brands Carrie wanted to see. We're excited for her perspective from both sides of the register.

 Photo courtesy of My barestyle

As our guest blogg– erm, counselors, are here to assist you weekly and shape your addiction. Consider them your shoe sponsors. The first step to recognizing your addiction is to admit it. The next steps are to let us indoctrinate you with fabulous taste and irresistible shoe finds. Don't fight the urge. We cannot be resisted. Especially with these great guest bloggers swelling our ranks. We get started next week!

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.