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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell + Lori's Shoes: The Exclusive Twitter Interview!

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell lookbook
We had a busy day yesterday. We entered the realm of short film production and conducted a Twitter interview with Jeffrey Campbell's brand strategist, Ty McBride. Lori's Shoes is taking it to the next level and we are loving every minute of it.

If you missed the interview and the JC shoes giveaway, shame on you. But here it is in its entirety. Ripped straight from the Twitters, mind the tweet talk (@, hash-tags and 140 characters or less). We wanted you to feel as if you were tweeting right along with us. We are sure you had good reasons for not joining in yesterday. All is forgiven. 

The interview begins!

@jcshoes.  Hey there! So glad to chat with you.
@lorisshoes.  This is my first twitter interview! I feel like im in the future! Let's get famous!

@jcshoes.  I know. Exciting!
@jcshoes.  This is our first too. Glad to be doing it with you. :)
@lorisshoes.  Fire away!

@jcshoes.  So let's do this. Dear JC, (Ty) if you were to look all so fab today, what would be your go to shoe?
@lorisshoes.  U might have noticed our current obsesh with platforms! Bigger the Better. We love how women are wearing them with everything!
@lorisshoes.  Of course the LITA is a big one!! Shown here on NYC stylist @LalaLopez. http://www.lalanyc.com/2010/07/la-lita.html

@jcshoes.  What inspired your On the run lookbook and video?
@lorisshoes.  The lookbook is supposed to be disjointed, edgy, and pieced together. We used two photographers. Its a nod to the concept
@lorisshoes.  That they are no real trends anymore! Everything is trend. You can work so many looks---if you are confident! We love this!
@lorisshoes.  Video based on famous model spies who have become entangled in minor espionage! day to day stuff! http://vimeo.com/13479402
@jcshoes.  Your video launched today right. It is awesome.

@jcshoes.  Ok, what are the inspirations for designing the hottest looks this millenium?
@lorisshoes.  Well, flattery will get you everywhere! we <3 Vintage, London, Brooklyn, Paris, 1970's, club kids, western and of course GOTH.
@lorisshoes.  We draw inspiration from the runway, history, the street and from bloggers. We are always looking at what's going on.

@jcshoes.  So you mention bloggers. Who are some of your favs? Can you give a shout out?
@lorisshoes.  We love so many bloggers: wheredidugetthat, fashionlikeheroin, bleack black, shiny plastic hag, oaknyc.com, a perfect guide,
@lorisshoes.  We also love corridor40, knight cat, remodelista, fashionchalet, fashiontoast, pink kitten, and of course we love the JC blog!

@jcshoes.  We love the JC blog too. So addicting-like a tech-shoe drug (if there were such a thing).
@lorisshoes.  We write the blog daily. Most fans love it. The vibe of the blog is stream of consciousness. If we are thinking it, we blog it

@jcshoes.  So what are you thinking now? And are you gonna write about it? haha
@lorisshoes.  Today we are thinking about @pooltradeshow. We are also thinking about this: http://dancingalonetopony.tumblr.com/

@jcshoes. So I was gonna ask "What is trending this fall? In your opinion. But earlier you said EVERYTHING?" Is that good or bad?
@lorisshoes.  For fall we love WOOD. Fashion LIVES. bobby socks, 1970s, spies, barbarella, distressed leathers, and menswear! HAHAHA!

@jcshoes.  LOL to spies.
@lorisshoes.  Spy inspired! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natasha_Fatale we love her style!

@jcshoes.  So with complete honesty what fall trend do you want to go away?
@lorisshoes.  The three buckle fake suede rouched flat boot! Do you know the one? LIKE OVER IT ALREADY! Let it go! Especially in purple!
@lorisshoes.  LIKE THIS! DIE TREND DIE! FRUMPY IS OUT! http://www.cheaponlinesale.com/suede-buckle-boot.html
@JCshoes.  Yes we do. Enough said :). BTW, lol to the dancing pony videos. hilarious.
@lorisshoes.  Obsessed with tumblr pages! Like wasting my life on that!
@jcshoes.  Totally understand. My life is wasted away on bloglovinit. You just say to self 'ok I'll read one more'. That turns into 3 hrs.
@jcshoes.  Okay, flash back! Best spr/summer trend you hope sticks around in 2011.
@lorisshoes.  In no specific order: JC shoes, Zac Efron, Lady Gaga, Hendricks and tonic, facebook and half day fridays. ALL TRENDS WE LOVE
@jcshoes.  All awesome especially half day fridays.
@lorisshoes.  I'll email Lori about that for you! I am sure Chicago has lots of spots that are great around friday at 3pm!
@jcshoes.  Hopefully she is out there tweet listening. Hey Lori.:)

@jcshoes.  So, you say 'Hated it' to what Spring/Summer 2010 look?
@lorisshoes.  Summer trend I am over? "shoes that make you fit" Oh America, really? That's all Ill say! Buy the JC TICK it weighs like 4 lbs!
@jcshoes.  The tick is heavy but is a show stopper. And in my personal wardrobe. :)

@jcshoes.  Okay a couple of more questions before we wrap up, are you ready?
@lorisshoes.  Hit me with your best shot!

@jcshoes.  Who is a JC girl? Is she naturally born or trained in the JC way?
@lorisshoes.  A JC girl is a born show stopper! We just cover it in studs for her! Honestly, we have the most loyal and amazing fans.
@lorisshoes.  I mean check out all the new JC girls we just posted! http://www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com/girls/ we are lucky to have them!

@jcshoes.  Was Lori's Shoes one of the first retailers to carry your haute shoes?
@lorisshoes.  You guys have been with us for a long time. Continually growing. This is the JC Ten year anniversary.
@jcshoes.  Exciting. Any big plans? #jcshoes10yr
@lorisshoes.  We are just wanting to take it up a notch during the next ten! MORE AMAZING SHOES!

@lorisshoes.  http://blog.nickienoel.com/?p=691 so many denmark fans--Thanks for the vid by the way!

@jcshoes.  Okay last question before we go to the trivia questions for free shoes.

@jcshoes.  Let's get personal. What is on your music playlist today? and who inspires you?
@lorisshoes.  National, Built to Spill, Nivana, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson, Sharon Jones, the Gossip, Le Tigre, ELO, all on play now in office!
@lorisshoes.  Inspiration is all around! My google reader is full of it! my asistant turned me onto this blog! http://www.shinyplastichag.com/

@lorisshoes.  I cannot believe I just had my first twitter interview! I feel like I was on the View, or better Ellen. THANKS LORIS!
@jcshoes.  No thank you for your time. BTW, what are we giving away to the 2 lucky ladies before I start the trivia? 

@jcshoes.  Alright I think those who stuck it out with us are ready for free shoes. What are you giving away to 2 lucky ladies?
@lorisshoes.  Sweet! Keep me posted on Free shoe winners! Thanks for your support and thank you for following @JCshoes
@lorisshoes.  2 winners! rewarded with a pair of JC each. Let me know the winners emails! Ill see what we got around here! LOVE SHOES!

The interview concludes with an announcement to Jeffrey Campbell shoe lovers:

Lori's:  Okay ladies. It's trivia time. Answer these 3 questions in one DM to @lorisshoes. Winners announced tomorrow. Good luck! #jcshoesgiveaway

Well, the contestants came rolling in with their answers, so we couldn't wait and announced our winners within minutes:

Lori's:  The 1st two ladies to answer all three correctly are @breakfast@Saks and @style_obsession. Congrats.

Ooops, but as things sometimes happen when you press the bar to new adventures and pioneering techniques; we had some issues with the ladies getting their answers to us (Twitter is still a force to be reckoned with), so felt compelled to do the following:

Lori's:  And because we are generous and sorry for the DM issue we picked a third winner-up @kristenjoerger. Congrats all!

Interview conducted by Shazza from Lori's Shoes.

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