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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Jewelry

Our Vintage Glamour collection

Shoes can be a hard gift. There's the whole sizing thing, and then there's the question of trying to match up someone's taste. A slippery subject. Sometimes it seems such a chore you even contemplate the easy way out: gift carding them. What if there were something in-between? Something ... easy, but meaningful. Something affordable but not "cheap." What if there were a tightly curated collection of holiday-themed jewelry that both reflected the latest trends and simply looked too good not to gift (even if it's gifted to yourself)?

We were thinking the same thing!

Thus were born the Lori's Holiday Jewelry collections, featuring Estate Inspiration and Vintage Glamour. The Estate collection is based around sophisticated and dignified luxury. It's class and poise in a modern setting. The Vintage collection takes a Jazz Age youthful energy and merges it with modern day statement pieces for a bigger, bolder, fresher take on classic styles.

Holidays are starting. We've got your outfit (and the outfits of your giftees) covered!

Our Estate Inspiration collection

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get You Some JC

Have you seen our new giveaway? Win a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Which pair? Whichever you prefer. Do you like OTK boots? We got those. Pumps? Booties? Yes and yes. Enter the contest. One winner will be randomly selected and that lucky gal will have her pick of our entire Jeffrey Campbell collection. Anything we have at the time of the winning notification is yours. How cool is this? Even the folks at JC were excited. That's how cool.

No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 15. Good luck!

So what are you waiting for?


We interrupt our regular workday to bring you this unbelievably cute bundle of fluff! We walked into the studio today to find her, Moses-like, in a basket at our feet! What's this widdle, widdle Cuter McCuterson walking awound the studio? All productivity has ceased. We had to contract out this blog posting. We are too busy romping around with this little puffball. Oh, yeah, and some new Seychelles or whatever.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five Essential Fall Looks from Jeffrey Campbell

We spent some time this week chatting with Jeffrey Campbell style maven Ty McBride following his triumphant style interview on Style Like U. After the lovefest ("You're so awesome!" "No, you're so awesome!") we asked the girl to deal out his best style tips for keeping current as fall progresses. Herewith, his sage advice.

It seems that while the temperature is dropping, the looks are getting hotter. Around the Jeffrey Campbell office we are a-buzz with chitter-chatter about the hottest fall trends and how JC is hitting them. These five fashion favorites are coming at you live from the NYC office! Pencils ready? School is in session.

We have produced several fall styles that are intentionally open in the front despite the plummeting temperature. We love the current boldness of color and texture in tights, leggings and layering basics. Styles like BELGIUM and POLISH play well into these looks. Peek-a-boo splashes of color let you to diversify your looks depending on your mood or time of day.

We are obsessed with the ready-to-wear look of mixed proportions – giant tops with micro bottoms, skinny silhouettes on the bottom half. We love shape-driven looks that combine contrasting elements to create a refined '80s chic. We have created many styles this year that bring this trend to the foot! Styles like PHOTO and LEGAL are very "hoofy" and heavy which play with shapes and weights. Paired with leggings, they anchor a giant top.

There is nothing we are OBSESSED with more than the groundswell of rugged Americana cowgirl chic. Everything old is new again, especially the Jeffrey Campbell takes on vintage favorites that use heavily distressed, oiled and preworked leathers. Styles like NEED, SUPPLY, ALL and WISHLIST top our list for this trends. This look translates to a number of ages, styles and demographics.

4. NAUGHTY (It's the new NICE.)
We are obsessed with over the knee boots (OTK BOOTS) in every shape, color, form and incarnation. Get them flat, stacked, engineered up or on a skyrise heel – we don't care. Just find a way to get them into your life. Trust us: you will feel like the PRETTY WOMAN in all of us!! Check styles like LUBBOCK, ISSUE, ZIP-005. AMAZING! OTK trends are a guaranteed TKO for fall 2010.

Our fifth and final trend is for Holiday. With budgets tight and office holiday parties creeping up we offer evening shoes that serve multiple functions. Pair them with something you own using the shoes' glam-factor to breathe new life into an existing outfit!! FIGHT THAT RECESSION WITH GLAMOUR!! We love a little scandal at holiday office parties. Once that spiked eggnog is flowing Larry from Accounting is looking pretty cute!! Check out new arrivals like DOWNTOWN, QUARTZ, DOWN, and MARLY-ST. All of these styles are great for grabbing attention and can easily be paired back with tons in your wardrobe post-party.


A Little Spit and ...


Is Jeffrey Campbell's latest wedge bootie and it's featured on JC's blog with a credit to us. Thanks for that! How can you not love a calf-height bootie that looks like someone put a knife in your peeptoe and ripped it straight up the front, then repaired the split with elastic bands? The result is a ladderlike peep-front that climbs right up your leg and looks H-O-T hot.

Polish off the look (heh) with opaque tights (this shoe was what degrade tights were MADE for) or get really clashy (read: hot-cha) with a wicked fishnet or wild crochet legging.

See it on Jeffrey Campbell's blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fit to be Ty

Our favorite brand guru, Ty McBride of Jeffrey Campbell branded guruness, was recently featured on Style Like U. We don't know which we like more: his punctiliously eclectic personal uniform or the apartment decor, which might best described as post-post-modern, tchotch-frenzy entropy leaning toward chaos. Since we don't have to makea choice, we'll just say, "yes."

From the article:
“I am not the girl who walks away or puts things on hold. I don’t come back. I have a look and I know what I want.”

Read the article, watch the video.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.