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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Jewelry

Our Vintage Glamour collection

Shoes can be a hard gift. There's the whole sizing thing, and then there's the question of trying to match up someone's taste. A slippery subject. Sometimes it seems such a chore you even contemplate the easy way out: gift carding them. What if there were something in-between? Something ... easy, but meaningful. Something affordable but not "cheap." What if there were a tightly curated collection of holiday-themed jewelry that both reflected the latest trends and simply looked too good not to gift (even if it's gifted to yourself)?

We were thinking the same thing!

Thus were born the Lori's Holiday Jewelry collections, featuring Estate Inspiration and Vintage Glamour. The Estate collection is based around sophisticated and dignified luxury. It's class and poise in a modern setting. The Vintage collection takes a Jazz Age youthful energy and merges it with modern day statement pieces for a bigger, bolder, fresher take on classic styles.

Holidays are starting. We've got your outfit (and the outfits of your giftees) covered!

Our Estate Inspiration collection

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