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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Customers Comment: The Best and Worst Trends of 2010

Well it is the end of another year and still just the beginning of a new decade. And what a time for shoes and accessories! Would you agree? There is so much happening with trends, styles, materials and looks that we wanted your opinions on what worked and what needed work.

We polled our Facebook Fans and Tweeps about the best and worst trends of 2010 and wrote up their thoughts below. (As for the worst trends, well, we can agree to disagree.)

Best Trends
Sam Edelman Vesey

Over-the-knee (OTK) boots Huge hit! Everyone who responded loved OTK, hands down. With the popularity of skinny jeans and leggings, these beauties transformed any fashionista from casual to sexy, chic and fabulous. However you wanted it, OTK boots delivered. 

Platforms From sandals to boots, they are here to stay and we love it. What other shoe offers a 4.5" heel with a one-to-two-inch platform, turning you into a six-foot supermodel without the foot pain? Platforms were made for walking, dancing, standing, sitting and wherever else your creative mind takes you. 

Wedges Espadrilles, corkscrew, wooden and artistically designed. Our most fave spring/summer pick of the year.

Franco Sarto Rugby
Lace-up/Oxfords The boyfriend look remains popular. From the boyfriend jeans and sexy button downs, to three-piece suits and fedoras. Obviously not the shoe for every maven, but a winner for those who did.

Calvin Klein Sallie
Open-toe Boots Any shoe maven with a serious fetish did not miss out on a pair of these show-stoppers. Their half-size counterparts—booties—are a great transitional shoe from fall to winter and spring into summer. These shoes are an investment piece. You will get your fashion value in the long run.

Worst Trends

UGG Australia sheepskin boot
UGGs Always a bone of contention, the UGG. Slang for sheepskin boot or "ugly" (so says the company literature). This boot is so ugly/adorable it has polarized its way into one of the most popular shoes ever—on good and bad lists alike! UGG Australia is definitely having the last laugh with this one. Have you nay-sayers stepped in a pair of these cloud nine delights? You will swoon and soon be a UGG owner yourself. Trust!

Charles by Charles David Privilege
Kitten heels We invoke our right to agree to disagree. We love these Audrey Hepburn, '50s, classic chic by Charles David. But, hey, we're just the messenger.

 Industry SLS10-81GB - no longer available
Hybrid sandals Not the most flattering of sandals this past spring, unless you are over 5'9". Hybrids were such a new trend that the fashion police quite busy with many a fashion faux-pas. Wonder if we will be a little more prepared next season should this complex look reappear?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am the Storm, I am the Wonder

Meet Mira and Thilda Berglind: sisters, soul mates and, now, colleagues. From the town of Nyköping about an hour south-west of Stockholm (also known as the middle of nowhere), these twin visionaries spend their days taking pictures, drinking wine and dancing to the wee hours for their blog 365days on Swedish network Devote.

The siblings are influenced by fashion, but their goal is "to be inspired by the cool atmosphere around us and mix it with clothes we think match ... our goal is to inspire people."

Judging from their work the middle of nowhere is a pretty inspiring place. They caught our eye with their fresh photography, rich settings and confident, searching style. We were gratified to see that coming out of small-town Scandinavia as opposed to, say, Paris or New York. God bless the Internet and digital media.

Giving them free rein over our catalog, they donned the Jeffrey Campbell Penny Lane and ran wild. The result is some great looks with a superb shoe ... and the first post by our newest guest bloggers.

(Interested in blogging for Lori's Shoes? We are currently looking for style mavens worldwide to join our team. Email us for details.)

We adore a lot of shoe designers, but Jeffrey Campbell tops the list for a number of reasons. The design of the Penny Lane stands out from the crowd. It was love at first sight. The Penny Lane is stylish, but discreet. We chose a rather neutral outfit (our dad's Hugo Boss shirt and vintage shorts) to match these shoes. We wanted something cavalier and not so "stylish." The bathroom had a clean, fresh retro look to match. Both outfits are nice, simple and not to up-dressed: everyday outfits. We'll wear these shoes in our old "crow castle," drinking wine and listening to Röyksopp at top volume!

Blazer and shorts from stylebymarina.com with Penny Lane by Jeffrey Campbell.
 We kind of melt at the thought of walking in these shoes down the streets of Stockholm when the weather becomes a little bit warmer. When the cherry trees bloom we will wear those with some short-cut vintage shorts and maybe a cream-colored blazer. And as an extra plus, the Penny Lane is ridiculously comfortable, so, talking from experience, it won't be necessarily to wear flats to feel comfy when you have been dancing all night.


—Mira & Thilda Berglind of 365days, Sweden


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Whites!

It’s that time of the year when we’re all feeling a little S.A.D. (I for one am already dreaming about spring.) Speaking of sad, when you take stock of your winter shoe collection, my bet is that yours consists, primarily, of black ... or dark brown. Am I right?


Bring some lightness to your shoes and spirits with the Mary Lou by Jeffrey Campbell, a winter white leather wedge with geek-chic tassel detail and a 4.5” heel

This shoe is an online exclusive like its cousin, the Mary-Roks. You might think it takes an especially adventurous personality to take these puppies home, but they are surprisingly easy to mix in. Actually, it’s super easy because they have so much attitude. Let them take center stage! Smile at their whimsical delight for hours on end!

Pair ‘em with full-length tights, leggings that hit just above the ankle or socks (any length). You can mix skirts, pants, whatever; white is the new neutral. Revel in the fact that it’s not black.

They go exceedingly well with the après-ski sweaters I live in this time of year, making me look always ready for a little hot tod—, I mean, chocolate. Hot chocolate.

Another thing to love about this shoe? It will get worn to death when the weather turns warmer. This shoe screams '70s—the trend that is top of the heap for spring. It works just as well with a pair of jeans, a sweater and some cozy socks as it does with vintage disco dresses and crazy taffeta coats, as evidenced below.

I love getting some serious bang for my buck, so I’m bullish on the Mary Lou and recommend buying now, wearing now, and dancing S.A.D.-free into 2011.

See you in the New Year!

—April Francis of Haute Closet


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Dress Up

Kitty of Geisha Pearl

Kitty of Geisha Pearl


'Tis the season for pretty holiday dresses! Despite the crazy holiday madness the comes with this time of year, I absolutely adore the holidays because I get to doll myself up in extra-girly, sparkly dresses. You can replicate my lacy black ensemble for your holiday season with four key pieces...

Kitty's Holiday Dress-up Picks

1. LBLD ~ A Little Black Lacy Dress is a girly twist on a classic piece. For my LBLD, I layered a basic satin tank dress over a black lacy button-up blouse.

2. Nude Pump ~ If you don't already own a pair of nude pumps, you must save your pennies and treat yourself for Christmas. I am a mere five feet tall; nude heels are my best friend. They will give your legs a long, lean and sexy look for the holidays.

3. Embellished Clutch ~ A little clutch, just small enough to fit your night-out essentials is the perfect way to add a glimmer and glitz to your look.

4. Black Lacy Tights ~ Leave those opaque black leggings in your delicates draw this season. Instead style some girly edginess with black lacy tights. Keep your look monochromatic to avoid looking like a burlesque ensemble dancer.

What's your favorite part of the holiday season? My second choice would be all the desserts and wine!



—Kitty of Geisha Pearl


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Little Black (Holiday) Dress

The “Little Black Dress” is tailored, chic sophistication—its hue and simplicity no doubt contributing to its longstanding popularity. Invented in 1926 in Paris by fashion maven Coco Chanel, this dress never seems dated, regardless of the year. The L.B.D. reinvented the way women wore black, becoming a permanent staple in cocktail and evening wear. The L.B.D. was often paired with one or two strands of pearls, simple black pumps and matching pearl or diamond earrings. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (her dress was Givenchy). It holds a special place in the closets and hearts of many women.

The holidays are upon us! Whether the parties are work-related or involve family and friends, we want to look our very best. Since dress code varies from one holiday event to another, it makes sense to pick a L.B.D. that is more timeless. If you stick to the book, wear the L.B.D. classically: sleeveless, knee length with a high scoop neck. Rely on your shoes and accessories to update your look from one event to another.

Sometimes I draw from the idea of the L.B.D. while adding an edge for a look that is a bit more exciting. I personally love the L.B.D. with a lace overlay, opaque black tights and black pump or bootie. (
I simply love black.) Puffed, single-sleeve dresses are all the rage right now (as are sequined dresses). If your holiday party is laid-back, consider these as options. Keep in mind that you can also mix and match textures and couple your L.B.D. with edgier shoes and accessorizes!

Must your L.B.D. be black? Why not set your sights on a dress that is partially black? Chanel said fashion is in the streets, and the streets are alive with COLOR. Add nudes, reds, olives, blues, whatever you wish. Who knows—maybe it will up your chances of being caught beneath the mistletoe!

Sondra Roberts bag available at Lori's Shoes.

Steve Madden Mercyy available at Lori's Shoes.

Sam Edelman Jagger available at Lori's Shoes.

Clutch and ring available at Lori's Shoes.

—Ashley Lacey, Armitage staff and editor of Stiletto-Chic


Thursday, December 09, 2010

One Size Fits All: The Satchel

If you are a full-time mommy, a hobby blogger and a part-time sales assistant like me, your everyday dilemma must be this: how to fit all these gadgets, this baby stuff and miscellaneous paraphernalia into one bag?

LADIES! Allow me introduce you to the SATCHEL BAG! It is my ever-loyal daily companion. The moment I carried this style, I never considered another. (Though I did find plenty of satchel styles to satisfy my needs ... )

Me with versions of my favorite style: the satchel bag.

I love to call them "doctor bags." I don't know why—maybe it's because I saw my doctor carrying such a bag one day. I couldn't resist asking him where he got it! I mean, if you have to fit diapers, wet wipes, a laptop, makeup, camera and god knows what else into a clutch, GOOD LUCK. You will probably need medical attention yourself (unless your clutch is the size of my satchel which seems unlikely).

7CHI 3042 - Black for $68.00 at Lori's Shoes

I've had my eye on this 7CHI satchel from Lori's Shoes for, like, ever. The leather-wrapped handle (below) is super gorgeous. It would go perfectly with leopard print!

MIA Limited Edition Cosmopolitan pump in Leopard with 7CHI satchel.

– Anjelica Lorenz of Mode Junkie reporting from Germany.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Glamorous Winter's Tale

“Glamour is what I sell, it’s my stock in trade.”
—Marlene Dietrich


With the holidays upon us, everyone is planning, shopping and partying. Attending a holiday party means you get to dress up—maybe buy something new—but your main goal is to turn heads when you enter the room.

All eyes are on you as you make your entrance. Your hair is effortless in tousled curls, your lips red as a rose, skin white as snow. A fur coat is draped casually across your shoulders to keep you warm from the brisk winter air. Your long, lace dress is a shining gem. It looks as if you hand-picked it from Carole Lombard's closet. Gliding up to the nearest good-looking man, you flip your hair and in a low voice murmur, "Hello, handsome."

For you the holiday party is just another night on the town.

Inspired by the sultry, glamorous looks from leading ladies of the '30s like Garbo, Lombard and Deitrich, off into the woods we went to transplant their style onto Nature's stage, to find our own modern-day Perdita.

We styled this shoot with a lace dress from Free People. Underneath we layered a gold sequin slip for more glitter. We topped it off with a vintage, fake fur cape and added lots of rings and necklaces. We curled Camilla's hair into long waves and, of course, applied deep red lipstick. For shoes, (although you don't see them) we used Jeffrey Campbell's black Tick booties to keep some contemporary style and not get too retro.

"I am not afraid of nothing except being bored."
—Greta Garbo

The ending of "A Winters Tale" at sunset in the woods felt like an enchanted fairytale.

— Valerie & Camilla of A Butterfly by Day

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Lights, Camera ... Platform? Sam Edelman's Novato on the Red Carpet

Every once in a while a shoe come along with star quality—that je ne sais quoi that makes such a presence without making a scene. Meet her, love her and embrace her: the Novato by Sam Edelman.

Kristin Cavallari of The Hills stepped out at the premier of Burlesque (starring Cher and Christina Aguilera) on November 15th in a stunning emerald, rhinestone-encrusted ruched mini by Zuhair Murad. Playing a supporting role (and supporting some top-model legs) was our star Novato slingback platform in blush patent. We absolutely love this look.

If you are still in doubt as to what to wear to your next holiday party or simply looking for that timeless, classy pump, look no further. Novato gives a star performance at every event.

The Novato is also available black glitter, black suede and army green suede.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lessons from the Silver Screen: Dressing Dolce Vita’s “Pippa”

Whenever I see fur I think of Old Hollywood glamour. Marilyn Monroe. Zsa Zsa Gabor. Audrey Hepburn. Elizabeth Taylor. Rita Hayworth. Grace Kelly. This is the era of less as more, when diamonds were a girl’s best friend ... But I digress. Most notably it was a time when fur became timeless. It never goes out of style!

Cue Dolce Vita’s Pippa. This rabbit fur wedge boot is just ah-mazing. Initially, I was attracted to its equally fab stiletto counterpart, the Tatum, but a sturdy stacked wedge wins me over every time! Not to mention the Pippa is taller. The more fur the better.

Before I could even get the Pippa into my grubby little hands, I was a-buzz with legging options. Should I pair it with a black patterned tight? What about grey? I just knew that NUDE anything would be just awesome; the Pippa worn bare-legged (especially with warm skin tones) will be absolute perfection.

I’ve found that with fur you don’t have to pair it only with colors that are prominent within the legging's print. You can throw on complimentary colors. I had a girl try on the Pippa and it look great paired with her black jeggings, deep purple over-the-knee lightweight socks and multi-colored chunky knit sweater. I loved her layered look ... and her fringe bag didn’t hurt either! The pairing of the unexpected adds a bit of oomph to the entire look and tones down the boot for a wearable daytime look.

Inspired by my fashionable customers, I put together some outfits around the Pippa. Let me know what you think!

—Ashley, Lori's staff and creator of Stiletto Chic


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Dressing

Like it or not, holiday events are upon us. Fine. However I was not prepared for New Year's Eve party invites in my Inbox prior to Thanksgiving.

----- Calm OMMMMMM -----


Now that I have collected myself, the switch has been flipped. I am on the hunt for the perfect attire for NYE (or the zillion events leading up to zero hour).

BB Dakota black lace dress a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer
If there is a style that I will never tire of, it is super feminine mixed with punk rock, a.k.a., prom queen meets teen angst. So it only makes sense that when I saw this insanely perfect LBD (in a Breakfast at Tiffany's sort of way) I immediately searched for a pair of boots to temper the "perfection" with a little bit of my favorite emotion: pissed.
Yep, pissed: Via Roma 352 motorcycle harness boot in Black
Ding Ding Ding!! These exclusive-to-Lori's Via Roma black butt-kickers plus aforementioned dress are the perfect way to say "I am a lady ... but watch out". I have to be honest. Being the L.A. girl that I now am, I will probably shorten the dress to show some gams. "Watch out" indeed!

Add in this statement ring and this cuff (I will be placing it above the elbow) and you have a holiday event(s) to look forward to.

Of course if you are more of a lady than I, a perfect choice to add a little glam to your tootsies are Michael Antonio's lovely Glitters, in silver or gold.

Happy Holidays!

Kelly Ryan O'Brien

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pick a Trend, Make it Work

—Ashley, Lori's staff and creator of Stiletto Chic

The flood of emerging trends can be overwhelming, especially if you are one to stick to what you know. Fur, suedes, hardware, lace-up boots, sequins and over-the-knee boots are just some of the recurring looks of the season. But the fun thing about fashion is experimentation. You can step a little bit out of your comfort zone while staying true to your own unique preferences.

Not into the boy-meets-girl/menswear-inspired/rebel rocker look? Boho doesn’t do it for you? Unwilling to venture into thigh-high territory? You don't have to own a trend; try to incorporate at least one trend-inspired item into your daily wardrobe. Take it slow and focus on one thing. Commit to finding ways to make that one item work with what you already have in your closet.

Some women, I’ve noticed, seem to be wary of leggings and feel that they are not flattering. If you truly feel uncomfortable in leggings, go for jeggings. They provide more support and the mock demin provides a slimming look, similar to jeans, while the narrow fit is perfect for tucking into boots! I personally love them with a tall boot. Occasionally I'll pair my leggings with an ankle boot like Blowfish’s Willis. You can make this look unorthodox by pairing the unexpected, such as sequin leggings with the Sam Edelman Novato.

Hue sequin legging, Sam Edelman Navato, Pour la Victoire Twiggy bag all available at Lori’s

This look is typical girls’ night out attire!  The suede platform Novato slingback is a great way to bring classic style. I love the opening in the front—very retro. In my book, wearing sequined leggings with a boot is a no-no. I feel like you make more of a splash if you don’t distract from the legging. My decision to add a simple crossbody was deliberate; I did not want to add another busy element to the outfit. I love how the blazer “mans up" the look while a bustier keeps it feminine and playful.  

Finding a celebrity or public figure to inspire your wardrobe can also be helpful. If you love the classic look of the first lady, fur would be a faux pas, but you can rock a tall boot as she does below. She is the perfect example of a woman who has a distinct style yet incorporates current items into her established look. What I like most about her style is that it appeals to women of various age groups; her style is sophisticated, but current.

Below are more of my favorite looks inspired by current trends. Go ahead—try one out or make your own!

Sam Edelman, Dixie, Hue legging, Nila Anthony rabbit fur body bag all available at Lori’s
This look is easily my favorite for everyday wear.  I love wearing all black! I see it as a blank palette of sorts; it permits you to add colors and items without bordering on excessive. Speaking of excessive, I am absolutely in love with the Nila bag—it’s right on trend at a great price! Shades of olive are everywhere—as is fur—and I love the interesting pop juxtaposed against black. If you have legs for days, Edelman’s Dixie is just perfection paired with a black legging.  

Dolce Vita Tatum, La Vie necklace, B.ella deco tights all available at Lori’s

This look appeals to my boho obsession. The flowy tunic is simple and muted, which is needed since the Tatum is so wonderfully dominant. I have a longstanding love affair with pattern tights. They make me very happy. I included this particular grey tight in keeping with the idea of neutral colors. To me, greys, blacks, whites and tans are non-interfering colors. The final addition of the La Vie necklace just makes perfect sense.

Sam Edelman Zamara, Hue tights all available at Lori’s
Edelman’s Zamara is just ridiculous. The girl that wears this boot is absolutely fearless! These über-tall boots put me in a rocker state of mind. They are just asking to be paired with short denim cutoffs and tights. This look is a bit over-indulgent, but hey, that’s the rocker lifestyle.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.