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Thursday, December 09, 2010

One Size Fits All: The Satchel

If you are a full-time mommy, a hobby blogger and a part-time sales assistant like me, your everyday dilemma must be this: how to fit all these gadgets, this baby stuff and miscellaneous paraphernalia into one bag?

LADIES! Allow me introduce you to the SATCHEL BAG! It is my ever-loyal daily companion. The moment I carried this style, I never considered another. (Though I did find plenty of satchel styles to satisfy my needs ... )

Me with versions of my favorite style: the satchel bag.

I love to call them "doctor bags." I don't know why—maybe it's because I saw my doctor carrying such a bag one day. I couldn't resist asking him where he got it! I mean, if you have to fit diapers, wet wipes, a laptop, makeup, camera and god knows what else into a clutch, GOOD LUCK. You will probably need medical attention yourself (unless your clutch is the size of my satchel which seems unlikely).

7CHI 3042 - Black for $68.00 at Lori's Shoes

I've had my eye on this 7CHI satchel from Lori's Shoes for, like, ever. The leather-wrapped handle (below) is super gorgeous. It would go perfectly with leopard print!

MIA Limited Edition Cosmopolitan pump in Leopard with 7CHI satchel.

– Anjelica Lorenz of Mode Junkie reporting from Germany.

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