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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Spring/Summer Looks

Seychelles Chirp + brown top + husk necklace
Textbook boho. When wearing a bold pattern such as this Tolani skirt, always pair with a simple tank in a complementing color. Go with a simple, neutral wedge to add height. (I love the Chirp by Seychelles; it is a gorgeous neutral wedge.) Add a belt in the same color family. Knot it. The tusk necklace in a similar tone makes perfect sense for this look.

Funktional skirt + Jeffrey Campbell Gidget + neon orange top
With this neon orange top the options are endless. Throw on a vivid bandeau to add a touch of colorblocking. The sheer, layered skirt by Funktional in black—which is, hands down, a must-have for this season—neutralizes the acid hues and holds everything together ... even with the addition of the multi-colored Jeffrey Campbell Gidget.

pinstriped button-down + Via Roma 307 + Blaque Label leather shorts
I love a menswear button-down. Add a leather short and we’re in business. One final touch: boots. Boots with shorts make my heart sing; I’d do it every day of my life if I could. The necklace is one of my favorites—a great way to sneak in a bit of color. The girl that pulls of this look is boldly badass.

polka dot ruffle dress + hot pink cardi  + Pasha by Dolce Vita
This one is for the more demure girls—the ladies that love strung pearls and other feminine frills. Polka dots have made a major comeback. Adding a solid color to a polka-dot print is a great way to break up that all-over, black and white pattern. Dolce Vita’s Pasha is just sublime with it. This sandal is one of my personal favorites. I love its silver, blocked mid-heel and chunky buckles. It strikes a balance between heavy hardware and a simple, bare front. This look manages to be both practical and on-trend.

white dress + yellow belt + Sweet Lyn by Joan & David
We’ve raved before about our love of whites and brights. In this outfit we have combined the two for the best of both worlds. This dress is perfect for summer weddings ... or an impromptu afternoon party! Fun it up with the addition of a shockingly neon knotted belt. Keep it in check with a nude, chunky heel like the beautiful Sweet Lyn by Joan & David. Even though the Sweet Lyn is accented with reptile print, it fits right in thanks to its neutral tones.

Lulu by Dolce Vita + ruffle shorts + oatmeal top + purple stone necklace
The Dolce Vita Lulu in teal brightens up a neutral ensemble.  I love the whimsy that BB Dakota’s lace trim shorts provide. These bottoms are a great staple to have. They can be paired with simple tops such as this Seasonal oatmeal tank coupled with a button-down shirt, or worked back to a casual tee with boots, wedges or flat gladiators.

—Ashley Lacey, Lori’s Armitage Staff and creator of Stiletto Chic


Friday, May 20, 2011

The Legacy of Sporty Spice

There's a confession I have to make: I was a HUGE spice girls fan. Back in their heyday, my friends and I used to fight over who was whom. Baby Spice was a popular choice. Since I was kind of a bit of the tomboy back then, I naturally opted for sporty.

These days me and my girls fight over who's Carrie or Samantha, and I AM SOO CARRIE (by the way). Hello? The girl who spent thousands on shoes but had no place of her own? So very me ...

Anyway. If Mel C. saw this outfit I'm wearing, she'd definitely be proud. These amazing Jeffrey Campbell Fords are SCREAMING "Sporty Spice" to me! Crazy platforms in front and chunky heels in back? COME ON!

Now, tell me what you want, what you really really want? These Fords are zig-a-zig, AHH, no??

—Anjelica Lorenz, Mode Junkie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lori's Favorites: Floral Wildchild

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Dolce Vita mid heel shoes
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Melie Bianco zip handbag
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Lori's Favorites: Hot Pink Getaway

V neck cardigan
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Ambiance Apparel D61796
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Matiko summer shoes
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Stone jewelry
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Claire Drury of Peacock Boutique on Hats, Post-Derby

Image of Phillip Treacy hats from herscene.com
Claire Drury, co-owner of the Peacock Boutique in Louisville, Kentucky, knows from hats. Every year in late April/early May, her Frankfort Avenue boutique is the epicenter of what can only be termed "Derby Madness"—a near-hysterical desire for hats, fascinators and other accessories that reaches fever pitch in the days before the famous Churchill Downs horse race.

Known for her curated selection of designers like Missoni, Barbara Bui, See by Chloe and Rachel Roy—not to mention hats by Phillip Treacy—what better authority to give advice on how to dress a hat this summer? We poised Ms. Drury a few questions on headwear dos and don'ts and, of course, where to score the best mint julep in town.

Lori's: Describe the weeks leading up to the Derby. What is life like in a boutique filled with hats, fascinators, an on-site designer and frantic customers?
Claire Drury: The three weeks leading up to Derby is the best time of the year at Peacock! Customers all have their own way of shopping Derby. Some do the hat first, some the dress. Either way, they all want a one-of-a-kind head piece. Custom pieces take anywhere from four to ten hours, so the in-house milliner gets booked early.

Do your customers collect Derby hats, or are they investment items that are worn year to year?
Derby is all about the hat. It's the only time of the year when women wear a hat, so our customers spend big bucks and time getting the perfect look together. Dresses come second. Unfortunately, most hats will only be worn one time to Derby by the original purchaser, but it is customary to lend a hat to a friend or out-of-town guest in following years. With so many photos being taken at the Derby, it would be a fashion faux pas to re-wear!

Is it against the fashion law to wear your hat or fascinator post-Derby? What about brunch? Weddings? Another track like Keeneland?
The new look of the fascinator is much easier to wear in the future to cocktail parties and Keeneland, mostly because they tend to can be more casual than a hat. With the popularity of headwear on the rise, I would expect to see women branching out more in the coming years, and start to give their hats a life after Derby.

During the summer months, what advice do you have for wearing sun hats or other headwear?
A swank fedora is always in season, and, while it makes a great statement, it also protects your skin from the sun. It's a win-win look. Headbands have come back into the fashion scene in a huge way in the last couple of years. Feathers, crystals, rope—anything with bling or texture goes!

Dos and don'ts when putting together an outfit that includes a hat?
  • DO keep it simple on the clothing. The hat will be the statement piece. You don't want too much going on. I prefer a solid dress for the ultimate chic look.
  • DON'T overdo it on the other accessories, and don’t be afraid to match. This is the time for matching purse, shoes and accessories.
  • Do remember: Less is more!
What is your current favorite look going into summer 2011?
My new favorite look is the nude shoe. It lengthens the leg, doesn’t distract from your outfit or hat, and looks stunning! (I have already bought at least four nude pumps and sandals this season if that tells you anything.)

Now for the really important questions: how do you make the perfect mint julep?
I've never actually made a mint julep ... YIKES!?!? They make a amazing one at Porcini, within walking distance of the Peacock (a trip we have made many times). I would also say Churchill Downs! They tend to be a little watered down at the track, but I've always had them that way in the tradition of going to the races. That's how I love them the most. :)

Peacock Boutique is located at 2828 Frankfort Avenue Louisville, KY 40206-2698 (502) 897-1158


Monday, May 09, 2011

Dreaming Through a Cold Spring

Wedges are the perfect staple shoe. They are effortless to walk in and create a long, lean look for your legs. This particular pair of Exe 803 Wedges in Khaki (also in Beige) seems to match everything in my closet right now. From soft, patterned jumpers to full A-line skirts or a classic, worn jean, these wedges will be my best friend this summer!

I'm already dreaming of myself all bronzed (courtesy of Jergens self-tanner), strutting around Uptown
on a Saturday afternoon sipping an iced latte in cut-off denim shorts, these wedges and a vintage tee.  They'd also be perfect while hiding behind gold aviator shades on a rooftop enjoying happy hour festivities! Unfortunately, at the rate Minnesota is warming up, it looks like I'm going to have plenty of time to dream ...

—Kitty Cotten of kittycotten.com


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Block That Color! Summer's Color Game.

Colorblocking is a game. It's your chance to mix and match otherwise ridiculous shades to create neon perfection! You can chose to go with articles of clothing that literally feature "blocked" color—garments sectioned into expanses of solid color—as seen below:

Or you can get creative and put together pieces of different solid colors to create a colorblocking effect, worn below by Camille Bell and seen below in Jill Sander and Max Mara’s Spring 2011 collections.

Camille Bell
Jill Sander Spring 2011
Jill Sander Spring 2011
Max Mara Spring 2011

To pull off the colorblock look, keep these tips in mind:
  1. More Than Three’s a Crowd
    Stick with two or three colors. I prefer three; it is more interesting and creates more contrast.

  2. Clash Away
    Remember that "normal" rules don't apply to colorblocking. Pair colors that you normally avoid. Pinks and deep purples paired with orange; yellow and teal; magenta, orange and ultramarine together ... these are my favorite color combinations.

  3. Family Ties
    Feel free to contrast two tonally related hues—pink and purple—with a contrasting and jarring third, such as orange. It will be perfection!

  4. Be Colorful and Proud
    The point is to keep it vivid and bright—no dark tones.

  5. Accessorize to a Bare Minimum
    If accessorizes must be added, go simple and neutral. Make places for the eye to rest with neutral belts and bags in cream, grey, or tan. Do not attempt to integrate patterns. No. Not ever.
Here are some of our favorite pieces that can be used to get the color blocking effect:
Colorblocked options at Lori's Shoes

—Ashley Lacey, Lori’s Armitage Staff and creator of Stiletto Chic


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