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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We End the Year with a New Giveaway

We are ready to write this year off. Let's face it: common consensus is that this year sucked. We've found a palliative for the pain. It's called "winning free stuff." And thus we bring this year to a close with something of a ray of hope: the chance to win a pair of the Ugg Dakota! We chose this particular shoe because, frankly, we like the pink leather deck shoe tie. We also like the suede and the super-nubbly-cozy-soft shearling lining, but, mostly, it's the pink. So cute and fun and happy! So non-2009!

Sign up and let's usher in a new year and a better decade. Happy New Year to all our customers and readers and good luck in this latest giveaway!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Jessica Z. of St. Louis, the lucky winner of any Jeffrey Campbell shoe we carry. Her pick? The s-s-s-Slither. Long as the serpent it brings to mind, Slither's (way)-over-the knee tooled cowboy is one sexy boot. Well played, Jess!

And to all our entrants, a big thank you for supporting Lori's and patronizing the site. Keep an eye out for our next giveaway (and an exclusive special in your inbox). Happy holidays!

Urban Planning: Jewelry for the Cityfolk

We recently divvied up our jewelry collections to make room for a trend we've seen about town. We're calling it "Urban Planning" because, like city fathers Daniel Burnham or Robert Moses, we're making no small plans to reinvent the city look. This season that means an emphasis on bold, confident bib necklaces littered with glass gems, rhinestones and a grab bag of materials. (More, after all, is more.) Pyramid studs, nailheads, chain and metal beading are huge. You will find them on strappy leather thongs or wrappy strings of stones and metal.

The look might be called "luxe accretion." Build your look through a piling-on of glamourous baubles. Put bracelets over bracelets. Necklaces are layered like a precious version of the geologic record. We've also seen a lot of materials applied within the same piece: silver and gold, pearls with crystal, dogs and cats living together ... we digress. The point is, bring it. Like the city's denizens, your jewelry is a collection of unique characters restlessly coexisting and in the rub making a culture come alive.

This is a look you can dress up for an NYE ballroom or pair with a badass boot like the JC Brit (in piture above) for am edgy, kool kid tension (how ironic depends on your capacity for tragic hipness or perhaps the number of single-gear bikes you own). However you wear it, wear it with confidence. Big ego, people! And a happy holiday.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lobster Claw!

Alexander McQueen recently sent models down the runway wearing the most out-there shoes we have seen in a long time. As covered in T, The New York Times magazine, the shoe resembles a lobster claw. Crustacean couture? We can't imagine wearing them, but we also can't imagine not at least trying to wear them. On the foot or off, we simply can't look away.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Designer Sighting: Steve Madden

How cute are these two?? During the recent buying trip to New York Lori ran into fellow shoe dog Steve Madden. She was excited for Spring 2010, not to mention running into the Man himself. Keep an eye here for pictures of upcoming styles and trends from Steve Madden and more.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Shoe of Sam

Lori Andre and Sam Edelman share a moment over this hot-cha five-incher at the shoe shows last week in New York. We love the metallic finish and the classy Art Deco detailing that reminds us of the grand entrance of the Empire State building by way of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. This shoe arrives any second now! Keep an eye on our Sam Edelman selection and snap it up. Can you even imagine how hot this would be for holiday partying? Neither can we. Oh, this was also the featured shoe in Edelman's national ad campaign, so don't dally. These will not be here long.

What we can imagine is some very exciting moments in spring when the new Sam Edelman arrives. Strappy sandals are in abundance, as are men's details (especially oxfords). A strong theme we see running through the collection is an experimentation with ultimate clashing: still more studs in deliberate patterns, espadrilles with tie-dye thongs, rhinestones and snakeskin and leather. It all works toward ornamentation overload. Effusive embellishment. A visual barbaric yawp that talks of excess, optimism and restless curiousity. In short, joie de vivre. And with snow on the ground in Chicago, a little joie is a comforting prospect!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

UGG Winner!

Congrats to LeAnn V. of Rochester, NY for winning the UGG blue/white Scuffette in our most recent giveaway!

There is still time to enter our current giveaway of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Whichever pair you want, if we have your size, it is yours. Enter the giveaway by December 15th and we'll pick one winner. Now that's some holiday gift!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Wrap That Gift!

We're tickled, well, pink by our new holiday gift wrap. Our standard pink gift boxes are now accented by a gorgeous, gauzy, metallic pink bow wrapped with a pink-and-black gingham ribbon. Gift wrapping is FREE on all bags and accessories (sorry, no shoes at this time) through December 25. To get your order wrapped, simply drop us a note in the Gift Message field at checkout, along with any message you would like included. Easy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Jewelry

Our Vintage Glamour collection

Shoes can be a hard gift. There's the whole sizing thing, and then there's the question of trying to match up someone's taste. A slippery subject. Sometimes it seems such a chore you even contemplate the easy way out: gift carding them. What if there were something in-between? Something ... easy, but meaningful. Something affordable but not "cheap." What if there were a tightly curated collection of holiday-themed jewelry that both reflected the latest trends and simply looked too good not to gift (even if it's gifted to yourself)?

We were thinking the same thing!

Thus were born the Lori's Holiday Jewelry collections, featuring Estate Inspiration and Vintage Glamour. The Estate collection is based around sophisticated and dignified luxury. It's class and poise in a modern setting. The Vintage collection takes a Jazz Age youthful energy and merges it with modern day statement pieces for a bigger, bolder, fresher take on classic styles.

Holidays are starting. We've got your outfit (and the outfits of your giftees) covered!

Our Estate Inspiration collection

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get You Some JC

Have you seen our new giveaway? Win a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Which pair? Whichever you prefer. Do you like OTK boots? We got those. Pumps? Booties? Yes and yes. Enter the contest. One winner will be randomly selected and that lucky gal will have her pick of our entire Jeffrey Campbell collection. Anything we have at the time of the winning notification is yours. How cool is this? Even the folks at JC were excited. That's how cool.

No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends Tuesday, December 15. Good luck!

So what are you waiting for?


We interrupt our regular workday to bring you this unbelievably cute bundle of fluff! We walked into the studio today to find her, Moses-like, in a basket at our feet! What's this widdle, widdle Cuter McCuterson walking awound the studio? All productivity has ceased. We had to contract out this blog posting. We are too busy romping around with this little puffball. Oh, yeah, and some new Seychelles or whatever.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five Essential Fall Looks from Jeffrey Campbell

We spent some time this week chatting with Jeffrey Campbell style maven Ty McBride following his triumphant style interview on Style Like U. After the lovefest ("You're so awesome!" "No, you're so awesome!") we asked the girl to deal out his best style tips for keeping current as fall progresses. Herewith, his sage advice.

It seems that while the temperature is dropping, the looks are getting hotter. Around the Jeffrey Campbell office we are a-buzz with chitter-chatter about the hottest fall trends and how JC is hitting them. These five fashion favorites are coming at you live from the NYC office! Pencils ready? School is in session.

We have produced several fall styles that are intentionally open in the front despite the plummeting temperature. We love the current boldness of color and texture in tights, leggings and layering basics. Styles like BELGIUM and POLISH play well into these looks. Peek-a-boo splashes of color let you to diversify your looks depending on your mood or time of day.

We are obsessed with the ready-to-wear look of mixed proportions – giant tops with micro bottoms, skinny silhouettes on the bottom half. We love shape-driven looks that combine contrasting elements to create a refined '80s chic. We have created many styles this year that bring this trend to the foot! Styles like PHOTO and LEGAL are very "hoofy" and heavy which play with shapes and weights. Paired with leggings, they anchor a giant top.

There is nothing we are OBSESSED with more than the groundswell of rugged Americana cowgirl chic. Everything old is new again, especially the Jeffrey Campbell takes on vintage favorites that use heavily distressed, oiled and preworked leathers. Styles like NEED, SUPPLY, ALL and WISHLIST top our list for this trends. This look translates to a number of ages, styles and demographics.

4. NAUGHTY (It's the new NICE.)
We are obsessed with over the knee boots (OTK BOOTS) in every shape, color, form and incarnation. Get them flat, stacked, engineered up or on a skyrise heel – we don't care. Just find a way to get them into your life. Trust us: you will feel like the PRETTY WOMAN in all of us!! Check styles like LUBBOCK, ISSUE, ZIP-005. AMAZING! OTK trends are a guaranteed TKO for fall 2010.

Our fifth and final trend is for Holiday. With budgets tight and office holiday parties creeping up we offer evening shoes that serve multiple functions. Pair them with something you own using the shoes' glam-factor to breathe new life into an existing outfit!! FIGHT THAT RECESSION WITH GLAMOUR!! We love a little scandal at holiday office parties. Once that spiked eggnog is flowing Larry from Accounting is looking pretty cute!! Check out new arrivals like DOWNTOWN, QUARTZ, DOWN, and MARLY-ST. All of these styles are great for grabbing attention and can easily be paired back with tons in your wardrobe post-party.


A Little Spit and ...


Is Jeffrey Campbell's latest wedge bootie and it's featured on JC's blog with a credit to us. Thanks for that! How can you not love a calf-height bootie that looks like someone put a knife in your peeptoe and ripped it straight up the front, then repaired the split with elastic bands? The result is a ladderlike peep-front that climbs right up your leg and looks H-O-T hot.

Polish off the look (heh) with opaque tights (this shoe was what degrade tights were MADE for) or get really clashy (read: hot-cha) with a wicked fishnet or wild crochet legging.

See it on Jeffrey Campbell's blog.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fit to be Ty

Our favorite brand guru, Ty McBride of Jeffrey Campbell branded guruness, was recently featured on Style Like U. We don't know which we like more: his punctiliously eclectic personal uniform or the apartment decor, which might best described as post-post-modern, tchotch-frenzy entropy leaning toward chaos. Since we don't have to makea choice, we'll just say, "yes."

From the article:
“I am not the girl who walks away or puts things on hold. I don’t come back. I have a look and I know what I want.”

Read the article, watch the video.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Style Star!

Congratulations, Nicole!

Our second Style Star left in style with the grey Big Buddha bag, a badge of customer loyalty and a bonafide Style Star. Dreary weather and the pressure of publicly announcing her love of Lori's and Big Buddha didn't hold her back. We like that kind of moxy.

One left! Who will claim the cognac bag? Make your way to the Armitage store and announce to the staff, "I am a Style Star!" We'll take your picture with the bag and send you out into the world just a smidgen more stylish.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Style Star!

Congratulations, Angela! Our first Style Star braved the weather and the madding crowds to announce herself a Style Star to the staff.

Having proved her loyalty, we bequeathed to Angela this beaut of a mid-size day bag inspired by the famous Valentino original.

Like it in grey or cognac? There's one each left. Make your way to the Armitage store and announce to the staff, "I am a Style Star!" We'll take your picture with the bag and send you on your way, basking in the glow of mutual appreciation.

Free Knees

Last Sunday was a day of unprecedented fall beauty here in Chicago. That, or a cruel joke as the rest of October has proven to be a dreary, overcast and chilly experience punctuated with a pervasive drizzle as if the sky, too, were crying. In other words, typical Chicago.

We here at Lori's are of the "lemonade from lemons" school, so we're making the most of inclement weather by sugaring the pot to giving you more. Buy any pair of all-weather boots like UGG or La Canadienne and we will give you a complimentary pair of HUE black, flat-knit knee socks, a $7 value.

Even leaden clouds have a silver lining. Buy some new boots and we'll throw in a knit one. Offer ends Saturday, October 31, 2009. Enjoy!

Offer is good for online orders placed before midnight, October 31, 2009 only. Not valid in any stores. Does not apply to previous orders. Other restrictions may apply.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calling All Style Stars!

Big Buddha has given us three day bags to give to our loyal customers. What makes a more dedicated customer than one willing to trek through this dreary weather to the Armitage store and declare themselves worthy of said bag? That's right: prove your loyalty! Here are the rules:
  • Contest starts at 11am today, Thursday, October 22 when the store opens
  • Walk up to the associate at the register and declare, "I am a Style Star!"
  • If any bags remain, choose from the grey, cognac or black.
  • We will take your picture with the bag (dress appropriately!).
  • That's it! Late-comers get the sympathy prize: a Lori's Shoes frequent shopper card.
First come, first served. And only three get served. Gussy up and get yourself over to the store! These are some handsome bags of a medium day bag size, but we're keeping the look secret. You will just have to trust us.

Please note that refusal to have your picture taken will forfeit your winnings. (For the shy we will crop or blur your face upon request.) Accepting the bag constitutes permission for us to use your likeness on this blog; we want to show off our stylish mavens!

This opportunity is valid only with your physical presence. Sorry, no phone-ins or emails accepted, you wily devils! (Don't worry, loyal online customers, we have something in the works for you too.)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Materials, Girl.

Whether you like this season for the rock-and-roll look, the motorcycle chic, the Western thing or the profusion of black, one thing that spans the trends is an emphasis on materials. Functional hardware and hardware that simply looks purposeful are embellishing our boots and shoes. Frye has a lock on the harness ring. Nicole's studded rands are exciting to see and wear. And Jeffrey Campbell ... well, let's just say the Legal zips up any dissenting votes.

The studs and rings and grommets have migrated to accessories as well. We're seeing them on scarves, leggings, bracelets, headbands and, of course, bags. We're liking the mix of pyramid studs and nailheads, or working some black leather with hardware back to a hot plaid scarf to layer in texture and color.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Believing in Zero

We recently participated in "Wine, Women and Shoes," a benefit for UNICEF's Accelerated Child Survival Initiative in 25 sub-Saharan African countries which aims to save 3.2 million children and build health care systems. A staggering 25,000 children die every day from preventable causes. UNICEF's slogan, "Believe in ZERO. 25,000," is a powerful call to action and one we had to get behind.

We donated $1,000 and helped raise thousands more through sales at our booth at the well-attended event at River East Arts Center. Guests mingled with wines and shopping provided by area boutiques and wineries. Shopping with wine to benefit a favorite charity? Now that's a night well spent.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Top Sellers: High Boots, Bright Tights.

We're not sure where you are, but here in Ch-ch-ch-icago the cold slapped down this past weekend and has not abated – good for the marathon, and good for breaking out those high boots and leggings. (Miraculously, we can still see the sun. We give it another couple days.) Cold weather and bright skies make a fine shopping day. We saw a healthy uptick in sales of boots and leggings, a trend worth exploring in more detail as it is one of our favorite looks this season.

Above are some of our most popular (and our most favoritest) selections from last week as fall got down to business.

Leggings by HUE (left to right): Merino Wool Tight - Graphite Heather | Denim Legging - Navy | Super Opaque Control Top Tights - Violet
High Boots (left to right): Restricted Vamp - Taupe | Jeffrey Campbell Wishlist-2 - Black | Jeffrey Campbell A-Plus - Black

We're in love with denim and sweater leggings. These are a nice compliment to motorcycle boots and worker boots. Layer on the texture and keep color shifts within a narrow palette – taupes and grays, grays and blacks, blacks and blacks – to let the texture contrasts stand out. Or take an OTK boot like the JC A-Plus that has all the texture you'll ever need and punch it up with an opaque tight in deep, rich jewel tones.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Natural: Jewel Tones and Natural Hues Define the Season

Natural colors are all around us this season. Beginning with the lush saturation of jewel-toned boots and bags, coal blacks, timber browns and harvest taupes feel so naturally fall you can practically smell the woodsmoke.

Boots the color of anthracite coal and the rich brown of chestnut are plentiful while a range of ash grays and harvest field taupes remind us of pumpkin picking, hayrides, hearth fires and the slanting rays of sun in the waning afternoon.

Not all is fallow fields: we're mining deep emeralds, fiery rubies and seductive garnet hues amidst the blacks and browns. Found on classic pumps, tall boots and structured bags – often in softer, demure suedes – these rich, vibrant tones have a romantic allure and more than just a touch of fun and spirit. They feel intimate and cozy while speaking to your confident styling.

What are your favorite colors for fall? Take our short poll below!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Us for Us

Ask and you shall receive! The Jeffrey Campbell Us – a studded ankle bootie with a wide strap and big, beautiful buckle – is no stranger to the internets ... in suede. We, however, wanted something a little different. We asked if we could have it in leather and voila! We have an Us for, well, us. We love how the leather works with the studs. It's so tough and '80s! These booties make us want to yank them on and binge-watch Joan Jett videos. Smug in the knowledge that no one else has this particular brand of JC coolness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time Out Chicago Fall Fashion

Report from Padova

A Brief Stop in Padova on the Way to the Milan Shoe Shows.

As Lori travels toward Milan and the shoe shows, she sent us an update from a sojourn in Padova.

"Right now in Padova vintage is happening. Vintage gym shoes, vintage clothing ... the more worn out, the better. The styles seem pretty young and aggressive. Lines like Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren are popular here, as well as Guess.

"I am seeing a lot of oxfords on heels and boots – all sorts of boots. We are dead on with the styles that they are showing in the stores in Florence. Janet & Janet and Vic Matie have a strong presence here. Milan will be a different story. Milan tends to be more high fashion and extremely trendy. I will be interested to see what they are showing. My guess is yet more gladiators with ornamentation and styles similar to the Laura Brandon [tall, foldover gladiators] style from last year.

"Buona notte,

Save Some For Us: One of Lori's many new dishes.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Report from Fiesole

Overlooking Fiesole outside of Firenze in Tuscany.

Lori has been reporting from Italy where – in addition to shopping the trends, learning Italian and apprenticing in local kitchens to perfect her Mediterranean cooking – she will be walking the Milan footwear shows to track down the next wave of trends. Herewith, her report from Tuscany:

"Well, I have to be honest and tell you that I am enjoying my experience in Florence immensely. I have been studying Italian every morning for four hours – total immersion. When I am not studying, I am cooking at the restaurant. I normally get home around 7:00 PM and hang with my friends, study Italian and then finally lay my head down about 1:00 AM in the morning.

"Yesterday I took a stroll around the Duomo and saw a lot of the same styles that we carry. They even held over styles from last year like the man-tailored looks. They are showing a lot of short cowboy and oxfords on heels. In terms of the natives, they are just returning from Ferragosto and you don't see many of them around. (It has been nearly 95 degrees everyday so no one is wearing fall.)

"I am staying in a sweat box. No fans here and obviously no A/C so I don't want to hear anyone complain when the air conditioning isn't working for a day!!!!"

Being on-trend with our Italian counterparts during a big fall season? A/C or not, no complaints here. :-)

Time Out Puts Us Top Ten

Aw, shucks. Time Out Chicago recently rated Lori's one of the Top 10 shoe boutiques in Chicago. Flattered, we are. Take a gander at their capsule summary and then take a shop around the site for some great new boots, shoes and leggings for this strong fall season!

Lori’s Shoes
(824 W Armitage Ave, 773-281-5655; Mon–Thu 11am–7pm; Fri 11am–6pm; Sat 10am–6pm; Sun noon–5pm)
If Sex and the City were set in Chicago, Carrie Bradshaw would’ve had at least a few scenes in this Old Town shop. Lori’s has one of the city’s largest ranges of American and European designer shoes, all at between 10 and 30 percent less than department-store prices.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Trends: Rock & Roll Love at Polyvore

We took a look on favorite site Polyvore to see how the fashion-addicted were using our shoes and boots in the service of fall trends. We found amazing sets. Click through the preview below or visit Polyvore for inspiration!

View 'Fall '09 Trends: Rock & Roll' on Polyvore

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

$5 Shipping is the New Ground Shipping

We made a big change to our shipping rates. Now all orders sent to addresses in the continental United States ship for a flat rate of $5. One pair of shoes? Five dollars. Ten pairs of boots? Five dollars. Shipping to Paris? Well then we have to charge you standard carrier rates (but Paris, Texas? Five dollars!).

Can you still expedite your order? You betcha. Standard rates apply. International? We encourage it ... at standard carrier rates.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Get Schooled: Lori's in Metromix

Metromix, the entertainment outpost for the Tribune, recently interviewed Lori for tips on buying boots for fall. She gave them quite an education. Below is a sampling from the article by Lisa Arnett that appeared Monday, August 25, 2009.

Know the Trends
"One thing that this season has going for it is that there are some real strong trends," says Andre. The three biggies? Cowboy boots (especially shorter styles), motorcycle boots with studs or chains and over-the-knee styles (ladies only).

Get a Good Fit
When shopping, wear your own socks (rather than those disposable shoe-store footies) and spend a full five minutes walking around in the store. "If it doesn't feel good now, it's going to feel a lot worse later." Try the toe-wiggle test: They should have enough breathing room to wiggle freely inside the tip of the boot. Another trick? Stick your hand inside the boot to feel for bumpy seams or rough edges where the lining meets the sole that could potentially irritate your foot. And if your calves are either more muscular or slimmer than average, look for brands offering knee-high boots in wide and narrow calf widths.

All About the Material
Look on the boot's box or lining for a label noting what it's made of. "Boots that are really high-quality are leather lined, leather-soled and leather-uppered," says Andre. Leather keeps your feet warm but is also breathable, and, when used for the sole, offers more flexibility and shock absorption than molded plastic. But because leather has a more involved treatment process and a higher import duty, it'll cost you. Likewise, a boot with a synthetic upper costs much less, but because the material isn't breathable, your feet can be a hot sweaty mess after all-day wear.

Watch the Weather
"If you're going to buy a $600 pair of leather boots and wear them in the snow, they're going to get ruined," says Andre. Salt and water can erode leather over time, unless it's treated to be waterproof. "We always tell people, buy a synthetic boot that's guaranteed waterproof [for snowy days] and wear your fashion boots when the weather is good."

Credit: Metromix photos by Jason Little

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shoe Shopping with Maurizio Celin of Nicole

Our favorite person who just happens to also design Nicole, Mr. Maurizio Celin, was recently in town for a visit with Lori. Only he could pull off suede moccasins with abundant fringe under white jeans, tee and a stripey cardi. (Sigh.)

We spent several hours walking the store, examining lines and trends and having a blast. Their faves? A predilection for the moccasins (adored the Medici mocs) and a healthy respect for our freshly arrived boots like Vic's 9940 wedge boot and the 9770 harness.

And Chicago? The shopping got a thumbs up. Frontera Grill, no. Publican, yes. But Lori's home-cooked meal was voted best by a long shot. (No wonder he's our favorite.)

No Proust, But We Wouldn't Lose Any Time Finding These

As reported in WWD Accessories, Chloe Sevigny is guest-designing a collection for Bass with Opening Ceremony. Click the image above for a readable version. While we won't have this at Lori's, we do have the classic Bass styles that tap into the menswear trends of the season. Read the article and take a look!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Embellished Leg

Last fall was a banner year for leggings. Colors were rich and deep, textures spanned the gamut from gossamer lace to thick cable-knit wools and patterns ran from conservative argyles to trippy pop abstracts. There was a lot to be excited about.

So this must be a billboard year.

We have been inundated with leggings and the flood has only just begun. Daring (and darling) new pieces are on the way. Our faves? The super-trend stud leggings (left) and shimmering sequin jobbies (below) that take edge and sparkle to a glorious new place. Also on deck are the (faux) leather legging and a general emphasis on hardware: zips at the ankle and knee, ankle snaps (replacing the buttons of last year).

All this taps into the larger metal trend we're seeing in shoes, boots, bags and accessories. It's not quite rock-and-roll, but it's not quite not that either. Black is finally just black. Gray is its sidekick. Heavy metal hardware and deep reds accent. Is Fall is a knife fight? Picture the ersatz tumble in "Beat It." The S.E. Hinton aesthetic ... Are we dressing as the new Outsiders – hard and tough on the outside, uncertain with a heart of gold within – after being Socs for so long? The edges are harder: our collective slump away from excess during a lean year in which we've all bled a little.

Fall's message is that there's excitement even in hard times. Some of the gilt's flaked off to reveal our hard metal chic underneath. So be daring and bold and determined this Fall. Confidence is sexy, especially moxy that shimmers outrageously in legs like these.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fall (and Beyond) Preview: Bass

Gone Fishin': Menswear inspiration from Bass is coming this fall.

Bucks! We love 'em. There is something so intractably preppy about the buck that charms us. That red gum sole, the suede upper and round toe. Add to that a saddle shoe with punch patterning and a patent loafer and menswear is back in the mix this fall. (We also threw in Spring 2010's pastel variations to keep you abreast of the trends.)

The look here is pure Annie Hall: baggy pants or boyfriend jeans rolled at the cuff and menswear-inspired materials like oxford cloth and ties. Tone down the testosterone with an unstructured bag from Imoshion or Big Buddha in romantic jewel tones. Or go in the other direction with something delicate and feminine to eke out the clunky casualness of the silhouette for some truly adorable outfits.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Interview is an Interview is an Interview with Carla Mancini

A while back we had a fantastic opportunity. Carla Mancini sent us a wide selection of her line for an online trunk show at ridiculously reduced prices. We took the opportunity to send her in return a list of questions on her collection, her inspiration, what's next. What we got back was an entirely different interview, questions and all. Seeing how an interview is an interview is an interview (and we ain't no journalists), we're posting it anyway. Herewith, the impostor interview:

Do you have any style/trend predictions for the season?
I think this fall season is about exotics, animal prints, python prints, and color. Add purple, cobalt, green, red to your outfit. It just works, bringing some excitement to the black and brown that we have seen for so many years. I see also a lot of studs and embellishments. We need a mood enhancer, especially in these times.

You’ve said you are inspired by the vintage look and Italian culture. What else?
My friends – the special women in my life – have been the greatest source of inspiration. Their needs and also the excitement on their face when I come up with a new style is priceless. We live in a world that is so demanding. Our bags become heavier by the day – the iPods, cell phones, wallets, you name it. How can we still look stylish and sexy while we carry all this weight and responsibility? This is where I get challenged and inspired.

When you got started in design, did you know it was handbags that would ultimately be your passion?
The bags I had seen in movies always attracted me. Sophia Lauren had a great bag in one of her movies that I must have replayed a dozen times. The clutches that were in the Dallas episodes were among my favorite. As a teenager I was intrigued by this strange desire to know what was in my mother's friend’s purses, so sometimes I would ask if I could look … whatever it is that we carry says so much about who we are.

Why do you choose to have everything hand-made in Los Angeles?
There is a certain character about the bags made here. For some reason when we produce something overseas and the workmanship is perfect – sometimes even better – it is still not appealing to me. It loses its character.

I know the work and effort behind every bag. The fact that we can create jobs for people that live in the US, and especially in my city, makes me feel good. They put their energy, their heart and passion in what they are doing and that is reflected in the product.

See Available Carla Mancini Bags

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fall Preview: Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell for fall has just started to eek into the stores, so here is a sneak preview of some of the styles we are excited for this fall. Expect improvisation with the short boot – combat, sport/hunter, cowboy – and equal attention to the ultralong (the perforated thigh-high above at left is coming). Studs of varying sizes and shapes co-exist in a riot of tough chic. This picks up the metal trends developing in jewelry, making styling a snap this coming season.

We'll also stock feminine detailing like bows, braids and ruffles on flats in romantic berry tones, animal prints and the season's newest black: black. Check in regularly to see the latest arrivals from JC and more.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fall Preview: Irregular Choice

We're hoping that Irregular Choice – a new line for us at Lori's this fall – will make a regular appearance in the store and online. We've seen a lot of the full-foldover look (above) across lines. We carried it last fall in Vic Matie and were a touch ahead of the curve. We're glad the curve caught up; this is a great take on the above-the-knee foldover. Irregular Choice injects personality with a slightly Jules Verne, steam-punk, buttoned spat look augmented with classic wingtip punching. A padded stack heel completes the genteely retro-future look.

It's not all costume drama: the sweep of the wingtip detailing accentuates the curve of your calf and layers up the toe to make your foot look small and cute. The casual break of the spat creates exciting lines that break the traditional boot silhouette (we love how it covers the heel and pokes forward of the upper in front).

The boot above should walk into the stores in August(-ish). Keep an eye on the site and our Fall 2009 Preview page for new updates.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Luck of the Drawl

We're excited to be carrying Lucky Brand shoes this fall. This Cali-casual/Western bohemian collection of slippers, mules, short boots and loafers is a great addition to our fall lineup. Lucky Brand bills itself as representative of small-town America and a time of innocence, courage and fun. Our faves above have a confident and youthful feel that can energize your look.

Stand-outs include the short cowboy boots with stud detailing, which works back to the peace symbol styling of the slipper mocs on a crepe sole. This in turn ties in the suede mule with burgundy trim and leather appliques. We think the unconstructed driver mocs are a perfect transition from fall to summer.

The Lucky collection is smartly casual and engaging. Any of these pieces will look fantastic with jeans and the boots will add prairie chic to any skirty ensemble. Look for them beginning in early August!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Congratulations to our Giveaway Winner

Bambi M. from Clarksville, Tennessee is the winner of our Summer Casual Hobo Bag Giveaway. Congratulations! Please stay tuned for new giveaways and shopping sprees all summer long.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fall Preview: Steve Madden

Our fall buy for Steve Madden includes new takes on classic styles, such as the deep green knee-high platform boot with four-inch heel that was described to us as "the new version of Old School Steve Madden." We're also bringing in a number of fold-over booties with a focus on geometric heels, buckles and hardware and supple leathers. Other trends we're seeing are a softer, darker femininity in suede floral motifs and dark ruffles and ruching – subtle touches that read alluring instead of girlie. A patent jazz oxford in taupe rounds out the mix.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Come from France: Loafers

We've got word from our correspondent in Paris that loafers are everywhere. We were surprised, but not that surprised. After all the look is casual, cute and oh-so-easy to pull off in the summer. What we've got on Paris is that our selection of loafers and driver mocs are on sale for up to 50%.

Here's the dispatch hot off the wire:

Salvatore Ferragamo loafers – very popular. Brown suede even better. I can’t stress enough how popular these loafers are. Everyone has them. Purple suede, brown suede, silver buckle, traditional penny slot. Women in little cocktail dresses and patent leather heels ... I can’t wait to go shopping in Paris!

Or Lori's Shoes, we might gently suggest.

See all our sale shoes

DMN D1023 - Black: 30% off at $89.90

Mia Madrid - Tan: 50% off at $34.00

Mia Madrid - Purple: 50% off at $34.00

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Calling All Mavens! Help Lori Buy This Shoe.

The future will be pointy, at least if we have anything to do with it. Pointy pumps, like the J. Renee Masela at left, are a super-trendy, must-have shoe for fall.

For the past season or so we've become increasingly interested in stripped-down, basic pieces that are well-made and elegant in form. This clean, straightforward pump epitomizes that. At three inches the heel is an easy wear. The toe is feminine, sexy and stylish. And the price is right.

We've had daily requests in the stores and online to stock more and more classic pumps. Expect demand to gain steam throughout the summer.

Given how much our customers want the shoe, we thought we'd also let you help buy it. The Masela comes in black patent, black napa leather, dark navy patent, garnet napa, pewter, bronze, bottle green and camel. What color will you be wearing? Take the poll below and Lori will make sure we stock the color that gets the most votes. It's your chance to advise the buying team and help us bring this great trend into the stores for fall!

Friday, June 12, 2009

We're So Excited for Fall

Whoa. We got a peek at Lori's camera back from her fill-in buy in New York and there are definitely several reasons to be excited for fall.

Boots continue to be huge, but the shafts are either cut down and embellished like Frye's (frankly) unbelievable clipped cowboy boot or they are impossibly high like the Jeffrey Campbell perforated thigh-high, high heels. Combat styles are also popping up across the lines.

JC and MXS are also tooling out super Deco-looking, rounded booties that seem inspired by a mix of '60s vintage filtered through a Henry Moore sculpture.

Wedges and, especially, pumps will be gigantic this fall and as we've reported before black will continue to be the new black. Take a look and get excited. Get very excited.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.