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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Report from Fiesole

Overlooking Fiesole outside of Firenze in Tuscany.

Lori has been reporting from Italy where – in addition to shopping the trends, learning Italian and apprenticing in local kitchens to perfect her Mediterranean cooking – she will be walking the Milan footwear shows to track down the next wave of trends. Herewith, her report from Tuscany:

"Well, I have to be honest and tell you that I am enjoying my experience in Florence immensely. I have been studying Italian every morning for four hours – total immersion. When I am not studying, I am cooking at the restaurant. I normally get home around 7:00 PM and hang with my friends, study Italian and then finally lay my head down about 1:00 AM in the morning.

"Yesterday I took a stroll around the Duomo and saw a lot of the same styles that we carry. They even held over styles from last year like the man-tailored looks. They are showing a lot of short cowboy and oxfords on heels. In terms of the natives, they are just returning from Ferragosto and you don't see many of them around. (It has been nearly 95 degrees everyday so no one is wearing fall.)

"I am staying in a sweat box. No fans here and obviously no A/C so I don't want to hear anyone complain when the air conditioning isn't working for a day!!!!"

Being on-trend with our Italian counterparts during a big fall season? A/C or not, no complaints here. :-)

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