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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Jewelry Arriving

New spring jewelry is arriving in-store and online! If we don't get to see the sun this winter, at least we can play dress-up! How are we dressing up? Very kind of you to ask. Well! For starters, we're still into the multi-layered necklace look or big statement pieces, except now the statement pieces are getting all crazy-like with big chunks of wood, rocks, beading, cloth and ribbon ties.

Earrings-wise, we've likewise moved to natural materials: wood beads, polished stones ... you know. We're also stocking up on pendant earrings with floral motifs, lots of filigree and intricate patterns of stone and glass gems.

These stretch rings we have are just the dandiest baubles. Easy fit, easy on the wallet. Rings in general remain big and bold with strong floral leanings and lots of ornamentation. Ostentation is the new demure. Exuberation is the current even-keel.

So shop the collection. Pick up an easy piece to freshen up your look for the coming spring!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Clog Blog

If there's one thing we love more than shoes, it's people telling us how great our selection is. A tip of the hat to Every Clog Has Its Day for their coverage of the Jeffrey Campbell Charlie clog we received early and plan to have stock in throughout the season.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Look: Jeffrey Campbell Spring Lookbook

The fab lads at Jeffrey Campbell were kind enough to give us a sneak peek at their Spring lookbook. We collaged it with some photos of ou recent orders for your viewing pleasure. The TIC (above) is coming back in this fantastic natural duck canvas with brass tack sole.

Our prediction is that the Charlie (below) will be the huge hit of 2010 with its clog lines and platform heel trimmed in the same thumbtack heads seen on the Tic.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trend Report: Leggings in 2010

Last week we took a cheap shot at denim leggings, or rather, the branding of denim leggings. (Lori’s insisting we call them “leans” in lieu of “jeggings,” but we’re having none of it.) We have nothing against denim leggings – we heart them quite a bit – but socks had to have their moment. We’ll circle around to leggings soon enough (probably at the expense of socks; we are so fickle).

In the interim we had a chance to sit down with some industry friends in New York working in the hosiery trade and talk about once and future trends. Men are not excluded: in the interest of a well-heeled (heh) story, we got the skinny on menswear trends as well.

Lori’s: Let's start with a review of 2009. What did you find were the big trends?

Women’s: OPAQUE. We had a huge push for an opaque leg. We also saw a trend in patterned opaque

Men’s: Casual. Men are dressing down more than ever and even if they are dressing up they are probably wearing casual socks, meaning heavier weights.

Lori’s: At the store we did brisk business with a lot of patterned leggings and embellished pieces – zippers, studs, sequins, etc.

Women’s: Embellishments for spring 2010 will be seen in socks using Lurex yarns in a playful way carried through into fall as a bolder spangle-like option. Still lots of shine!

Lori’s: Now that we are in 2010, how are those trends evolving or new trends emerging from them? What will be the must-have colors and textures for spring and fall?

Women’s: Spring colors will start off soft with lilacs, pinks going into splashes of dark tangerine followed by saturated pinks. We are seeing textures evolving in an interesting way by combining sheer and opaque. For fall we’re seeing a lot of deep greens like spruce, forest and loden with aubergines for a sophisticated leg using rich textures.

Men’s: Spring is “ath-leisure”: a combination of casual and athletic. This translates into casual socks with arch support, cushioning, anti-microbial and wicking properties. Fall is always the classic argyle! The argyle comes in a casual and dress weight. Colors trend towards heathered/marled looks. Brown heather, oatmeal heather, loden, wine heather. The fashion color is Royal Purple seen in pops of color on a sophisticated dress sock or a heathered plum on a casual sock.

Lori’s: Which are your favorite looks and how would you accessorize them?

Women’s: My favorite spring/fall look is an anklet peeping through ankle boots paired with cropped or rolled skinny jeans, a great tank and cardigan topped off with a cozy scarf! My favorite winter look is a mini paired with a solid opaque leg or texture leg worn with a peep toe heel.

Men’s: Socks are where men can really step out without being too much. The banker that has to wear a suit can wear an over-the-top dress sock with shots of purple in the pattern. The more casual guy can hide the pink contrast on the heel and toe of his sock in his shoe.

Lori’s: What is the "look" for spring?

Women’s: An oxford paired with an anklet or crew length sock worn with a relaxed pair of shorts.

Men’s: I think that the overriding element for spring is more athletic type socks and no-shows or peds for guys so they can wear their loafers with a no-sock look.

Lori’s: For fall?

Women’s: Dresses are still very important for fall so we will continue with an emphasis on the leg seeing rich textures and bursts of saturated colors.

Lori’s: How are leggings a part of that look?

Women’s: I still think the legging will be important in 2010. It’s an easy, comfortable wear.

Lori’s: We have a huge demand for denim leggings – the ultimate skinny jean. What's your take on it?

Women’s: Personally I love the look, paired with a comfy tee and/or sweater … making sure the length hits just right!

Men’s: The overall trend for guys are socks that work for them – anti-microbial and wicking, arch support, mesh top for breathability, placed cushioning so the sock is fit for left and right wear, socks that don't shrink when you wash them. SmartWool technology: the sock is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A seamless toe or a reinforced heel and toe for comfort. Socks that stay up and don't fall down the leg over the course of wear.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jaded by Jeggings? Sock It to 'em.

Cutesy terms make you want to barf in your face? Blame the marketers, not the merchandise.
We've got you an option.

This right here is what is known in markety/retailing circles as a "jegging." The etymological smashup of "jeans" and "leggings," certain salesy types apparently thought the article itself was not enough of a sell on its own. (It is, but more on that in another post.) Thus, coin a cute name and let fly!

Can we sidebar for a second? Why are we always contracting everything? Why are we always coming up with names for things that already have names? (Shooties, anyone? Glittens?) What? Point the finger at ourselves? Guilty as charged. We are both pot and kettle when it comes to contributing to the degradation of our mother tongue. But, hey, they said the same thing about Chaucer. He got into the Canon and contributed nary an emoticon.

Can we sidebar from our sidebar for a second? You've gotta admit a language that can build an emotive sub-lingual shorthand out of its own punctuation is pretty clever, if not in the process cannabalistically sabotaging its inherent inventiveness and eloquence. :-/

OK! Basta! The point of this purpled prose is that we hate the name, not the thing. However ... some of you might also hate the thing. So we're going to scrap all this and talk about socks. Socks! This humble, oft-overlooked aspect of our wardrobe is coming into the forefront as a compliment or replacement for leggings, denim or otherwise.

They understand this in London.

With strappy or open shoes and peeptoes, the sock provides warmth in winter but, more importantly, a much desired visual element. Sparkles, patterns and bulk (think thick men's Army numbers – a favorite). These aren't some grungy pair of athletic socks. The socks of 2010 possess a casual chic, a je ne sais quoi hiding in the quotidian. An alternative. We like having choices.

So if leggings and their markety permutations are't in the cards for you, reach for the sock drawer. You just might find a new look in that forgotten corner of your bureau. :-)

Ribbed for her pleasure. This image ripped from Vogue.co.uk.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Au Natural: Spring Accessories Report

Lori and Nichole are busy shop- erm, working the accessories shows in New York. We caught up with them on the phone and got the low-down on what's hot in the coming months.

From bags to brooches the buzzword is "natural." Perhaps the nation's ecobession with green has turned spring palettes neutral, or it may be a fresh take from fall's black mood. Or simply spring's perenially lighter mood. Any way you slice it, we're seeing a ton of beige, cream and taupe accessories with heavy embellishing, appliques, and splashes of bright color.

Strains of ethnicism, craft and tribal influences – dormant during the fall boot craze – have been revived. Materials move away from leathers to cotton canvas, wooden beads and big, chunky yarns.

Necklaces remain big and layered. Unlike fall's leather-and-metal, elegant rhinestone-crusted estate pieces, this spring we will make statements with ethnic-inspired designs and natural materials.

Mix-matched fabrics and bright colors on a neutral base dominate the bags. No one color stands out as the season's "it" hue. Applique and embellishment in broad strokes cover large shoulder bags. Some styles are arriving soon; the majority will arrive in February and March.

Pregnancy & Newborn

Hey Kids! Pregnancy & Newborn magazine recently featured our Carlo Fellini clutch as part of their rock and roll lifestyle editorial. Pregnancy may make those high heels problematic; thank god for accessories! Thanks to the good folk at P&N for the feature. And we've got plenty more Carlo Fellini where that came from. What we love about the line is the exquisite care that goes into choosing details, fabrics and shapes for these clutches. Every one feels very considered. Perhaps that's why it makes such an apt choice for the expecting – with everything on your mind, let Carlo Fellini take charge of making you look fantastic.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.