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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jaded by Jeggings? Sock It to 'em.

Cutesy terms make you want to barf in your face? Blame the marketers, not the merchandise.
We've got you an option.

This right here is what is known in markety/retailing circles as a "jegging." The etymological smashup of "jeans" and "leggings," certain salesy types apparently thought the article itself was not enough of a sell on its own. (It is, but more on that in another post.) Thus, coin a cute name and let fly!

Can we sidebar for a second? Why are we always contracting everything? Why are we always coming up with names for things that already have names? (Shooties, anyone? Glittens?) What? Point the finger at ourselves? Guilty as charged. We are both pot and kettle when it comes to contributing to the degradation of our mother tongue. But, hey, they said the same thing about Chaucer. He got into the Canon and contributed nary an emoticon.

Can we sidebar from our sidebar for a second? You've gotta admit a language that can build an emotive sub-lingual shorthand out of its own punctuation is pretty clever, if not in the process cannabalistically sabotaging its inherent inventiveness and eloquence. :-/

OK! Basta! The point of this purpled prose is that we hate the name, not the thing. However ... some of you might also hate the thing. So we're going to scrap all this and talk about socks. Socks! This humble, oft-overlooked aspect of our wardrobe is coming into the forefront as a compliment or replacement for leggings, denim or otherwise.

They understand this in London.

With strappy or open shoes and peeptoes, the sock provides warmth in winter but, more importantly, a much desired visual element. Sparkles, patterns and bulk (think thick men's Army numbers – a favorite). These aren't some grungy pair of athletic socks. The socks of 2010 possess a casual chic, a je ne sais quoi hiding in the quotidian. An alternative. We like having choices.

So if leggings and their markety permutations are't in the cards for you, reach for the sock drawer. You just might find a new look in that forgotten corner of your bureau. :-)

Ribbed for her pleasure. This image ripped from Vogue.co.uk.

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