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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Jewelry Arriving

New spring jewelry is arriving in-store and online! If we don't get to see the sun this winter, at least we can play dress-up! How are we dressing up? Very kind of you to ask. Well! For starters, we're still into the multi-layered necklace look or big statement pieces, except now the statement pieces are getting all crazy-like with big chunks of wood, rocks, beading, cloth and ribbon ties.

Earrings-wise, we've likewise moved to natural materials: wood beads, polished stones ... you know. We're also stocking up on pendant earrings with floral motifs, lots of filigree and intricate patterns of stone and glass gems.

These stretch rings we have are just the dandiest baubles. Easy fit, easy on the wallet. Rings in general remain big and bold with strong floral leanings and lots of ornamentation. Ostentation is the new demure. Exuberation is the current even-keel.

So shop the collection. Pick up an easy piece to freshen up your look for the coming spring!

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