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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Don't Want this Shoe.

Only a few times in your life do you meet that special someone – that *gulp* moment. We're glad that Sam Edelman could provide the introductions. Meet Quinly. She first caught our eye at a shoe launch in February. We were smitten. We can't stop talking about her ... and facebooking her and tweeting her and photographing her and tearing out her ads from magazines and taping them to our beshrined walls. Restraining order, you say? Our enthusiasm is uncontainable.

Just look at her in Vogue's April ad campaign. She's our Summer Stunner (a little pet name we coined ... four syllables stumbling down the tongue). She is definitely the shoe you want, the shoe you must have. But hands off! She's ours. Every lady should have a little bedazzle in her shoe collection. Just, you know, find your own. Quinly's ours.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Falling in Love with Tano ... Handbags.

You know what we're wild about right now? Satchels. Over-the-shoulder bags. Rucksacks. Everyday travel bags with straps and straps. Backpacks are everywhere this spring. They go from home to work, school to group meetings and hold your finds on daytrips around Italy. Take your tote, add straps, multiply by cool hardware and that equation will equal a refined utilitarianism that's all the rage today.

Who better to serve up that look than Tano? These guys love their bags. We mean, love their bags. They won't sell them online, citing the sensual experience [sic] of their product. And according to their site, you must "handle the bag, squeeze the leather, run the zippers, fit your ... " Whoa! Is it hot in here? TMI, Tano content writer.

We do agree a Tano bag must be felt to be believed (but do buy online; you can feel it all day when it arrives). You'll see love in the details. Tano bags are leather, leather, leather in bold colors with detailed strapping and considered accents. A Tano bag is sleek, sophisticated and sporty. Like the utility bags that inspired them, these bags are functional and versatile. Like a good fashion bag, they make a statement and actively contribute to your look.

We do love these bags. We understand Tano's passion; we share it. These guys know bags. They know us women love our bags (a bit obsessively at times but let's not judge). And in the satchel, they share their love for function and style at a price that won't break your heart (or bank). Now, where was that cold shower? 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eve's Garden

How do you recognize spring? Flowers, bursts of color and ... is that ... sunshine? My, my. Your wardrobe should follow suit. Spring is represented this season in diverse ways. Check out H&M's Garden Collection (which we fancy) and Liberty of London's new diffusion line with Target (how we adore thee).  And these playful petal print silk trousers at right by DKNY? It is pretty apparent flowers will be in power head to toe.

Speaking of toes ... Lori's will be adding to the look with bright florals, saturated colors and brilliant whites throughout the summer. So like any proper host, may we introduce you to Jeffrey Campbell's Swansong (below left).  Platform wedge with T-strap dripping with a bouquet pattern of tiny flowers. Adorable!

And that rascal Charlie is back bearing flower patterns. (What a gentleman.) The famous wooden clog returns covered with floral cloth and accent side buckle. Cutesy! Perfect for the lady who loves being the life of the party, the center of attention or a shoe stopping conversationalist. Wear it well this spring.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lori's Kits Out Lara Miller's Fall 2010 Collection

We were so excited to play a small part in Lara Miller's Fall 2010 runway show this past Friday, April 9 at Chicago's Loft on Lake venue. The show was wonderful, but not nearly as beautiful as the work. Miller's signature "convertible" designs, meant to be worn in different ways depending on the event, were amazing, as were her layered separates made from organic cottons and bamboo.

Lori lent the omnipresent Charlie clog by Jeffrey Campbell for the event. In Natural and Black, the studded clog clocked down the runway to a mix of Talking Heads tunes, a Miller favorite. Check out the video below and photos coming soon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You're so Transparent in Lucite.

Fashion's always looking to the past to inspire the present. Sometimes this can cause confusion, so let's be clear (heh) about one trend making a cameo this season: Lucite. It sparkles and shines. It dresses up, it dresses down. (Sometimes it's just plain fun.) No paints. No enamels. No primers. Just crystal clear designs for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and, natch, shoes.

Invented in the '30s, Lucite clearly (meh) was a hit in the Gilded Age's love of man-made materials such as Bakelite. It enjoyed an uptick in the '50s with the see-through handbag fad. (Witness our shopping spree on Amazon ... )

Back in those primmer days it was considered cheeky to look into a lady's handbag. Then came the translucent shoes
(not to mention the disappearing hemlines). Everything became just a titch more exposed. We wonder how these Jeffrey Campbell Mystic slippers would have gone over 60, 70 years ago. We love their outrageous chandelier decadence and weapons-grade beveled edges. (Pretty, but one swift kick could be lethal.) Lucite won't be a huge trend this season, but we can count on Jeffrey Campbell to do it hugely, bringing back princess dreams and naughty seams. A clear (ugh!) winner.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Seychelles is In Touch

Apparently we are not the only ones who love Seychelles's Twistin' the Night Away. We sent out a mailer highlighting the shoe this week ... and just found out In Touch magazine featured it in "Getting the Look for Less" ... with a credit to us! Our customers apparently feel the same. LollieShopping just commented, "These are the kind of shoes that instill a sense of 'I will die if I don't have these shoes!' feeling inside of me.... Simply gorgeous!" We couldn't have said it better.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Are You Open- or Close-minded?

So? Are you in or out? (We mean your toes of course.)

Shoe trends this spring are rife with selection. From revamped jazz shoes to gladiators and clogs to boots (not to mention the bounty of socks, knee-highs and leggings), choice is one thing we have plenty of. It's the season of the sandal ... so why are we still thinking boots? Changeable weather makes both an option (not to mention a very versatile wardrobe season).

The versatility of Spring looks are showcased quite nicely on our favorite twin celebrities Tia and Tamera Mowry. (Photo from getwhitit.com.)

Spring makes a virtue of less being more, as in sundresses not sweater dresses; shorts instead of pants; bare legs and sandals replacing boots and jeans. As tulips push out of the soil and the clouds disperse, hemlines rise, fabrics get thinner and our now-liberated toes peek out from our shoes. Isn't spring a quiet sigh of relief the world over? (Well, perhaps not Rhode Island. Sorry guys.) After months of cold temperatures, closed-toe shoes and heavy coats, we dream of the moment when we don our first sandal.

At least, that's the party line. More often than not spring is a tempest of wild weather, moody skies and fluctuating temperatures. Deciding what to wear requires forethought. This helps explain why lighter-weight boots are still huge. They look great with sock and leggings trends and are perfect under a floral skirt.

So where do you stand? Do you embrace this Spring mercurial temperament with a new pedicure and fresh pair of sandals or do you opt for the versatility of the closed toe boot? Take the poll and let us know!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Make a Statement, Start a Conversation

Every season has its statement piece. From the fedora's bohemian chic to last summer's kill-or-be-killed-for Prada Butterfly rimmed sunglasses (so lovely!). Thanks in part to fashion guru's Rachel Zoe, we now see the rise of the statement piece. Big, chunky, bright, bold, sparkly, unique, vintage and whimsical pieces are back in.

Butterflies, flowers, trees, candy colored, rhinestones, chains, glass, whips (okay, maybe not whips but you get the point) ... and much more. Come to think of it, we can't think of a size, color or pattern they don't come in.

So what is a statement piece?  And is it really a statement we want to give or do we want to spark a conversation? Is the statement about you or what you are wearing? (If no one knows you are trying to make a statement ... what is the point?) A statement can speak volumes to the passers-by about your personality, your style and possibly your marital status (just saying).

I was at a jewelery market recently (my ultimate past-time) on the look out for my statement piece for the spring/summer season. I tried on every ring possible, Whimsical, bold, bright and artistically designed, but, ultimately, different.  I was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the wonderful selection when another statement maker darted in and stole my ring! (Nevermind I was the one just ogling away).  I tried to convince her she wouldn't like it. That didn't go over so well. We began to peruse the table together and came across a unique brass ensemble which dangled across the hand like a soft chain whip (again with the whip). We both agreed it was nice – a bit much for our taste but too cool to ignore. I passed on it but my new friend remarked, "If nothing els, it is a conversation piece." There it is. Why do we love statement pieces? Because ultimately they kick off an interesting conversation.

So we're giving you a chance to start a conversation. Enter on our Facebook fan page for a chance to win a statement ring each day this week. A winner will be selected every day. No purchase necessary (though we recommend you become a fan for secret deals).

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