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Monday, April 05, 2010

Make a Statement, Start a Conversation

Every season has its statement piece. From the fedora's bohemian chic to last summer's kill-or-be-killed-for Prada Butterfly rimmed sunglasses (so lovely!). Thanks in part to fashion guru's Rachel Zoe, we now see the rise of the statement piece. Big, chunky, bright, bold, sparkly, unique, vintage and whimsical pieces are back in.

Butterflies, flowers, trees, candy colored, rhinestones, chains, glass, whips (okay, maybe not whips but you get the point) ... and much more. Come to think of it, we can't think of a size, color or pattern they don't come in.

So what is a statement piece?  And is it really a statement we want to give or do we want to spark a conversation? Is the statement about you or what you are wearing? (If no one knows you are trying to make a statement ... what is the point?) A statement can speak volumes to the passers-by about your personality, your style and possibly your marital status (just saying).

I was at a jewelery market recently (my ultimate past-time) on the look out for my statement piece for the spring/summer season. I tried on every ring possible, Whimsical, bold, bright and artistically designed, but, ultimately, different.  I was ooh-ing and aah-ing at the wonderful selection when another statement maker darted in and stole my ring! (Nevermind I was the one just ogling away).  I tried to convince her she wouldn't like it. That didn't go over so well. We began to peruse the table together and came across a unique brass ensemble which dangled across the hand like a soft chain whip (again with the whip). We both agreed it was nice – a bit much for our taste but too cool to ignore. I passed on it but my new friend remarked, "If nothing els, it is a conversation piece." There it is. Why do we love statement pieces? Because ultimately they kick off an interesting conversation.

So we're giving you a chance to start a conversation. Enter on our Facebook fan page for a chance to win a statement ring each day this week. A winner will be selected every day. No purchase necessary (though we recommend you become a fan for secret deals).

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