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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's Your Summer Style?

With Memorial Day nearly here, so is summer! Beaches and BBQ, pool parties and sunbathing, shopping and more. So what's your summer style? We browsed Polyvore to find some great summer looks. Take a peak...

Beach Chic
A colorful woven tote bag takes your beach look from swimwear to day-wear in style. Take the colorful Magid straw tote below. The perfect handbag for summer: light and fun with natural materials and bright stripes. Use it as a beach bag or shopper. It's roomy enough for towels and flip-flops, yet still cute enough to be seen toted around town.

Summer look by Dazzle Me featuring
Magid M636S handbag 

Summer Party SuperstarHot weather is the perfect excuse for you to show off your assets. A great mini-skirt, some sexy-tall sandals and all the right accessories make you a standout at every summer party.

Take the towering Jeffrey Campbell wedges below. Colorful leather straps with a flattering fit make this a hot little number for day or night.
hey little rich girlFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Summer look
by lemondrug featuring Jeffrey Campbell shoes

Cool Watcher 
You're a party hostess with style and flair. Everyone wants to know what's new with you. So show them...

Entertain your pool-side partiers in this casual OTBT sandal. Comfortable for running from the pool to the kitchen to the bar and back again, you get the flattering height of a wedge with super-cute style. Slip these on, sit back, and watch the fun unfold.

Season Trends : Summer Accessories: ContestFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Summer look by tess buckler featuring OTBT Gilbert shoes

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'Get The Sex And The City Look' with Hello Stiletto

Pop open the Prosecco and bring on the shoes! On May 20th, Lori's Shoes and Hello Stiletto hosted a group of shoenistas for an invitation-only event. It was a celebration of fashion, shoes, and SATC2 with Hello Stiletto - so exclusive! Women, shoes, and sparkling wine - what could possibly go wrong? The weather, of course. But that didn't stop the fun.

The ladies were greeted with Italian hors d'oeuvres, along with succulent strawberries and grapes elegantly cascading down the table. 

Our special guest, Fancy Face Cosmetics, provided 'The Sex in the City Look' with flawless, sweat-proof make-up. The perfect make-up for a glamorous vacation in the desert. And when our tears start to flow while watching the Aidan and Carrie reunion, our mascara will remain thanks to Fancy Face.

Our shoes and jewelry were a hit, of course. From pumps and platforms to sandals and booties, the ladies wanted to know what was 'in', and made their selections for the SATC2 movie night with the girls. Yes, we are very smitten with Sex and the City, folks.  

Surely we couldn't end the night without giveaways, and the traditional Hello Stiletto runway was a must. Sashay ladies!

Amazing people, amazing night, and amazing fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which SATC character are you?

We can hardly contain our excitement, waiting for our ladies' night out to see Sex and the City 2. We've been immersed in the lives and stories of the four New York friends for years now, but it's the fashion which has made the characters. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha have become icons in today's fashion industry (thanks Patricia). So we want to know... While watching an episode of the HBO hit series or checking out the random photos and clips floating around for SATC 2, which character do you secretly dream of being? We know you do it, but your secret is safe with us (*wink*).

So which character are you...

Carrie From sex kitten to stylishly eccentric, 'no pain, no gain' is your fashion motto. You dream of strutting around in high-brow designer stilettos with bells, ruffles, feathers, and rosettes. You like to mix and match colors, textures, and styles. Always original and definitely daring, you're a true fashionista. These snazzy little pumps would catch your eye for sure.

Charlotte:  Simply put, you love Martha Stewart. From prim and proper etiquette to your spotlessly classic home, your goal is perfection. Your sweet, preppy style calls for pastels, ruffles and bows. Matching from head to toe is essential. Your shoe style is classic and always completes your look. Traveling from gallery openings to charity galas are quite regular, so your heels are typically at a modest height. These pretty-in-pink pumps would be perfect for you: sweet and ultra-feminine with a matching bow and trim.

Miranda:  A passionate lawyer by day; a busy mom and wife by night. Your look is unique, matching boho-chic styles and accessories with easy classics like wrap dresses and trousers. Your shoe style is surprising at times, as you go from sophisticated office-chic to down-right daring when out with the girls. These sleek black pumps easily take you from the office to the hot new club with no effort at all.

Samantha: You exude sexuality and confidence. Bold colors, tight waistlines, and revealing cuts are your forte. You don't apologize for who you are, and your friends secretly admire your boldness. You are a WOMAN and we hear you loud and clear. Your shoe style is classic but attention-getting, with less shoe than skin. This sexy metallic pump will have all eyes on you with its glamorous gold straps.

So, which character are you secretly obsessing to be?  We won't tell ... but your shoes will.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Not To Love About Italy? - A Chat With Lori Of Lori's Shoes

Lori's Shoes is known for its unique styles and trendy, well-known brands.  Lori Andre sat with our team to discuss her passion for her customers, and of course, shoes.  As for those Italian exclusives, find out why she travels to Milan twice a year to bring back the hottest and latest trends from the other side of the ocean.

If you are in love with Lori's shoes, you will fall in love with Lori.  She is candid, personable, fun, and above all, an original Shoenista.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Snick is here!!!

We've been eagerly awaiting this much sought-after clog from Jeffrey Campbell - and it's finally here! We're so excited we just had to blog about it. 

This is no ordinary Snick: our shipment has just arrived direct from Spain with the quality materials and construction that stand apart from the Snicks you'll find elsewhere. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a Snick these days, considering they've been flying off the shelves everywhere. We just love the style: hot, sexy and fun, with a surprisingly comfortable fit. (If you're between sizes we recommend that you size up. It's running a little on the small side.) Our Snick has a smooth leather upper with a one-piece wooden platform with natural grain detail. The towering wooden base has a thick wedge heel, adding 4.5" of height with a comfortable pitch. Smooth brass nailheads trim the base, with an open toe and buckled slingback strap. Whether they're paired with jeans, leggings, shorts, or a summer skirt, the Snick will have you walking through summer in style.

Hurry and get your pair now - available in black and tan. They won't last long...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fall 2010 Accessories Trend Report

Our buyers are back from Accessories the Show and The Accessories Circuit with a first look at Fall 2010 accessories. And do we have the scoop! Fur is hot this year, along with vintage details (think lace!), leather, structured bags, and tailoring. Fall 2010 is a well-designed mix of sophistication and rock & roll. 

Fur: On everything, everywhere - from shoes and handbags to scarves and hats and beyond. Catering to nearly every style: cute and comfy, sophisticated, or boho-chic, this season's fur is wearable for everyone. While we're still waiting for a sure sign of Summer, we can't help but get excited for the cozy fur trinkets coming soon. Whether you like your fur real or faux, there promises to be a selection of both with a near-identical look and feel. This year's fur is knitted, printed, convertible, and embellished for a wide range of fashionable fall/winter looks.  Fur is back and she is hot!

          Check out the super-adorable hats pictured above - with detachable fur pom-poms!

Clean, tailored lines with sassy detailing add a fashionable vintage flare this Fall. As Grace Kelly meets Angelina Jolie in The Changeling, we leave behind our over-sized hobo bags for classic, structured designs made famous by the likes of Hermes. Watch for sophisticated styling and crocco embossing... 

Military-Chic: For the casual girl or the trendsetter, military-chic style continues on from Spring, especially in handbags. Nylon hobo bags with zipper detailing give GI Jane an added fashion-appeal. The camouflage bag pictured below is one of our upcoming favorites.

If you have never owned a fur piece or an original Hermes bag, no worries. Come Fall we'll have a selection of quality faux fur and couture-inspired accessories at great price points. We'll have you ready for Winter in August with some items arriving in July. So stay tuned!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Notes from Glasgow

We recently (and somewhat apprehensively) bid Bon Voyage! to our creative director for a trip to Scotland. He recently checked in with a style report from the land of bagpipes and haggis. (No to the first and yes to the latter in terms of appreciation gained.) Herewith, some notes:

While Scotland may conjure up kneejerk visions of kilts and sheep and plaids of every stripe, the true uniform in this bustling town is black hose. But let's define a term for a moment. Leggings brings to my mind something like HUE's denim leggings, opaque, denser, form-fitting; hose being sheer and basically a second skin. There's a lot of hose here. Sometimes with texture, often just plain. Paired to short skirts. The shorter the better is apparently the advice doled out in the boutiques here – your Zaras and H&Ms, Marks & Spencers, Bon Marchés, but truth be told a couple of independents. I was happy to see that. The look is not bad; there is simply so much of it. Perhaps uniform is a misnomer. Mandate may be more appropriate. When everyone's got the same edge, it doesn't cut as sharply. It did make me wonder who's calling the shots on this fashion parade.

As for shoes, they are all over the map with high strains of Uggs and ankle boots – slouch, cowboy, harness. A fair number of mid-rise boots. Tons of flats. Very few heels, much less 4-5-inchers. The girls here wear their boots well and both genders put a lot of care into their looks. They are not afraid to take chances, though not all chances I saw were successful. So be it: tomorrow is another day. The population skews younger, probably because of the five universities within its limits. There's good music, people-watching, beer and vibe here. I like it. Glasgow has good energy, just don't cross against the light: traffic will not stop for you.

Sam Edelman Quinly on E!

It is the gorgeous Quinly again.  Yes, we are still smitten and wouldn't post this shoe so much if it wasn't such a fantastic shoe! 

This time Quinly was spotted on Catt Sadler, host of E! Daily 10.  We love the skinny jean look, switching the obvious style of this exquisite shoe from dressy to casual. 

The sparkling stones, beads and sequins are mezmerizing and demand your attention. Total hauteness.  And she looks great! We mean Catt of course (smiling with a sly grin).  But, you still don't want this shoe...do you? 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Eco-Chic coming to Lori's...

As if we weren't chic enough, Lori's is going green. Well not totally. We're not, like, churning our own butter or biking to work. But we will profess a love for Mother Earth. To show our appreciation we're buying more eco-chic shoes and accessories for our fashion- and nature-conscious fans around the world.

This spring we are featuring Limon Piel – an über-cool accessory collection of handbags such as the 942 in Ivory, Black or Honey (shown). The exquisite handwork by Colombian Wayuu and Camentsa tribal communities takes fashion to an artistic level. We think these bags will be a new favorite.

As the leaves turn colors and the air freshens up (we cringe to think about it), Lori's will remain green with Naya. This eco-friendly shoe designer bringing us leather and suede pumps, maryjanes, booties, and boots. The look is Gaia Girl meets Mary Poppins with a 21st-century makeover. Naya is designed to renew the body, spirit and earth. Think of it as meditation for the feet. (Get in the mood with the inspirational video below of a girl dressed like one of the Bacchae playing hide-and-seek with a horse.)

And how cool are recycled leather handbags? "Very" is the answer of course. (We knew you'd be a fan.) Re-using old leathers for new designs is De.De's claim to fame. We're happy to claim a whole bunch of De.De available on our site.

Take a look at our eco-chic offerings and look soon: we'd hate for you to turn – wait for it – green with envy when they sell out.

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.