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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Eco-Chic coming to Lori's...

As if we weren't chic enough, Lori's is going green. Well not totally. We're not, like, churning our own butter or biking to work. But we will profess a love for Mother Earth. To show our appreciation we're buying more eco-chic shoes and accessories for our fashion- and nature-conscious fans around the world.

This spring we are featuring Limon Piel – an ├╝ber-cool accessory collection of handbags such as the 942 in Ivory, Black or Honey (shown). The exquisite handwork by Colombian Wayuu and Camentsa tribal communities takes fashion to an artistic level. We think these bags will be a new favorite.

As the leaves turn colors and the air freshens up (we cringe to think about it), Lori's will remain green with Naya. This eco-friendly shoe designer bringing us leather and suede pumps, maryjanes, booties, and boots. The look is Gaia Girl meets Mary Poppins with a 21st-century makeover. Naya is designed to renew the body, spirit and earth. Think of it as meditation for the feet. (Get in the mood with the inspirational video below of a girl dressed like one of the Bacchae playing hide-and-seek with a horse.)

And how cool are recycled leather handbags? "Very" is the answer of course. (We knew you'd be a fan.) Re-using old leathers for new designs is De.De's claim to fame. We're happy to claim a whole bunch of De.De available on our site.

Take a look at our eco-chic offerings and look soon: we'd hate for you to turn – wait for it – green with envy when they sell out.

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