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Monday, May 10, 2010

Notes from Glasgow

We recently (and somewhat apprehensively) bid Bon Voyage! to our creative director for a trip to Scotland. He recently checked in with a style report from the land of bagpipes and haggis. (No to the first and yes to the latter in terms of appreciation gained.) Herewith, some notes:

While Scotland may conjure up kneejerk visions of kilts and sheep and plaids of every stripe, the true uniform in this bustling town is black hose. But let's define a term for a moment. Leggings brings to my mind something like HUE's denim leggings, opaque, denser, form-fitting; hose being sheer and basically a second skin. There's a lot of hose here. Sometimes with texture, often just plain. Paired to short skirts. The shorter the better is apparently the advice doled out in the boutiques here – your Zaras and H&Ms, Marks & Spencers, Bon March├ęs, but truth be told a couple of independents. I was happy to see that. The look is not bad; there is simply so much of it. Perhaps uniform is a misnomer. Mandate may be more appropriate. When everyone's got the same edge, it doesn't cut as sharply. It did make me wonder who's calling the shots on this fashion parade.

As for shoes, they are all over the map with high strains of Uggs and ankle boots – slouch, cowboy, harness. A fair number of mid-rise boots. Tons of flats. Very few heels, much less 4-5-inchers. The girls here wear their boots well and both genders put a lot of care into their looks. They are not afraid to take chances, though not all chances I saw were successful. So be it: tomorrow is another day. The population skews younger, probably because of the five universities within its limits. There's good music, people-watching, beer and vibe here. I like it. Glasgow has good energy, just don't cross against the light: traffic will not stop for you.

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