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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Delta Love Lori's Shoes

Delta Magazine recently included us in their fall trends roundup "Dressed to Kill," (September/October 2010: 32) featuring the Jeffrey Campbell camo lace-up boot next to Prada's Camo Riding Boot. (Such good company we keep!) Other favorite designers include Rag & Bone, Alice + Olivia, Smashbox and Sony. We're currently out of stock on that particular boot Delta featured, but check out our other camo options or heeled fall boots.

The lede reads in full: "Dressed to Kill: Delta dove hunts are the social events of the season. Delta Magazine editors style cutting-edge garb with the coolest gear to take you from the field to the afterparty."

Friday, August 27, 2010

Designer Interview: Tanise Hill of Restricted

Thanks for taking a moment to talk with us! How long have you been with Restricted?

I started about five and a half years ago—in 2005 almost immediately after the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, basically six months after graduating. It was my first real job. When I started I was working as assistant designer and learning the ropes. As the years went on I became senior designer.

The line has evolved a lot in that time. Tell us what that experience was like.

I take full responsibility! When I first started with the line Restricted was more of a beachy brand with a lot of focus on wedges and sandals and a Southern California lifestyle. As I learned more about the shoe industry, researching and traveling, I discovered there was a void. We still keep resort but we have expanded into more contemporary styles and fashion. I try to bring a lot of everyday styles into our collection—things women can wear to work. We’ve just constantly added on. And consumers have responded greatly.

And into what has that evolution culminated for Fall 2010?

Definitely we’ve developed a stronger fall influence in our collection. Fall just fits more trends like the over-the-knee boot trend. Five years ago boots were not as important and hot as they are now. Now it is all about boots for the last two fall seasons. We’ll never have a collection without boots now.

We can’t even imagine fall without boots. Why do you think they have become so important?

It’s part of the fashion shift. This decade has been a conglomeration of previous decades. I think of the ‘20s when girls wore boots and dresses a lot. I don’t necessarily think it’s going to change. At least for the season we’ll continue our boot focus.

Restricted hits a good pricepoint. "Get the look at a great price." It’s perfect: quality and trend. With your success do you find your competition increasing?

It’s helping us expand our business more. My personal style and feeling is that when I go out shopping I want something that’s on-trend, fits the times and isn’t going to break my bank ... and it’s going to last. I’m a stickler about quality. It’s important to the consumer so it’s a 1000 percent more important to me. Perception of value is a bonus because that’s what I do for myself anyway—offering really great value.

We’re launching Unrestricted in Spring 2011. The line, basically, is synthetics but the quality and value will be along same lines as Restricted. The look of Unrestricted will be edgier and younger, more for a brave and bold girl. The design is more contemporary and more details. It’s a lot louder. Restricted is more contemporary and everyday.

What is your favorite look for Fall 2010?

The lace-up trend. That’s been really strong. It’s my favorite because it’s such a fresh look for this season. This year everything been all about laces and that’s been exciting. I think OTK will be still strong for fall 2010, but I don’t think it will be a staple for years to come.

What will we see for Spring 2011?

Definitely a lot of wedges. Platforms continue but wedges have been stronger. The clog is going to continue and wood construction is an element that you’re going to see a lot in spring. 

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Ultimate Fall Trend: Poncho Cape with Lace-ups

If there's one thing I will be wearing a lot for fall, it would definitely be the poncho cape! I don't know if it's Chloe or Rumi, but I have fallen deeply in love with this piece. I own it in four different colors, with hood or without. It is seriously the coolest thing in my closet right now (besides, the shape is so forgiving).

Since the weather has completely forgotten that it's summer over here (Hello!), I can finally wear my lace-up booties which go perfect with poncho capes. These shoes are really the way to go!

Get this shoe look at Lori's. (These particular shoes not sold at Lori's)

If you are a BIG military trend fan like me you cannot go wrong with these shoes. The trend is timeless – a classic, really. Lace-ups can be casual, dressy or just plain chic. CLOOTS (my name for clogs + boots) go well with my leather shorts and nude cape. However, the black cape with Chloe-style boots is definitely one of my favorite looks for fall.

Get this shoe look at Lori's.

– Anjelica Lorenz Mode Junkie reporting from Germany.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lori's Declared Best Shoe Store in Chicago by Time Out

We don't like to brag (well, maybe a little bit), but we were thrilled to be picked by Time Out as the best shoe store in Chicago. In a city with plenty of great selection (we beat out Akira, City Soles/Niche, House of Sole and St. Alfred), it's an especial honor to make the grade in the widely-read Time Out. Below is the review in full. Our blogging department blushes demurely.

Best Shoe Store
Lori's Shoes
Shoppers with a weakness for footwear find Lori's either a blessing or a curse—depending on the status of their bank account. The Lincoln Park emporium (there are two suburban locations in Highland Park and Northfield) stuffs a sizable space with American and European designer shoes, all marked 10 percent to 30 persent less than department-store prices. The selection includes everything from classics to trendy brands such as Jeffrey Campbell, Corso Como and Boutique 9, not to mention dozens of Italian exclusives. Better yet, you'd be hard pressed to find a physical shoe shop with a more complete e-commerce site, replete with weekly blog posts to keep you informed on the latest fashions.
824 W. Armitage Ave (773-281-5655, lorisshoes.com). —Jessica Herman

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Trend: Stepping Out in Grey Style

– Carrie Michael of barestyle
Photos from thefashionpot.com, fashiontoast.com, r-bilson.net
Grey has been around the block. It’s not a fashion breakthrough or anything, but it has shifted from a shade for tops and sweaters to a standard for shoes, handbags and other accessories. (I’m typing this with fingernails sporting a color accurately named “Wet Cement”.) I’m anxiously awaiting the availability of the Jeffery Campbell “Lita” at Lori’s, and I can honestly say I’m contemplating grey instead of black. It just feels more fresh, neutral and wearable than black this season. And trust me, I’m a huge fan of black.

Mixing black and brown is a current trend, but mixing grey with black or brown is an effortless combination, making it an ideal choice for handbags and shoes. Think about it: a grey handbag will look amazing with any outfit, no matter what other hues are involved. My personal favorite look for fall is the grey platform boot. Love, love, love it. The softer grey hue breaks up the traditional rocker look and adds a more feminine vibe. And of course, grey continues to make its mark on scarves and socks. Here are my favorites from Lori’s:

1) Ruffled Gauze Scarf
2) Bloom Boom Boom NOA
3) Christopher Kon 505
4) Sabina 4588
5) Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks
6) Remi & Reid Loyola
7) Rocket Dog Memories - Grey Dazzle

Monday, August 16, 2010

Extra, Extra: Lori's in Women's Health Magazine!

The September issue of Women's Health magazine recently declared "Accessories Are the New Outfit," and, by dint of the amount of space given to our Hype Jane bag, that Lori's is the new source for accessories. For the cost-conscious and the cash-strapped, accessories are a smart way to keep current without turning over your whole wardrobe.

The Jane was considered a "wow-worthy statement piece" to spruce up fall wardrobes. Studies show women wear less than half the clothes already in their closets. (We mean, really – how many pairs of jeans does one need?) With the proper handbag or a fantastic pair of shoes any outfit can feel new and fresh.

Accessories give you a chance to reinvent your look using the wardrobe you already have. Too many skinny jeans and not enough accessories? Try these options for two fresh looks with the same denim.

Pair this multi-colored chain necklace with a pair of Nicole Mambo booties (above right in Tuscany), a simple tank, cropped jacket and the Hype bag for a urban-sophisticate look.

For date night: same jeans, same bag, now add the Nine West Rocha in Taupe, a sheer ruffled shirt and you will have his heart at first glance.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Case of the Perfect Fall Shoe

Hello, Nancy Drew here!


You might remember me as the young crime-fighting darling with the ability to crack any mystery sent my way. 

Well, I have hung up my crime fighting ways in search of something a little more mysterious – finding the perfect fall shoe to compliment my style.

I have always been a girl with a love for flats. They are agile and quiet, perfect when sneaking around looking for clues. Oxfords and loafers are my favorite flats this season. They are the perfect blend between masculine and feminine (and oh so cute)! However
, sometimes after a hard day's work solving mysteries, I could really use a night on the town with the girls. For this, I always grab my heels! I love Progetto heeled boots with clog bottoms.

Shoes not sold at Lori's
No matter what I do or where I go I must always remain low-key and inconspicuous. Therefore, I tend to shy away from bold looks like leopard print or fur. But there are those times when a girl must let loose and bring out the animal within. So a little fur handbag may be the perfect fit to the puzzle. Wouldn't you say? 

Your Friend,


p.s. Don’t forget your fall shoes’ partner in crime: socks! Plush thigh-highs to sheer crew cuts, they are all a must-have this fall!


– by Kitty Cotten of Geisha Pearl

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is Comfort the new Cool?

Photo compliments of examiner.com
The chatter behind celebrity hipster Maggie Gyllenhaal in Worishofer sandals recently has sparked a frenzied 'granny sandal' trend (Ed. Note: their phrase, not ours). We were taken by surprise. This upstart summer/fall transition sandal has been quoted as "so uncool that it is cool." During Wednesday's Good Morning America Kate Dimmock, People magazine's StyleWatch fashion director, explained how this shoe could be easily worn with a summer dress and canvas bag and carry straight into autumn.

Lori, too, has fallen for this trend and picked up Worishofer whilst on another shoe show shopping tour in New York. Does this mean we are stilettoed out? Can our feet no longer take the pressure of platforms, high wedges, chunky-heels and spikes? Or do we shoe lovers like options? The Worishofer "granny sandal" isn't the sexiest option, but it can carry you throughout your last summer fiestas and hot, hot days without fuss. Sound off and let us know!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lori's in the News: Footwear News

From WWD's Footwear News to Instyle Magazine's Makeover edition, Lori's Shoes is being painted a trendsetter and business leader. We are OK with this. We try to be more than a shoe boutique – more like an all-around lifestyle experience. We measure our success through Lori's superstar status in recent news.

In Footwear News, Lori elaborates on our long-time partnership with venerable shoe brand Via Spiga.
"We began with the brand in the late 1980s. What led me to [it] was that it had a very specific customer in mind. It created a strong niche for itself. When you looked at a pump, you recognized by the look that it was a Via Spiga pump. They definitely stepped away from who the customer was over the years [but] have come back with a better understanding of what customers want, [which is] wearable footwear with a fashion edge. We've been buying more from the brand in the last couple years. We don't by a ton of styles, but buy depth in [our] key stores and keep reordering."

Elsewhere, with the help of the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, InStyle showcases one of our fall favorites, Hype Handbags. The embellished metal clutch is sassy – a classic silhouette bedecked with extreme embellishment. We have a great lineup of Hype coming this fall. We know you will go crazy for them (hopefully not literally ... though we do anticipate possible heart palpitations).

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sam Edelman in Marie Claire ... and at Lori's!

The Sam Edelman Effie recently made an appearance in Marie Claire magazine credited to us! We currently have it in black. Take some style tips from MC and pair this easy wedge to broken-in crewneck sweaters and cropped trousers for a vintaged, timeless prep.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Our Seychelles Winners!

Our Seychelles giveaway was a rousing success. Thanks to everyone who participated! Congratulations to Debi C. of Belton, Texas who won our random drawing – the first time she's ever won a contest, according to her. Special congratulations also goes to Carol H. of San Francisco, California who is our style maven of the month with 33 referrals!

Both Debi and Carol are being shipped the Seychelles Hush-Hush clog in Mushroom. Also available in Whiskey and Black, this clog is a must-have for fall. Keep checking the site for more giveaway opportunities. Thanks again, everyone!

For larger sizes, visit Barefoot Tess Barefoot Tess for larger sizes.