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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is Comfort the new Cool?

Photo compliments of examiner.com
The chatter behind celebrity hipster Maggie Gyllenhaal in Worishofer sandals recently has sparked a frenzied 'granny sandal' trend (Ed. Note: their phrase, not ours). We were taken by surprise. This upstart summer/fall transition sandal has been quoted as "so uncool that it is cool." During Wednesday's Good Morning America Kate Dimmock, People magazine's StyleWatch fashion director, explained how this shoe could be easily worn with a summer dress and canvas bag and carry straight into autumn.

Lori, too, has fallen for this trend and picked up Worishofer whilst on another shoe show shopping tour in New York. Does this mean we are stilettoed out? Can our feet no longer take the pressure of platforms, high wedges, chunky-heels and spikes? Or do we shoe lovers like options? The Worishofer "granny sandal" isn't the sexiest option, but it can carry you throughout your last summer fiestas and hot, hot days without fuss. Sound off and let us know!


Dana K. said...

I love many different styles of shoes, so I have to say I love that the comfort styles are becoming more stylish, as a person who has developed some foot problems over the years--this totally works for me!

Lori's Shoes said...

That is good to know Dana. We are glad you will be happy with our new selection of comfy shoes.

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