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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Ultimate Fall Trend: Poncho Cape with Lace-ups

If there's one thing I will be wearing a lot for fall, it would definitely be the poncho cape! I don't know if it's Chloe or Rumi, but I have fallen deeply in love with this piece. I own it in four different colors, with hood or without. It is seriously the coolest thing in my closet right now (besides, the shape is so forgiving).

Since the weather has completely forgotten that it's summer over here (Hello!), I can finally wear my lace-up booties which go perfect with poncho capes. These shoes are really the way to go!

Get this shoe look at Lori's. (These particular shoes not sold at Lori's)

If you are a BIG military trend fan like me you cannot go wrong with these shoes. The trend is timeless – a classic, really. Lace-ups can be casual, dressy or just plain chic. CLOOTS (my name for clogs + boots) go well with my leather shorts and nude cape. However, the black cape with Chloe-style boots is definitely one of my favorite looks for fall.

Get this shoe look at Lori's.

– Anjelica Lorenz Mode Junkie reporting from Germany.


Michelle Elaine said...

you think girls' of any heights can wear these capes? cause i for one want to, but im allowing my petite-ness to prohibit me.


Lori's Shoes said...

Personally purchased the camel cape this weekend in London. And love it! Don't let your petite-ness stop you. Wear it well whatever your height. Shaz

May said...

Where did you get this camel cape? Love the look!

Mode Junkie said...

@may: it´s from h&m! ;)
and yeah of course you can wear capes even though you´re "petite"! why not?


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