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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Case of the Perfect Fall Shoe

Hello, Nancy Drew here!


You might remember me as the young crime-fighting darling with the ability to crack any mystery sent my way. 

Well, I have hung up my crime fighting ways in search of something a little more mysterious – finding the perfect fall shoe to compliment my style.

I have always been a girl with a love for flats. They are agile and quiet, perfect when sneaking around looking for clues. Oxfords and loafers are my favorite flats this season. They are the perfect blend between masculine and feminine (and oh so cute)! However
, sometimes after a hard day's work solving mysteries, I could really use a night on the town with the girls. For this, I always grab my heels! I love Progetto heeled boots with clog bottoms.

Shoes not sold at Lori's
No matter what I do or where I go I must always remain low-key and inconspicuous. Therefore, I tend to shy away from bold looks like leopard print or fur. But there are those times when a girl must let loose and bring out the animal within. So a little fur handbag may be the perfect fit to the puzzle. Wouldn't you say? 

Your Friend,


p.s. Don’t forget your fall shoes’ partner in crime: socks! Plush thigh-highs to sheer crew cuts, they are all a must-have this fall!


– by Kitty Cotten of Geisha Pearl

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