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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Falling in Love with Tano ... Handbags.

You know what we're wild about right now? Satchels. Over-the-shoulder bags. Rucksacks. Everyday travel bags with straps and straps. Backpacks are everywhere this spring. They go from home to work, school to group meetings and hold your finds on daytrips around Italy. Take your tote, add straps, multiply by cool hardware and that equation will equal a refined utilitarianism that's all the rage today.

Who better to serve up that look than Tano? These guys love their bags. We mean, love their bags. They won't sell them online, citing the sensual experience [sic] of their product. And according to their site, you must "handle the bag, squeeze the leather, run the zippers, fit your ... " Whoa! Is it hot in here? TMI, Tano content writer.

We do agree a Tano bag must be felt to be believed (but do buy online; you can feel it all day when it arrives). You'll see love in the details. Tano bags are leather, leather, leather in bold colors with detailed strapping and considered accents. A Tano bag is sleek, sophisticated and sporty. Like the utility bags that inspired them, these bags are functional and versatile. Like a good fashion bag, they make a statement and actively contribute to your look.

We do love these bags. We understand Tano's passion; we share it. These guys know bags. They know us women love our bags (a bit obsessively at times but let's not judge). And in the satchel, they share their love for function and style at a price that won't break your heart (or bank). Now, where was that cold shower? 

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