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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Urban Planning: Jewelry for the Cityfolk

We recently divvied up our jewelry collections to make room for a trend we've seen about town. We're calling it "Urban Planning" because, like city fathers Daniel Burnham or Robert Moses, we're making no small plans to reinvent the city look. This season that means an emphasis on bold, confident bib necklaces littered with glass gems, rhinestones and a grab bag of materials. (More, after all, is more.) Pyramid studs, nailheads, chain and metal beading are huge. You will find them on strappy leather thongs or wrappy strings of stones and metal.

The look might be called "luxe accretion." Build your look through a piling-on of glamourous baubles. Put bracelets over bracelets. Necklaces are layered like a precious version of the geologic record. We've also seen a lot of materials applied within the same piece: silver and gold, pearls with crystal, dogs and cats living together ... we digress. The point is, bring it. Like the city's denizens, your jewelry is a collection of unique characters restlessly coexisting and in the rub making a culture come alive.

This is a look you can dress up for an NYE ballroom or pair with a badass boot like the JC Brit (in piture above) for am edgy, kool kid tension (how ironic depends on your capacity for tragic hipness or perhaps the number of single-gear bikes you own). However you wear it, wear it with confidence. Big ego, people! And a happy holiday.

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