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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Glamorous Winter's Tale

“Glamour is what I sell, it’s my stock in trade.”
—Marlene Dietrich


With the holidays upon us, everyone is planning, shopping and partying. Attending a holiday party means you get to dress up—maybe buy something new—but your main goal is to turn heads when you enter the room.

All eyes are on you as you make your entrance. Your hair is effortless in tousled curls, your lips red as a rose, skin white as snow. A fur coat is draped casually across your shoulders to keep you warm from the brisk winter air. Your long, lace dress is a shining gem. It looks as if you hand-picked it from Carole Lombard's closet. Gliding up to the nearest good-looking man, you flip your hair and in a low voice murmur, "Hello, handsome."

For you the holiday party is just another night on the town.

Inspired by the sultry, glamorous looks from leading ladies of the '30s like Garbo, Lombard and Deitrich, off into the woods we went to transplant their style onto Nature's stage, to find our own modern-day Perdita.

We styled this shoot with a lace dress from Free People. Underneath we layered a gold sequin slip for more glitter. We topped it off with a vintage, fake fur cape and added lots of rings and necklaces. We curled Camilla's hair into long waves and, of course, applied deep red lipstick. For shoes, (although you don't see them) we used Jeffrey Campbell's black Tick booties to keep some contemporary style and not get too retro.

"I am not afraid of nothing except being bored."
—Greta Garbo

The ending of "A Winters Tale" at sunset in the woods felt like an enchanted fairytale.

— Valerie & Camilla of A Butterfly by Day

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