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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Shoe Addicts Report: Clogs

Clogs are here to stay!
by Kitty of Geisha Pearl Vintage


It’s funny how a new pair of shoes makes me weak at the knees. Like catching the eye of the dreamiest guy in the room ... and him smiling back. Well, these new clogs were no exception.

I walked into my apartment building this week to see a little note taped to my
mailbox: I had a package waiting for me. I knew exactly what it was – my new Gee WaWa Shimmer clogs in Mink!

Once safely inside my apartment, I ripped open the parcel to reveal a beautiful pair of chunky-heel clogs. My new eye candy! I stared in awe at their exquisite craftsmanship. The sheer weight of them was impressive. I slipped my feet into the suede heels. They fit me like a glove, perfectly wrapping around my foot. Although initially they felt heavy, they proved to be sturdy and lightweight – effortless to walk in.

Maxing out at a staggering five feet tall, heels are my best friend. I wear them to the grocery store, the office – pretty much everywhere. Some shoes I cannot wear all day, but
already these have become my go‐to heels. The hidden platform under the toes gives me the added height without the usual painful side effects. They are beyond comfortable and the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe!

And the price? Practically a steal for the impeccable quality and stunning
appearance of these clogs! I love the boho‐inspired fringe tops, brass nailheads, and charming turned-up toe.
I haven’t seen a clog like this on the market.

(This is kind of silly, but what really sold me on these shoes were the bottoms. They have an adorable imprint of two little Chihuahuas! I have a little chocolate brown Chihuahua named Dixie, so it was an instant sale. I know, ridiculous, right?!)
Styling these beauties…

My favorite way to wear clogs is with socks! From a lacy, white pair of ankle socks to cable knit thigh‐highs, they are the perfect accompaniment to a chunky-heel clog.

I paired mine with tall, heather‐gray, knit socks, a cream Forever21 shirt dress covered in sheer ruffles and a vintage tuxedo jacket with satin lapels from my online vintage store, Geisha Pearl Vintage.

For a more casual ensemble slip into a pair of classic, tapered, navy trousers and a striped, cotton tee. Or try a floral playsuit and wrap yourself in a thick chunky knit sweater for the chill fall weather.

Clogs are here to stay and I love it!

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