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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gee'Wawa: something different for Lori's

This fall we are going beyond normal. We're looking at futuristic trends, haute couture designer inspirations and the club/rave/goth shoe art and the artists that make them.

For every shoe addict's wardrobe this fall, we are prescribing Gee'Wawa (not to be confused with Chihuahua, darlings, though both are feisty). Our guest blogger Kitty introduced fall Gee'Wawa last week in her vintage-inspired clog blog.

This line of shoes is undeniably a shoe addict's fall essential. It is cost-conscious and stylish but pushes boundaries. Comfortable, distressed, vegetable-dyed leathers will have you binging on the look and loving the feel. Chunky heeled pumps and big bottom booties dominate this collection. 

Of course, our addiction to big bottoms is not new. Thanks to the late and great Alexander McQueen's lobster boots we have a deep love of silhouette-warping designs. We miss him. His legacy has inspired designers to push this spring trend with brash looks for fall.

 Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 collection - Photo courtesy of catwalking.com

Whether you love them or hate them, we're sure  you will become attached. Try something new this fall. Get Gee'Wawa and be different, be confident, be chic, be addicted.

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