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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Seven Signs of a Shoe Addiction

Do you get the shakes when a you see a shoe sale? (Test: Lori's sale is up to 50% off right now!) Can't go even one day without scanning our New Arrivals? Do shoes just keep whispering your name, softly and seductively? Well, my dear, you may be a shoe addict. No need to stress! We can help. As a veteran supplier to shoe addicts everywhere, we thought it only appropriate to help you identify the symptoms.
  1. You slip the word into your professional qualifications: "Lori Andre, Phd., Wedges"
  2. Imelda Marcos is still your idol ... even if you were born post-1986! You secretly wish her 3,000 pairs of shoes had been exiled to your closet.
  3. Hoarding: one color per style isn't enough. I mean, who knows what which event will call for?
  4. You prefer shoe shopping over ... well, everything.
  5. You prefer your paycheck be deposited directly into our merchant account.
  6. You need a closet strictly for shoes ... maybe another for boots. And it's not like your other accessories wouldn't benefit from one as well. 
  7. Your email pops up first in our customer service email auto-complete.
Is this you? If you answered "yes" or "maybe" or "hey, back off" to four or more of the above, you are addicted. Congratulations! Enjoy the soundtrack to your new life:

You know deep in your heart there is no cure. We've enlisted the help of a panel of experts to guide you through the rough patches. They'll ensure your addiction is controlled through cost-conscious, discerning savoir-faire.

Meet, Kitty from Geisha Pearl - a shoe addict and lover of all things vintage. (We featured her last week.) Kitty loves styling with an ardour that impresses even us. We're excited to see what advice she can offer our legions of devoted fans.

 Photo courtesy of Geisha Pearl Vintage

Anjelica from Mode Junkie - our international addict, Mom and fashionista. In her early twenties, she's done more than most thirty-somethings we know, including some wicked styling in foreign locales. Her global perspective will give your addiction an air of worldliness.

 Photo courtesy of Mode Junkie

Carrie from My barestyle – an addict in the know. She began her career like the rest of us, deperately blogging to feed an addiction. Not finding the finds she wanted, she took matters into her own hands. Her online store, shopseventhdoor.com, carries the brands Carrie wanted to see. We're excited for her perspective from both sides of the register.

 Photo courtesy of My barestyle

As our guest blogg– erm, counselors, are here to assist you weekly and shape your addiction. Consider them your shoe sponsors. The first step to recognizing your addiction is to admit it. The next steps are to let us indoctrinate you with fabulous taste and irresistible shoe finds. Don't fight the urge. We cannot be resisted. Especially with these great guest bloggers swelling our ranks. We get started next week!

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