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Friday, July 30, 2010

Accessorize This: Exotic Prints, OTK Socks and Fur.

Our Interview with Lori's Accessories Buyer.

We are so excited to take a small step away from our shoe addiction to feed our other craving: handbags and accessories. I am chatting with Nicole, accessories buyer for Lori's Shoes. If you love Lori's selection of handbags, jewelry, legwear, and scarves, Nicole is the woman that makes it happen. Here is what she had to say about our fall line-up in handbags and accessories.

Lori's: What's coming this fall?
Nicole:  There are a lot of trends happening this fall, but the exotic look – snake, crocodile, fur, leopard – is one of my favorite trends for the fall. Guess it's the animal deep down in me, screaming for release through Lori's accessory buys. [laughing]

La Regale 2546
Lori's:  What are great wardrobe pieces to pair with the exotic look?
Nicole:  Well, if we speak about the leopard, it is important to use it sparingly. If you have a leopard purse, for instance, like the new Sandra Roberts clutch – a calf hair with a leopard print – you could pair it with a basic, tight-fitting, black dress and pumps.

Lori's:  So your exotic accessory should be your key piece. Downplay everything else and let that piece be your 'Wow' factor.
Nicole:  If we are speaking specifically about the exotic prints, yes.

Lori's:  Besides exotic prints, what is another favorite trend?
Nicole:  F
ur is probably the strongest trend for fall. We will see it on handbags, shoes, clothing and accessories. Lori's is going to have several different fur handbags from Sondra Roberts and some amazing ones from High Fashion. They have that Marc Jacobs and Chanel look and feel. I just love it.

This cross-body from High Fashion (below) has  Mongolian lamb in ivory, brown trim and a boho feel. Also, I can't forget snake and crocodile. They hearken back to the structured looks we presented earlier in our Accessories fall report.

High Fashion Fur handbag
Lori's: That sounds lovely.
Nicole:  In accessories we are excited to carry fur ear muffs, hats, scarves and even fur mittens. It is going to be a furry year (laughing).

Lori's: I heard, although it is not a handbag, that we have fur boot covers. What are they exactly?
Nicole:  Basically, they are fur leg warmers. You put them over the shaft of your boot to make a totally different look. You can also wear them as leg warmers with a high heel pump, covering the heel of the shoe and create a very high fashion '80s look.

Lori's:  Very Madonna.
Nicole:  Exactly. They are a fantastic way to take a great pair of boots to another level.

Lori's:  So, as we transition into a new season, what can people continue from their summer wardrobe and transition into fall?
Nicole:  Well, obviously fur won't work [laughing]. I would say gray tones and taupe tones. They are already in and work well year-round.

Lori's:  Like the Christopher Kon Croc satchel I love.
Nicole:  Yes. A handbag like that has that classic look, in a neutral tone such as gray and is just a great everyday bag.  It hits everything – structure, color  and transitions into Fall nicely. We're going to see the bags get smaller this coming season.
For the last couple of years you had to have a big bag; there were no other options. But this year you will see smaller options coming available. We are getting some nice snake clutches soon.

Lori's:  So, what is your least favorite summer trend?  You know the one where you said, "Hated it."
Nicole:  Patent! I am very much over it already. [both laughing]

Lori's:  What other amazing trends should we look for this fall?
Nicole:  The legwear is amazing this fall. Leggings, tights, over-the-knee socks with color blocking. So many different looks to create using the same shoes and clothes. Just by adding a piece of legwear you can give your outfit a totally different look. We are still going to see chunky, open-toe shoes this fall, but the outfit will transition with socks and tights.

Interview conducted by Shazza with Lori's Shoes.


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