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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Shoe Addicts Diary: Platforms

Snick: The Clog Alternative
by Anjelica of Mode Junkie

So what does a shoe addict in Germany do when her Jeffrey Campbell Snick Studs finally arrive from Lori's Shoes? SHE SHOUTS LIKE MAD. So mad the boyfriend thinks something happened to our son. Unfortunately he sometimes over-reacts like that. ;)

Seriously, how sick are these platform sandals? As I unpacked the shoes (read: destroying the box and ripping off the tape which holds the box together like there's no tomorrow), I immediately pictured outfits that would go with these babies. That was a bit hard since the shoes are pretty much goes-well-with-everything kinda shoes. But the thought of my leather shorts with my military parka and THESE shoes? I just pictured the most perfect fall outfit. 

Maybe I'd throw on some tights if it gets a bit chilly or a pair of ruffled, white socks (I love socks with sandals and am totally in to this trend; please don't hate me!).

I can't stop wearing my Snicks with my dresses, my skirts, my chinos! As I said, they go well with everything. The olive suede is even a perfect match to my taupe colored nails! (Yes, I plan the colors of my fingernails according to what type of shoes I am wearing!)

In my opinion, the Jeffrey Campbell Snick Stud is the best alternative for people who hate clogs (not me of course; I am a shoe addict, remember). They are comfortable and they don't look too cloggy (if there were such a word). Know what I mean? I LOVE these shoes and since Jeffrey Campbell is not available in Germany these shoes will definitely be cherished and positioned top shelf in the new shoe closet.


gigiofca said...

Hi -- I bopped over from the Lori's page on Facebook.

Hawt! You & your new shoes look great.

gigiofca said...

Oops -- I thought this was Mode Junkie's blog :-)

Trend Steps said...

love your guest post. amazing! LØVE your shoes (haha I meant LOVE xD)

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