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Friday, July 16, 2010

They Call Her Denmark ...

From the diary of a shoe addict

"Fancy a ride?" she purrs as she looks at you with mysterious eyes, deception in her throat, but somehow so innocent, so sweet. You opt out. You are living on the straight and narrow, remember? You mumble some pleasantry as she revs up. But before she pulls off ... the shoes! What are they? Who are they? She was taking you to her supplier – shoe dealer, that is. Off she goes. You must find out who designed those shoes and, more importantly, how you can get a pair. So you hop in your ride and follow her into the unknown. Just one last craving. You promise yourself this is the last time...
Story to be continued...

Denmark is her name and her hook-up none other than Jeffrey Campbell himself. (Could there be any other for a shoe of this caliber?) Reminiscent of the ├╝ber-cool bomber jacket from the early '80s. This maverick shoe wears well with a luxurious soft leather upper and a chunky wood heel elevating you high off the ground. Gold hobnails trace the curve of the footbed. To top it off, a faux-shearling cuff lining. A shoe this beautiful should be able to fly. (Physically perhaps not, but mentally? Yes!)

Denmark has always been recognized as a hot bed of creativity, style, fashion and design' states Jeffrey
Campbell, so fitting - his inspiration to name a shoe after such a beautiful country.

These shoes are coming to Lori's mid-to-late August. Supplies will be limited. Don't be left in the cold this fall. Be on alert for our "on sale now announcement." If you thought the Lita was a show stopper, the Denmark will just plain stop your heart.

So what happened to the shoe addict and the mysterious girl ... stay tuned: we've got something big for you.

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