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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lori At-Large: Milan Fall Trends

Twice a year Lori heads off to the land of culture, art, architecture, cuisine and world-renowned fashion to bring back the hottest shoe styles this side of the ocean. At least that is what she tells us whilst sipping Prosecco and eating authentic homemade pasta al fresco ... we are sure she is working hard. Here is what she reports from the city of fabulosity – Milan, Italy.

Currently in Milan, and I think in Italy there is, generally, an emphasis on comfort. Similar to the trend in the States, "toning" shoes seem to be a trend. (Sketchers are even here ... yikes!!!!!) The Italian women still wear Hogans and Tods—a look not truly understood by American women. The autumn fashion trends here are very similar to the stores in the U.S., such as over-the-knees, lace-ups and pumps. Mens tailoring, especially at Prada, seems strong as well. There is a lot of fur in all the stores here and lots of camel clothing! Max Mara has beautiful things right now. Seriously, and I am not just saying this, I think we are dead on with all our trends at Lori's.

As far as Spring trends go, I think it is all over the board. Sandals with ornaments, neutral colors, military and wedges are still important and also pretty, along with ladylike pumps in colors. Honestly, I did not see anything super fresh, super interesting—it updates Spring/Summer 2010. To confirm my staff's mention last week to the longevity of booties, here's a sneak peak at an ornately designed wedge bootie from Jeffrey Campbell's Spring/Summer 2011 line:

On another note, I am happy to report that the stores in Milan seem to be doing a lot of business. The show was well-attended and generally speaking the sentiment is positive. I am happy about that.

—Lori Andre reporting from Milan


Mode Junkie said...

oh my god the heels of those JCS are insane!! can´t wait to see (read: buy) it. AHHHH!

Lori's Shoes said...

Definitely one of our favs for Spring arrivals.

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