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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lori's Designer Spotlight: "A Military Fall," says Kelsi Dagger

Kelsi Dagger Fall 2010 Preview

Since launching a highly successful fall collection in 2009, Kelsi Dagger, the sister line to Pour La Victoire named for a fictional femme fatal, has become a very real killer brand on a global scale: a must-have for the international trend set. The line is the latest from designers David Giordano and Jay Adoni. Energetic, creative, eclectic and passionate about his trade, Giordano cut his teeth at Sam Edelman before launching Pour La Victoire and, now Kelsi. We recently checked in with Lori and David to chat about fall trends and what's next for the stylish designer.

Lori's ShoesWhat does a lady's shoe style say about her?
David Giordano:  A women’s shoe defines her style.
Lori Andre: I think a woman's shoes can say a lot about her personality – conservative, trendy, elegant – but also your own: "I want those shoes!," "Gotta have 'em!"

LS:  What inspires your designs for the fresh, young and totally hip?
DG:  Creating products that stir woman emotionally, while not hurting them financially.
LA: How designers merchandise their line with clothing and accessories lets me create an idea of what the trend is and how to capture it in our store. I'm a little bit obsessive about making sure we have the right product. From the two-dollar accessory to the $600 shoe that can make or break an outfit. 

LS:  Originally you designed Kelsi Dagger for the Juniors shoe market. But there seem to be women over 30 who love the brand. Has the age of your target audience changed?
DG:  We want to stay in tune with women who have their own personal style, we feel that the price-value relationship appeals to more of a state of mind then a specific demographic.
LA: It's a very young brand and David's good at developing new product. The Kelsi Dagger girl is also the Pour La Victoire customer: likes the fashion, wants to look good in her shoes, but may not be able to spend the money. All their shoes have David's personality in them.

Kelsi Dagger Fall 2010 Preview

LS:  Why do you think women love your shoes?
DG Women feel a sense of empowerment when they are wearing a great pair of shoes.
LA: I think David's shoes are very current. They have a sophisticated, trendy edge to them but they are still really understandable. Sometimes you can look at a shoe and love it, but not want to wear it. With Kelsi Dagger, you know you will love it and get a lot of use out of it.

LS:  What trends/styles should we look out for Fall 2010?
DG:  French/military inspired boots and booties as well as high platforms and crepe wedges. 

LA: Military boots are happening. We're already selling them. The crepe wedge is a hard sell, personally. It's a very European trend ... it will be very interesting to see if it works here 

LS:  What was your favorite shoe in the Spring/Summer 2010 line?
DG:  The style Monaco, because the chiffon ruffles were the perfect update to a successful sandal. 

LS:  When you visit Chicago, where do you shop?
DG:  Akira, Lori’s shoes (of course), Roslyn boutique 

Fortunately, you can shop Kelsi Dagger spring/summer right from this post. Stay tuned for fall additions, as well as a coming addiction: Pour la Victorie handbags! We are awaiting final confirmation from the designers on the who, what, when, where of these bags. From what we saw at the FFANY show, we think you will be quite pleased. Take a look for yourself with these exclusive tradeshow photos!

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