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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Totes Love the Earth

OK, cheesy blog post title, but it's Earth Day and we had to force something in there. The content of this post is much less awkward because we're giving away free things!

Lori's has partnered up with Jeffrey Campbell to give away reusable J.C. tote bags with every shoe purchase until our supplies are gone. (P.S.: supplies are limited.) These close-mesh bags are perfect for storing about four boxes of shoes, filling in as a dustbag, carting around your daily miscellany or even a trip to the local grocery.

It's a popular movement. Whole Foods has their "Bring Your Own Bag" campaign, having eliminated plastic bags from its stores, and we've seen similar efforts with Lululemon's laminated fabric bag and a heavy canvas tote from Lush that reflects their packaging reduction manifesto (read: press release).

So here's the question: are reusable bags too much of a good thing? How many bags do you need around the house? Don't get us wrong: we love our Campbell bags because they are perfect for toting shoes hither and yon; we're biased. But still: leave a comment and share your thoughts on the demise of plastic bags and the rise of their supposedly more socially and ecologically responsible replacements.

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