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Friday, November 03, 2006

LORI'S SUCCESS STORIES: Help me with bridal jewelry!

This Lori's success story took place a few months ago, but we were particularly proud of how things turned out and wanted to share!

A Spring bride-to-be came into our Lincoln Park store, searching for the perfect wedding necklace. She had previously fallen head over heels for it and was ready to say "I do" to purchasing. Unfortunately, it was a style from a previous season that we hadn't had in the store in a bit. No worries, jewelry buyer Janet was there to lend assistance and one of Lori's favorite vendors, Marie Chavez, couldn't have been more heroic!

Not only did Janet and Marie track down the perfect nuptial necklace, but Marie made custom bracelets for each of the bridesmaids. Did we mention it all happened in about two weeks?!

It did.

And it was well worth it, as the entire party was beautifully accessorized for the dreamy destination wedding. Hurrah for happily ever after!

We do not have the exact pictures, but check out current designs from jewelry superstar Marie Chavez.

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