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Friday, February 02, 2007

STYLE WATCH: Positivity Bracelet

It's not often in fashion that two wrongs make a right, but for the Positivity bracelet, we’ll make an exception!

The Positivity bracelet is little red silk cord wrist wrapper with big meaning. Here's how it works: The red color of the bracelet symbolizes negativity, wear it on your negative hand to create a negative + negative = positive aura.

The message is creating a lot of buzz and has caught on in both East and West coast fashion hubs. We've also noticed the Positivity bracelets wrapping the wrists of celebrities on the pages of People or Us Weekly, as well as during TV shows and interviews.

But more than the hype, Lori's is embracing the positive vibe for us and our pals. And with Valentines Day approaching, we think the Positivity bracelets serve as a great gift to show our girl friends we’re thinking about them.

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