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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exclusive Jeffrey Campbell Interview

This week, Lori's goes undercover with an exclusive Jeffrey Campbell interview! Get to know the man behind the name tag, and the creative mind behind Lori's most popular designer.

Above: Jeffrey Campbell works tradeshow while daughter Brigitte models and company employee Ty works the booth door

When did you start designing, and did you start with shoes? Did you ever do apparel?

JC: I have worked in footwear since my late teens--so has my brother Dean. I have worked with many great people, retailers, shoe designers and creatives---I launched Jeffrey Campbell 8 years ago with the help of my wife Christine. I now work alongside my brother, Dean and my small but tremendous staff. I have never ventured into apparel---I live life below the ankle.

What was the first shoe you ever designed?

JC: My first collection was very small and unique. I love the street style of Japan and Japanese street culture in general...I would say, this first collection is still one of my favorites, and that it represented that unique street style. I cannot recall the first shoe exactly, but I do remember an over the knee boot from this early collection. It laced up the back, and was a beautiful luggage brown---covered in splatter paint. What can I say...it was the 90's!

Is there a particular fashion icon that inspires you?

JC: There are many current celebs with amazing style that I love and look to for trends. Chloe Sevigny and Mary Kate are obvious examples--style that is clearly composed of personal preference and charm. But in a more general sense---the Jeffrey Campbell girl is very vintage and has several different looks to her game. Our line represents so many aspects of "that girl," and I always feel so flattered when I see one of our shoes on the foot---it is this everyday woman with style who is the true fashion icon.

What inspired the "Sisters Campbell" line?

JC: This line is a very small collection based on my daughters--the loves of my life. It's a fun way to tie them into the business and to keep them interested.

Will there ever be a Brothers Campbell? Would you ever design Men's shoes?

JC: Funny you should mention that! Can't give too much away now...but I will say, “Stay tuned!!”

What is the most rewarding part of being a designer?

JC: Hands down, my clients! We are so lucky to have amazing clients....many of them have become personal friends of my entire family. We take our clients seriously....we even have some stores which aid in the design process. Without this support---our line would be nothing.

Describe the perfect shoe.

JC: Is there really just one perfect shoe?

What is your ideal day?

JC: Somewhere spent with my wife Christine and my three kids. I travel so much for work, and to get us all gathered is a chore, but when we are all together---watch out....it's FUN!!

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