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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oprah's Top Picks for Summer: Fit-Flops

They say that great minds think alike, so we're flattered Lori and Oprah are sisters of a thought: both love fit-flops, the casual kicker that gives you a workout and a comfortable conveyance in the same, sporty package. Oprah has picked them as one of her favorite things for summer and Lori has ordered several styles. The WalkStar in red (shown) looks like an ordinary platform thong flipflop; the secret lies in a tripartite, multple-density foam footbed that works your leg and butt muscles while providing support and sturdy toe for a brisker push-off.

The official line is that they are "engineered with a multi-density midsole that stimulates your muscles more while you're wearing them. In independent University testing, FitFlops have been shown to trigger increased gluteal muscle response, increased hamstring response, increased rectus femoris (thigh) response and increased calf muscle response." The Philidelphia ABC afiliate reviewed them and reported that while the fitness component was no substitute for real exercise, they were some damned comfortable sandals.

Regardless anything that lets us pretend to exercise without having to, well, exercise is close enough for us ... especially if it comes in such a cute retro-sporty package. (It makes us think .... "Lacoste.") We see them as perfect for the beach, the tennis courts, or really any activity that involves sun and fun.

WalkStars should be available in late May with other styles following soon thereafter.

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