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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall: A Primer

We're running willy-nilly through trends this fall, so we thought we'd pause, catch our breath, and give you a run-down of our favorite fall trends. Keep in mind that a number of shoes this season are under the influence of multiple trends. There's a lot of crossover out there, kids!

1. Peeptoe Shooties & Pumps
The Look: Pumps with coverage up to the ankle with a moderate-to-high heel, often decked with style elements borrowed from men's shoes (wingtip punching, oxford footshape, panel color contrast) and kept feminine with a cute peeptoe front.

Shown: Steven Midory
Exhibits traits of: Peeptoe, shootie, New Wave, pump

2. Spectators/Co-Respondents
The Look: Inspired by the co-defendants in British adultery cases, the Co-Respondent is defined by masculine two-tone styling, wingtip punch patterns and an oxford silhouette. This gets feminized with a heel, softer colorways and details like grosgrain bows, patent leather and that ilk.

Shown: Jeffrey Campbell Tomba
Exhibits traits of: spectator, pump, shootie

3. Equestrian/Calvary (or, Military by Way of Horses)
The Look: Thank endless wars for an ongoing military chic. This season's crop focuses on tall boots with pronounced equestrian detailing like a high front fender, harness details, a mid-height heel and cinching at shaft top. If you don't own any jodhpurs, pair with a skirt of your choice just above the knee to mid-thigh.

Shown: Frye Paige Tall Riding Boot & Progetto C482
Exhibit traits of: equestrian, calvary, hero boots

4. Grunge Chic/New Wave Glam
The Look: Goes two ways. Grunge comes straight out of Seattle Scene revival nostalgia and is a rejiggering of early-'90s work boot/industrial/Goth styles; a prettified Doc Marten. New Wave is a reaction to punk and looks a decade further back to the early '80s -- expect glam versions of Doc Martens and deconstructed, slouchy shoes.

Shown: MIA Dominic
Exhibits traits of: grunge, glam, Doc Martens, New Wave

5. Hero Boots (Over-the-Knee Boots)
The Look: Ultra-romantic boots that hike over the knee or fold down for knee-highs. Reference superheroes, Blackbeard (or, perhaps, Captain Morgan) and 18th-Century aristocrats. Often meant to slouch or scrunch for a casual look, or hike all the way up for a boot that is your look. Wear with shorter skirt/dress to draw attention to the leg between boot and hem, and thus to legs and sexiness in general. Wear brightly colored or patterned tights for a more hermetic, more put-together look.

Shown: Lamica Iride
Exhibits traits of: equestrian, hero boot, over-the-knee, purple-related colors

6. Purple
The Look: Purple is the color of royalty and Heathcliff-style romance passion (think of all those moody moors covered in heather). It's also close enough to black to work with your outfit whilst adding warmth and chroma. Look for it in hues closer to blue than red.

Shown: Pour La Victoire Ophelie
Exhibits traits of: pump, spectator, purple hues

7. Fringe
The Look: An applied-texture look ranging from your typical SF hippie moc style to more Nouveau Riche arriviste stylings taken from golf decor. Ranges from casual to buttoned-up depending on the style of silhouette it's paired to. A versatile option.

Shown: Steven Bijoux & Max Studio Daphne
Exhibit traits of: fringe, pumps, masculine styling, '80s excess, '60s hippie chic

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