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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

To the Moon ... or at Least the Movies

Winter's full of fun things we really like, like the cold, and the snow (which is also cold) and the months without sunshine. So we were excited this week in Chicago when the snow started falling in earnest, and by "excited" we mean hid under the covers and reached for the Zoloft.

But there are other, non-prescription ways to combat this S.A.D.ness and keep yourself insulated from the elements: moonboots, for example. You know the look -- chunky, padded, polar treaded footwear like something that molted off the Michelin Man. You are smiling right now because, like pugs, their look is at once improbable and cute as a button. What with Canada dumping cold air on our front stoop, a dose of cuteness is called for.

Stellar Insulation: Pajar's Tobagan is a fleece-lined, faux fur-topped moonboot.

Marc Jacobs, Pucci and a host of others sent up the moonboot years ago. Tecnica continues to make technical aprés-ski versions and let's not even talk about the resurgent popularity of Uggs (the Classic is a dead ringer.) What's the appeal? Warmth is an obvious choice; for all their lack of lean lines these boots are toasty. Nostalgia is another to any of us who grew up in the post-Apollo decades (or are die-hard Napolean Dynamite fans). And, yes, style is another. The fat silhouette of these bulky boots can be used to your advantage, playing against slimming tights and a sharply tailored overcoat. Pick up an outrageously sized fur hat and you'll nail New York by way of Mare Tranquillitatis and the Baikonur Cosmodrome – a look that's sure to have all your friends asking "что Вы носите?"

And while we're not stepping out of any airlocks in our Pajars, we certainly wouldn't be averse to living our daily outdoor lives sporting a pair of Tobagans. We think there's untapped potential for these to be paired with solid-color tights and a short skirt or very slim jeans. Likewise with Uggs. A blocky, chunky silhouette is a hard stop to the lines traced from heel to waist, focusing attention on the shearling details and (a favorite) the gold leather.

Prepped for Re-entry: Ugg's Classic Tall in Gold is cosmically cool.

Gold leathers, fun faux furs and delightfully chunky soles make these shoes an adorable wardrobe addition that is guaranteed to pick up your spirits if not your stride during these cold spells. Well, we feel better for writing about them. Let us know what you think of this look!

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