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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spring Trends: Hiddden Hues

The great thing about a new season is uncovering all the new trends that emerge as more and more shoes arrive. Among our daily deliveries we've seen the merger of two distinct trends into one complimentary style. Neutral colors are plentiful as blacks, taupes and beiges arrive in a variety of materials. But pops of brilliant, saturated colors have also cropped up ... inside the neutrals!

This spring designers have taken advantage of the lining, the bottom of the sole and numerous other out-of-the-way areas to add a touch of personality and vivre to the quotidian basic. Jeffrey Campbell's Attic sports a bright aqua beneath its blacks and browns. Pour La Victoire's Bianca does the same with acid yellows and baby blues.

Like the caves at Lascaux, this artistry is intentionally hidden. But when just a peep is revealed it speaks volumes about your personality. (Unlike the caves, aurochs, buffalo and horses are not depicted on these shoes. Sorry.) It also gives you extra lattitude to style your wardrobe -- a second tier of colors to work with.

These shoes are fun, bright and upbeat -- the perfect introduction to spring!

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