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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hemming and Fawning: Wearing the '70s Trend

It may be January, but spring trends are surfacing everywhere! My favorite spring style is heavily influenced by the seventies. And guess what?! Bell bottoms are back! It has been several years since I wriggled my way into flared jeans. I had become so accustomed to seeing my tapered ankle silhouette in the mirror that the wider shape seemed really awkward at first. Don't worry; you'll get back into your bell bottom groove by the end of the day!

Here are a couple tips when styling your bell bottoms:
  • If you are on the shorter side, look for a high-waisted cut and slightly smaller flare.
  • Avoid long tunic tops. They will make your look heavy and throw off your proportions.
  • Do strap on a pair of heels—especially a platform like the Litas—for a true seventies look
  • Experiment with different washes. Everything from pale blue to deep indigo will be on the stroll this spring!

—Kitty of Geisha Pearl


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