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Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Case for Spring Loafers.

I have a fashion confession. You know the gladiator sandal craze that has monopolized the last two summers? Yeah, I hate them.

But just on me.

Whilst all of you hotties look like the Sartorialist is about to shoot you on the streets of New York, I simply look like my legs are half-sized.

Naturally I am ecstatic to see that loafers have made a grand resurgence! What with my Catholic School background, I have always had an affinity for loafer-like styles. You know—because I had no other choice.

The Jeffrey Campbell Hugh
Back in the hallways of said high school, it was a silent contest betwixt the girls to see who had the most perfectly worn-in kicks.

Let’s just say that I would have won had Jeffrey Campbell been around. I will be living in these shoes very soon. And here is how ...

Step One: Take your favorite button down (make sure it is wrinkled—bonus points for a missing button). 

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Step Two: Add a high-waisted jean short.
Sass & Bide Wild Denim shorts
Step Three: Slide on your new JC Hughs—but wait! To maintain this effortlessly chic look we have going, slide them on like slippers, stepping on the backs. Sure, you may seem a little cocky, but who cares? You look great.

Step Four:
Make sure your legs have a killer tan (see St. Tropez self-tanner).

Kelly Ryan O'Brien


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