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Friday, September 29, 2006

THIS WEEK'S HOT LIST: The underdog

This week, we're taking a different point of view in the Hot List, featuring a brand we think doesn't always get its due. Ladies... Alberto Fermani.

Fermani is the quintessential Italian designer, fashion forward and ahead of the curve, yet always classic, clean, tailored and beautiful. This season the label nailed the menswear trend, inspiring us to get a fabulous pair of trousers and a tailored blouse.

We've got a number of the brand's styles, including a Mary Jane Lori's has oggled and worn for years, the 10003 in Cuoio. It's unbelievable gorgeous and meticulously crafted.

We like Alberto Fermani because the shoes are out of the ordinary; they're wearable conversation starters; they'll prompt people on the street to ask you where you got them. Really, they're everything we crave in footwear. And did we mention they're comfortable? They are.

Lori's likes and underdog, and we think Mr. Fermani will emerge as a true champion!

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